HBSE Class 12 English Question Paper 2023 Answer Key

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HBSE Class 12 English Question Paper 2023 Answer Key (All Sets – A,B,C,D)




(Reading Skills)
1. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow :
It is well said that change is the law of Nature. In our country this change applies well on nature itself. There is hardly any country where nature takes so many turns. For a layman, broadly speaking there are only two seasons Sardi (winter) and garmi (summer). But according to Indian meteorological department, there are four seasons namely summer, winter, monsoon and autumn. Further, if we go deep into the matter, we find that these seasons have been divided into six categories namely : Vasant Ritu i.e. Spring, Grishm Ritu i.e. Summer, Varsa Ritu i.e. Monsoon, Sharad Ritu i.e. Autumn, Hemant Ritu i.e. pre-winter and Shishir Ritu i.e. winter. All these six seasons have been given two months each from the English calendar. Starting from spring say March, April; they end with winter say January, February respectively. Actually, this change in seasons is a sign of progress. It teaches us to adapt and survive in every type of condition and face every change.
Questions :
(i) In our country, where does the change apply according to passage?
(a) on human nature.
(b) on a layman
(c) on seasons
(d) All of the above
Ans – (c) on seasons

(ii) According to the different views how many seasons are there in our country ?
(a) 2
(b) 4
(c) 6
(d) All of the above
Ans – (d) All of the above

(iii) According to IMD, how many seasons are there in our country ?
(a) 2
(b) 4
(c) 6
(d) All of the above
Ans – (b) 4

(iv) The changes in seasons’ is an indication of :
(a) Happiness
(b) Sadness
(c) Regression
(d) Progress
Ans – (d) Progress


Human beings are the only creatures who can speak or produce different sounds. Speech is their basic quality. Other creatures cannot speak like human beings and get their requirements fulfilled. They produce sounds or symbols when they need to convey some message to each other. Some people speak only when it is most required. Some people keep on bragging for the whole day. They cannot control themselves. Some of them even don’t know what to speak, when to speak and how to speak. They rarely know that words spoken once can never come back. Sometimes, we listen to the people of saying ‘I take my words back’, funny it is! How can words be taken back? Such a person cannot realize the impact these words have left upon the victim who has been hurt badly. There seems to be no compensation for such a shooting of words. They will always keep on resounding in the memory of the listener. That is why it is suggested to think before we speak. Our words may be a source of happiness or sorrow for others. We must use this art of speaking carefully.
Questions :
(i) Which quality is unique for human beings ?
(a) Speech
(b) Happiness
(c) Sorrow
(d) Fighting
Ans – (a) Speech

(ii) How do other creatures speak ?
(a) They also speak like human beings
(b) They produce sounds
(c) They produce symbols
(d) They produce sounds and symbols
Ans – (d) They produce sounds and symbols

(iii) What do some people not know ?
(a) what to speak
(b) when to speak
(c) how to speak
(d) All of the above
Ans – (d) All of the above

(iv) What keeps on resounding in the memory of listeners ?
(a) sound
(b) words
(c) music
(d) symbols
Ans – (b) words

2. Read the following passage carefully and make notes on it using headings and sub-headings. Supply an appropriate title also :
In the winter season as well as in the summer season a variety of fruit and vegetables come in the market. If we ask the young guys “where do they come from ?” The answer is ‘from the market, from the vegetable market or from the fields’. They must know that plants give us all vegetables. Some trees give us fruits for years and years. Once they are mature, they start giving us some edible part in the form of stem, leaves, flowers or fruits and in many cases roots also. We, the human beings start eating them from the very start a seed sprouts. Some grains are eaten in sprouted form such as grams, pulses and beans. Some roots are eaten as a part of food such as carrot, radish, beatroot, turnip, sweet potato etc. Stems of some plants are eaten as food such as onion, potato, ginger, garlic, turmeric (all underground modified ones). Some leaves of plants are eaten as leafy vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, mustard etc. Some flowers are used for food products such as sunflower, jasmine, etc. Fruits such as apple, orange, mango, banana etc. are obtained from trees. Even some of the seeds are eaten such as almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts, etc. So there is no part which we leave and do not eat it.
Ans –
Title : The Variety of Fruits and Vegetables
Notes :
I. Introduction
– Fruits and vegetables are available in the market during winter and summer
– Young people may not know where they come from
II. Plants as the Source of Fruits and Vegetables
– Plants give us all vegetables
– Some trees give us fruits for years and years
– Edible parts of plants include stem, leaves, flowers, fruits, and roots
– Grains, roots, stems, leaves, flowers, and fruits are all consumed by humans
III. Examples of Edible Parts of Plants
– Grains such as grams, pulses, and beans are eaten in sprouted form
– Roots such as carrot, radish, beatroot, turnip, and sweet potato are eaten as a part of food
– Stems of some plants such as onion, potato, ginger, garlic, and turmeric are eaten as food
– Leaves of plants such as spinach, cabbage, and mustard are eaten as leafy veg.
– Flowers such as sunflower and jasmine are used for food products
– Fruits such as apple, orange, mango, banana are obtained from trees
– Some seeds such as almonds, walnuts, and cashew nuts are also eaten
IV. Conclusion
– Every part of the plant can be consumed by humans

