HBSE Class 9 English Question Paper 2022 Answer Key

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HBSE Class 9 English Question Paper 2022 Answer Key 

(Unseen Comprehension)
1. Read the passages given below carefully and answer the questions that follow. Do any two passages :
(a) Penguins are among the most popular of all birds. They only live in and around the South Pole and the continent of Antarctica. There are 17 different kinds of penguins and none of them can fly. The largest penguin is called the Emperor Penguin and the smallest kind of penguin is the Little Blue Penguin. Penguins spend as much as 75% of their time underwater, searching for food in the occean. When they are in the water, they dive and flap their wings. They are great swimmers and have thick layers of fat to protect them from the bitter cold. Even in their freezing cold conditions, penguins still have to watch out for attackers such as killer whales and seals.
Choose the correct option :
(i) Penguins only live in and around …………..
(A) the north pole
(B) the south pole and the continent of Antarctica
(C) South America
(D) Asia
Ans. (B) the south pole and the continent of Antarctica

(ii) How many kinds of penguins are there?
(A) 15
(B) 16
(C) 17
(D) 18
Ans. (C) 17

(iii) The largest penguin is called the ………….
(A) Macaroni
(B) Little Blue
(C) Emperor
(D) Gentoo
Ans. (C) Emperor

(iv) The smallest penguin is called …………
(A) Macaroni
(B) Little Blue
(C) Emperor
(D) Gentoo
Ans. (B) Little Blue

(v) Name the attackers of penguins :
(A) Whales
(B) Seals
(C) Both (A) & (B)
(D) Neither (A) nor (B)
Ans. (C) Both (A) & (B)

(b) Vitamins and minerals are natural substances found in a wide range of food and are essential to maintain a healthy body. Vitamin A keeps eyes and skin healthy and helps to protect against infections. Vitamin A is found in milk, eggs and vegetables such as pumpkin, carrots, spinach and broccoli. Vitamin B is good for nervous system and is found in green vegetables. Vitamin C helps the immune system by fighting against infections. Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits like strawberries, kiwi, guava, peppers and tomatoes. Vitamin K helps blood to clot. Beans, peas, turnip contain Vitamin K. Calcium is necessary for healthy teeth, bones, hair and nails. Potassium controls muscles and nerves and prevents high blood pressure. All vegetables contain potassium. Iron is essential for red blood cells. Iron is found in vegetables like spinach, leeks and mushrooms. Vitamin C also helps in iron absorption in the body. We should avoid vitamin loss by leaving the peel on. Vegetables should not be soaked in water as it leads to loss of Vitamin B and C.
Choose the correct option :
(i) Vitamin A is found in ………..
(A) Milk
(B) Eggs
(C) Vegetables such as pumpkin, carrots, spinach and broccoli
(D) All of the above
Ans. (D) All of the above

(ii) Vitamin K helps the blood to ……….
(A) Flow
(B) Increase
(C) Clot
(D) Gain red colour
Ans. (C) Clot

(iii) Vitamin K is found in ………..
(A) Beans
(B) Peas
(C) Turnip
(D) All of the above
Ans. (D) All of the above

(iv) Vitamin C is found in ……….. fruits.
(A) Citrus
(B) Red
(C) Sweet
(D) None of the above
Ans. (A) Citrus

(v) ………… is essential for red blood cells.
(A) iron
(B) Potassium
(C) Minerals
(D) None of these
Ans. (A) iron

(c) Recycling is an important way of caring for our planet. Human beings use many new products every year and create a lot of garbage. By recycling the things we don’t want, we can reduce the need to make new things. Metals, glass and paper can be easily recycled. Apart from recycling, there are other things that we must do to save our natural resources. We should reduce the amount of plastic, paper, electricity and water that we use. Keep plastic bags carefully and reuse them instead of buying new ones. Write on both sides of a paper and do not print things unless necessary. We should remember to switch off fans, lights and electrical appliances when they are not being used. Bathe using a bucket instead of a shower and avoid letting tap water go waste. It is a good idea to reinvent things from old material. This could be fun tool Old metal containers can be turned into food boxes, old glass bottles can be made into table lamps.
Choose the correct option :
(i) …………… is an important way of caring for our planet.
(A) Refusing
(B) Recovering
(C) Recycling
(D) None of the above
Ans. (C) Recycling

(ii) …………. is an easily recyclable material.
(A) Metals
(B) Glass
(C) Papers
(D) All of the above
Ans. (D) All of the above

(iii) It is a good idea to reinvent things from …………
(A) Old Material
(B) New Material
(C) Both (A) & (B)
(D) Neither (A) nor (B)
Ans. (A) Old Material

(iv) We should switch off ………. when they are not being used.
(A) Fans
(B) Lights
(C) Other electrical appliances
(D) All of the above
Ans. (D) All of the above

(v) Pick out a word from the passage which means rubbish?
(A) Garbage
(B) Money
(C) Electricity
(D) Water
Ans. (A) Garbage

2. Attempt any fifteen sentences by choosing the most appropriate answer from the given options :
(a) Use the correct form of verb in the given options :
(i) I ………….. (never see) him before.
(A) have never seen
(B) had never see
(C) never saw
(D) never seen
Ans. (A) have never seen

(ii) Water ……….. (boil) at 100°C.
(A) boiled
(B) was boiling
(C) have boiled
(D) boils
Ans. (D) boils

(iii) I ……….. (complete) this essay by tomorrow.
(A) completed
(B) shall complete
(C) was completed
(D) were complete
Ans. (B) shall complete

(b) Use appropriate articles in the blanks, wherever necessary :
(i) ………… dancing is my passion.
(A) A
(B) An
(C) The
(D) x
Ans. (D) x

(ii) What ………. beautiful dress !
(A) a
(B) an
(C) the
(D) x
Ans. (A) a

(iii) Milk costs ₹50 ………. litre.
(A) a
(B) an
(C) the
(D) x
Ans. (A) a

(c) Rewrite the following sentences in Indirect Speech :
(i) The teacher said, “Honesty is the best policy”.
(A) The teacher said that honesty is the best policy.
(B) The teacher forbade honesty is the best policy.
(C) The teacher said to us that honesty was the best policy.
(D) The teacher promised that honesty will be the best policy.
Ans. (A) The teacher said that honesty is the best policy.

(ii) The mother said to me, “You have to work hard”.
(A) The mother said that you have to work hard.
(B) The mother said to me that you had to work hard.
(C) The mother told me that I had to work hard.
(D) The mother forbade me to work hard.
Ans. (C) The mother told me that I had to work hard.

(iii) The Principal said to the peon, “Ring the bell”.
(A) The Principal said to the peon that rung the bell.
(B) The Principal said to the peon to ringing the bell.
(C) The Principal forbade peon to ring the bell.
(D) The Principal ordered the peon to ring the bell.
Ans. (D) The Principal ordered the peon to ring the bell.

(d) Fill in the blanks with suitable modal auxiliaries :
(i) We ………… follow the traffic rules.
(A) should
(B) ought to
(C) must
(D) needn’t
Ans. (A) should

(ii) I ………. rather starve than beg.
(A) wouldn’t
(B) need
(C) would
(D) must
Ans. (C) would

(iii) You ………. run fast as the train is late.
(A) need
(B) must
(C) should
(D) needn’t
Ans. (D) needn’t

(e) Fill in the blanks with appropriate conjunctions :
(i) Walk fast ……….. you will miss the bus.
(A) but
(B) unless
(C) otherwise
(D) and
Ans. (C) otherwise

(ii) Work hard ……….. you should fail.
(A) and
(B) lest
(C) because
(D) although
Ans. (B) lest

(iii) Ram is rich ………. miser.
(A) but
(B) otherwise
(C) so
(D) lest
Ans. (A) but

(f) Punctuate the following sentences :
(i) she said to me are you going to mumbai tomorrow
(A) She Said To Me “Are You Going To Mumbai Tomorrow!”
(B) She said to me, “Are you going to mumbai tomorrow?”
(C) She said to me, “Are You Going To Mumbai Tomorrow.
(D) She said to me, “Are you going to Mumbai tomorrow?”
Ans. (D) She said to me, “Are you going to Mumbai tomorrow?”