3. Attempt any two from each sub-part :
(a) Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of verbs given in brackets :
(i) In hilly areas many tourists …………… every year. (go)
Ans – go

(ii) The police ………….. the thief before he jumped from the roof. (catch)
Ans – had caught

(iii) People ………… from corona for more than two years. (suffer)
Ans – have been suffering

(b) Change the narration of the following sentences :
(i) The teacher said, “Quinine tastes bitter”.
Ans – The teacher said that Quinine tastes bitter.

(ii) She said to her mother, “Ganga is a holy river”.
Ans – She told her mother that Ganga is a holy river.

(iii) “Don’t touch the live wire”, said the electrician.
Ans – The electrician warned not to touch the live wire.

(c) Supply suitable articles wherever necessary :
(i) Shimla is ………… hill station where we go every year.
Ans – the

(ii) ………… empty mind is a devil’s workshop.
Ans – An

(iii) Please give me ………. piece of chalk.
Ans – a

(d) Change the voice of the following sentences:
(i) It is time to take risk now.
Ans – It is time for risk to be taken now.

(ii) Are they not declaring holidays ?
Ans – Are holidays not being declared by them ?

(iii) Teachers have honoured the principal.
Ans – The principal has been honoured by teachers.

(e) Fill in the blanks with suitable modal auxiliary given in the brackets :
(i) We all ………… respect our soldiers. (shall, can, must)
Ans – must

(ii) Duty ……….. be done. (will, can, must)
Ans – must

(iii) I am sure, I ………… get full marks. (shall, will, may)
Ans – shall

4. Attempt any two of the following :
(a) Mentioning the date, time and venue, write a notice for your school notice board for annual sports meet. Encourage students for maximum participation.
Ans –


Dear Students,
We are excited to announce that our school’s Annual Sports Meet will be held on 10 October at 09:00 in the school playground. This event is a great opportunity for all students to showcase their athletic abilities and sportsmanship. We encourage all students to participate in this event and make it a grand success. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or a beginner, there is an event for everyone. The sports meet will include various track and field events, as well as team games such as football, basketball, and volleyball.
Participation in sports not only improves physical fitness but also enhances mental agility and teamwork skills. We urge all students to take advantage of this opportunity to develop these important qualities.
Interested students can register their names with their respective class teachers by [insert deadline]. We look forward to seeing maximum participation from all classes.
Let’s make this year’s Annual Sports Meet a memorable one!
Best regards,
Sports Coordinator
Date :

(b) You have lost your important file containing original certificates. Draft a suitable advertisement for classified column of a local daily.
Ans –

Important File Containing Original Certificates

I, Rohit, have lost an important file containing my original certificates. The file was last seen on 10 Oct and may have been misplaced in the vicinity of Badhra (Charkhi Dadri). The certificates include my academic records, birth certificate, and other important documents.
I request anyone who finds the file to kindly return it to me as soon as possible. A reward will be offered for its safe return. If anyone has any information regarding the file’s whereabouts, please contact me at 97xxxxxxxx.
I urge the public to be vigilant and help me in finding the file. Losing these certificates has caused me great distress and inconvenience, and I hope to recover them soon.
Thank you.