(ii) mohan had a banana two apples three oranges and four papayas
(A) Mohan Had A Banana’ Two Apples’ Three oranges’ and four papayas.’
(B) Mohan had a banana : two apples : three oranges AND four papayas ?
(C) Mohan had a banana, two apples, three oranges and four papayas.
(D) MOHAN HAD a banana, two apples, three oranges AnD four papayas.
Ans. (C) Mohan had a banana, two apples, three oranges and four papayas.

(iii) mr rk sharma is ma bed
(B) Mr. R.K. Sharma is M.A., B.Ed.
(C) Mr. RK sharma IS m.a., B.ED.
(D) Mr rk sharma is ma, bed?
Ans. (B) Mr. R.K. Sharma is M.A., B.Ed.

[A : Prose Text (Beehive)]
3. Read the passages given below and answer any two the following :
(a) MARGIE even wrote about it that night in her diary. On the page headed 17 May 2157, she wrote, “Today Tommy found a real book!” It was a very old book. Margie’s grandfather once said that when he was a little boy his grandfather told him that there was a time when all stories were printed on paper. They turned the pages, which were yellow and crinkly and it was awfully funny to read words that stood still instead of moving the way they were supposed to – on a screen, you know.
Choose the correct option :
(i) Name the chapter from which these lines have been taken :
(A) The Little Girl
(B) The Fun They Had
(C) The Sound of Music
(D) A Truly Beautiful Mind
Ans. (B) The Fun They Had

(ii) Name the author of the given lines.
(A) William Shakespeare
(B) Isaac Asimov
(C) Robert Frost
(D) Patrick Pringle
Ans. (B) Isaac Asimov

(iii) Who found a real book?
(A) Tommy
(B) Mommy
(C) County Inspector
(D) Margie
Ans. (A) Tommy

(iv) How were the pages of the book?
(A) Red and Bright
(B) Yellow and Crinkly
(C) Green and Mossy
(D) Blue and Fresh
Ans. (B) Yellow and Crinkly

(v) What is the date written on the head of the page?
(A) 16th May, 2157
(B) 17th May, 2157
(C) 18th May, 2157
(D) 19th May, 2157
Ans. (B) 17th May, 2157

(b) In 1900, at the age of 21, Albert Einstein was a university graduate and unemployed. He worked as a teaching assistant, gave private lessons and finally secured a job in 1902 as a technical expert in the patent office in Bern. While he was supposed to be assessing other people’s inventions, Einstein was actually developing his own ideas in secret. He is said to have jokingly called his desk drawer at work the “bureau of theoretical physics”.
Choose the correct option :
(i) Name the chapter from which these lines have been taken :
(A) A Truly Beautiful Mind
(B) The Fun They Had
(C) The Sound of Music
(D) Weathering the Storm in Ersama
Ans. (A) A Truly Beautiful Mind

(ii) When did Einstein pass graduation?
(A) 1899
(B) 1900
(C) 1901
(D) 2157
Ans. (B) 1900

(iii) What job did he get in 1902 ?
(A) Technical Expert
(B) Doctor
(C) Technical Assistant
(D) Scientist
Ans. (A) Technical Expert

(iv) Where did he get that job?
(A) Patent Office in Elm
(B) Patent Office in Bern
(C) Patent Office in New York
(D) Patent Office in Afghanistan
Ans. (B) Patent Office in Bern

(v) What did he call his desk drawer?
(A) Bureau of Quantum Mechanics
(B) Bureau of Technical Assistant
(C) Bureau of Theoretical Physics
(D) Bureau of Theory of Relativity
Ans. (C) Bureau of Theoretical Physics

(c) Then there was no looking back for this determined young girl. She saved money and enrolled in a course at Uttarkashi’s Nehru Institute of Mountaineering. “My college semester in Jaipur was to end in April but it ended on the nineteenth of May. And I was supposed to be in Uttarkashi on the twenty-first. So, I did not go back home; instead, I headed straight for the training. I had to write a letter of apology to my father without whose permission I had got myself enrolled at Uttarkashi”.
Choose the correct option :
(i) Who does ‘I’ refer to in these lines?
(A) Santoshi Yadav
(B) Santosh Yadav
(C) Veena Yadav
(D) Vinod Yadav
Ans. (B) Santosh Yadav

(ii) From which chapter these lines have been taken ?
(A) The Sound of Music
(B) The Little Girl
(C) A Truly Beautiful Mind
(D) Reach for the Top : Santosh Yadav
Ans. (D) Reach for the Top : Santosh Yadav

(iii) Whom did she write an apology letter ?
(A) Her father
(B) Her cousin
(C) Her brother
(D) Her nephew
Ans. (A) Her father

(iv) Why did she write an apology letter to him?
(A) As she failed in her exams.
(B) As she got herself enrolled in a mountaineering camp without his permission.
(C) As she did not want to come back to home.
(D) All of the above
Ans. (D) All of the above

(v) Where did she want to get herself enrolled?
(A) In a mountaineering camp in Thiruvananthapuram
(B) In a mountaineering camp in Uttarkashi
(C) In a university in Delhi
(D) In a college in Tripura
Ans. (B) In a mountaineering camp in Uttarkashi

[B : Poetry (Beehive)]
4. Read the following stanza and answer the questions that follow :
O let him go over the water
into the reeds to hide without hurt.
Small and green he is harmless even to children.
Choose the correct option :
(i) Name the poem from which these lines have been taken :
(A) A Legend of the Northland
(B) The Snake Trying
(C) The Road Not Taken
(D) None of these
Ans. (B) The Snake Trying

(ii) Name the poet of these lines :
(A) Phoebe Cary
(B) W.W.E. Ross
(C) Robert Frost
(D) None of these
Ans. (B) W.W.E. Ross

(iii) Whom does ‘he’ refer to in these lines?
(A) A snake that is huge.
(B) A lizard that is small and green.
(C) A snake that is poet’s pet.
(D) A snake that is small and green.
Ans. (D) A snake that is small and green.

(iv) What is the appearance of ‘him’ ?
(A) Blue and Small
(B) Small and Green
(C) Grey and Large
(D) Black and Huge
Ans. (B) Small and Green

(v) Is ‘he’ harmless?
(A) Yes
(B) No
(C) Maybe
(D) Don’t know
Ans. (A) Yes

(Writing Skills)
5. Attempt any one of the following :
(a) Shri Krishna Vidya Public School, Chandigarh urgently requires a post graduate teacher to teach Commerce for which they have placed an advertisement in ‘The Tribune’. You are Abhay/Abhaya Sharma of 22, Sector – 17, Chandigarh. Draft a letter applying for the advertised post.
H.N.88, Sector-17
February; 26th, 2022
The Principal
Shri Krishna Vidya Public School
Subject : Application for the post of PGT Commerce
Dear Madam/Sir,
With reference to your advertisement published in ‘The Tribune’ dated February 25th, 2020, I would like to apply for the post of teacher (Commerce). I did my post-graduation and graduation in Commerce from Chandigarh University. I did my B.ED from MDU. I have a total experience of 5 years in the relevant field. If given a chance I will do everything in my capability to prove my worth. I have attached my resume for your kind consideration. Hope to get a positive response from your side!
Thanking you
Yours truly
Abhay Sharma

(b) You are Kiran of GSSS Panipat. Write an application to your school Principal requesting him to arrange extra classes for Mathematics.
The Principal,
GSS School
Subject : Extra Classes for Mathematics
Respected Sir,
I am Kiran. I am the monitor of Class Xth. I have written this application regarding extra classes for maths. Our classes are conducted as per routine daily. But since this is the year of board exam so all of us are a bit nervous about it.
Everyone is in the same opinion that we still need more practice on the subject. The syllabus is completed but we need more tests and revision sessions. Few students have doubts regarding theorems and other topics as well. I have spoken with the teacher too and she has no problem in giving extra time to us. But the last decision is yours which we respect. So I request you on behalf of my class to arrange few extra classes for mathematics.
Kindly reschedule our classes and take out extra sessions for mathematics. We all will appreciate that.
Yours Sincerely
Class Xth

6. Attempt any one of the following :
(a) You are Mohan, Secretary of Arts Club, Government Sr. Sec. School, Karnal. Draft a notice for your school notice board inviting the names for Inter-house Painting Competition. Give relevant details.




02 March, 2022
Arts Club of our school is going to organise a Inter-house painting competition, to be held on Saturday, 9th March, 2022, 10:00 A.M. onwards in the school playground. The competition is open to students of all classes. Students are requested to bring their own paints and colours, sheets will be provided on the spot. For more information, contact the undersigned.
(Secretary, Arts Club)

(b) Write a paragraph on ‘Importance of Trees’.
Ans. Trees are very important for us. They are called the lungs of the earth, because they give out oxygen and take in carbon dioxide. Oxygen is needed by animals and humans to breathe. Trees help to cause rainfall. They help to keep the soil moist and prevent soil erosion. Well- forested areas help to keep the atmosphere cool. Every part of a tree is useful for us. Parts of some plants are also used to make medicines, dyes, rubber, cosmetics and spices. Forests are an important natural resource and trees are home to many animals and birds.

[A : Prose Text (Beehive)]
7. Answer in about 100 words :
Kezia’s efforts to please her father resulted in displeasing him very much. How did this happen? (The Little Girl)
Ans. Keiza’s grandmother told her that her father’s birthday would be next week. She suggested her that she should make him a pink-cushion made of silk to gift him. After stitching three sides of the cushion with double cotton with great care and effort, Kezia was stuck as to what to fill the cushion with. Since her grandmother was busy in the garden, she searched her Mother’s bedroom for scraps. Finally, she discovered sheets of paper on the bed table. She gathered these, tore them up and filled the cushion with the torn pieces. Unfortunately, the sheets that she had torn were her father’s speech for the Port Authority. Her father scolded her for touching things that did not belong to her and punished her by hitting her palm with a ruler.


How was the problem of what to do with Bruno finally solved? (The Bond of Love)
Ans. Bruno had grown quiet big to be kept at home, due to which the author’s family had send him to the zoo. Bruno was not happy at the zoo. He was fretting. The narrators wife came to see him after three months. He recognised her and howled with happiness. On seeing Brunos deep attachment towards the narrators wife Bruno was allowed to go back to Bangalore. However, the problem was ultimately resolved by making an island for the bear, keeping all his needs in mind.

8. Attempt any four of the following questions :
(i) How old are Margie and Tommy in the chapter ‘The Fun They Had’?
Ans. Margie is eleven and Tommy is thirteen years old.

(ii) Where did Bismillah Khan play Shehnai on 15th August, 1947? Why was the event historic? (The Shehnai of Bismillah Khan)
Ans. Bismillah Khan played the shehnai on 15 August 1947 at the Red Fort. He was the first Indian to greet the nation with his musical instrument. This event was historic because We got independence on that day.

(iii) How did Einstein react to the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ? (A Truly Beautiful Mind)
Ans. Einstein was deeply shaken by the disaster in the Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He wrote a public missive to the United. He proposed the formation of a world government to stop the nuclear weapons.

(iv) What are the names of the three friends in the chapter ‘Packing’? Who among them all ‘is rather proud’ of packing?
Ans. They are Jerome (the narrator), George, Harris. Jerome volunteered to do the packing as he took pride in himself for his packing skills. It was one of those things that he felt he knew “more about than any other person living”.

(v) Why did Sharapova leave Siberia for U.S.A. ? (Reach for the Top : Maria Sharapova)
Ans. At the age of nine years, Maria Sharapova left Siberia for Florida in the U.S.A. She went there to attend a training camp for women’s tennis. She undertook hard training for two years. Her father, Yuri also went with her.

(vi) What is Gerrard’s profession? (If I Were You)
Ans. Gerrard is a playwright.

[B : Poetry (Beehive)]
9. Answer any two of the following questions :
(i) What should we do to make friends with wind? (Wind)
Ans. We should make sure that we are mentally and physically healthy. When we stay strong, the wind won’t harm us and will become friends with us. The poet even conveys that we must stay strong so that we can withstand difficult situations and overcome the challenges in life.

(ii) Is the poet now a child? Is his mother still alive? (Rain on the Roof)
Ans. No, the poet is not a child. His mother is no more. But her memories still haunt him.

(iii) How does the woodpecker get her food? (A Legend of the Northland)
Ans. The woodpecker gets her food by boring holes into trees. Woodpeckers drill and drum on trees and extract insects with their long sticky tongues from deep within a hole of a tree.

[C : Supplementary Reader (Moments)]
10. Answer in about 100 words :
What are the things that the child sees on his way to the fair? Why does he lag behind? (The Lost Child)
Ans. The child sees a lot of enticing things on his way to the fair. He sees toys, balloons of different colours, a garland of gulmohur, a swing, and a snake-charmer playing the flute. He lags behind because he gets distracted by everything he sees. The child and his parents were visiting a spring fair, as mentioned in the poem. He was filled with life and laughter even before entering the fair, owing to all that he saw on his way, that sparked his excitement. His child-like excitement and eagerness to want to see and buy everything exhibited in the fair ended up costing him, as he lost his parents while in the fair. He was all cranky and hellbent upon what he wanted at that time, only to realize how much he valued his parents, and how materialistic all his wants were.


What is Johnsy’s illness? What can cure her; the medicine or the willingness to live ? (The Last Leaf)
Ans. Johnsy is suffering from pneumonia. According to Johnsy’s doctor, only the willingness to live could cure her of her illness. Optimism and the willingness to live played a major role in the curative power of medicines. If a person had lost the willingness to live, it reduced their chances of getting well by half. She had made up her mind that she was not going to get well. The doctor said that if she did not want to live then medicines would not help her.

11. Answer any three of the following questions :
(a) “Toto was a pretty monkey.” In what sense Toto is pretty? (The Adventures of Toto)
Ans. Toto was a pretty monkey because his eyes were bright and sparkled with mischief beneath deep set eyebrows. His Teeth were white like pearls, were very often displayed in a smile. His fingers were quick. His tail added to his good looks.

(b) Why does the disciple decide to stay in the kingdom of fools? Is it a good idea? (In the Kingdom of Fools)
Ans. The disciple decided to stay in the Kingdom of Fools because the cost of everything was single duddu. And all that he wanted was good and very cheap food. According to guru, it was not a good idea to stay there as they all were fools and the situation will not be the same for long. He was not sure about what they will do in the future.

(c) Why does the Happy Prince send a ruby for the seamstress? (The Happy Prince)
Ans. The Happy Prince sent a ruby for the seamstress as she was extremely poor and could not feed her child who was suffering from fever.

(d) What havoc has the super cyclone wreaked in the life of the people in Orrisa ? (Weathering the Storm in Ersama)
Ans. The super cyclone destroyed everything in Orissa and the majority of the houses had been blown away by the strong storms. Muddy water was everywhere. Many people lost their lives. Bloated animal carcasses and human corpses floated in every direction. People became homeless and children lost their parents and became orphans. There was a shortage of food and drinking water. People were sad and helpless.

(e) Why does the author break down in tears after the fire ? (A House is not a Home)
Ans. He (the author) breaks down in tears because the author had a lovely little cat . He was very fond of her. A fire breaks out in the house and the cat is not found anywhere.The cat runs away in fear. She goes a mile away.The house is completely burnt down. The author thinks the cat has been killed.


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