(c) To create awareness among people design a poster for public regarding ‘Booster Dose’.
Ans –
Title : Get Your Booster Dose Today!
Subtitle : Protect Yourself and Others from COVID-19
Image : A person getting vaccinated with a thumbs up sign
Text :
– What is a booster dose? A booster dose is an additional dose of a vaccine that is given after the initial doses to enhance the immune response and provide longer-lasting protection.
– Why do you need a booster dose? Booster doses are important to maintain immunity against COVID-19, especially with the emergence of new variants. They help reduce the risk of severe illness, hospitalization, and death.
– Who needs a booster dose? Currently, booster doses are recommended for certain groups, including those who received the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines at least 6 months ago, people aged 65 and older, and those at high risk of exposure or severe disease.
– Where can you get a booster dose? Booster doses are available at vaccination centers, clinics, and pharmacies. Check with your healthcare provider or local health department for more information.
– How can you protect yourself and others? In addition to getting vaccinated, continue to practice preventive measures such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently, and avoiding large gatherings.
Don’t wait! Get your booster dose today and stay protected against COVID-19.

5. Attempt any one of the following :
(a) Write a report on ‘An eye-witnessed chain snatching’ incident held in the last week.
Ans –
On the evening of October 20th, ‘an eye-witnessed chain snatching’ incident occurred in the busy market area of the city. The victim, a middle-aged woman, was walking on the street when two men on a motorbike approached her from behind. One of the men snatched her gold chain and they sped away before anyone could react.
The incident took place in broad daylight and several people were present in the area. However, no one could catch the culprits as they were wearing helmets and had covered their faces. The victim immediately reported the incident to the police and a search operation was launched to catch the accused.
The police have requested the public to come forward with any information that may lead to the arrest of the culprits. They have also advised people to be cautious while walking on the streets and to avoid wearing expensive jewelry.
This incident highlights the need for increased security measures in public areas. The authorities should install CCTV cameras in busy streets and markets to deter criminals and ensure the safety of citizens. It is also important for people to be aware of their surroundings and take necessary precautions to avoid becoming victims of such crimes.
In conclusion, this chain snatching incident is a reminder that crime can happen anywhere and at any time. It is essential for everyone to remain vigilant and take necessary precautions to ensure their safety and security.

(b) Write a paragraph in about 100 words on ‘Cheating in Examination’.
Ans –
Cheating in examinations is a prevalent problem in many educational institutions. Students resort to cheating for various reasons such as pressure to perform well, lack of preparation, and fear of failure. Cheating not only undermines the integrity of the examination system but also affects the overall learning process. It promotes a culture of dishonesty and unfairness, which can have long-term consequences for students. Educational institutions need to take a proactive approach to address this issue by implementing strict measures such as invigilation, use of technology to detect cheating, and educating students on the importance of academic integrity. It is essential to promote a culture of honesty and hard work among students to ensure that they succeed in their academic pursuits.

6. You are Harsh/Harshita, living at Amar Nagar, Rajpura. The insanitary condition of your street has made life worse than a hell. Write a letter to the Sanitary Inspector of Municipal Committee requesting him to take necessary steps so that the people may lead a healthy life.
Ans –
88, Shiv Colony
Charkhi Dadri
Date : 10 March, 2023
The Sanitary Inspector
Municipal Committee
Charkhi Dadri
Subject : Insanitary Conditions in the locality
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing this letter to bring to your attention the insanitary condition of my street in Amar Nagar, Rajpura. The condition of the street has made life worse than a hell for the people living here. The lack of proper sanitation facilities has resulted in the accumulation of garbage and waste materials, which has become a breeding ground for diseases and infections.
The situation is particularly alarming during the monsoon season when the stagnant water becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects. This poses a significant health risk for the people living in the area, especially children and the elderly.
I request you to take necessary steps to improve the sanitation facilities in our street. This could include regular cleaning of the street, installation of dustbins, and proper disposal of waste materials. I also urge you to conduct regular inspections to ensure that the sanitation facilities are maintained properly.
I hope that you will take immediate action to address this issue and help us lead a healthy life. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

[A : Main Reader (Prose)]
7. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow :
It was not more than half an hour before they heard the sound of carriage wheels outside the forge, and a new guest came in, but this time it was not the iron master. He had sent his daughter, apparently hoping that she would have better powers of persuation than he himself. She entered, followed by a valet, carrying on his arm a big fur coat. She was not at all pretty, but seemed modest and quite shy.
Questions :
(i) Who came as ‘a new guest’ ?
Ans – Ironmaster’s daughter

(ii) Who are ‘they’ who heard the sound of carriage ?
Ans – The rattrap seller and the workers at forge.

(iii) Name the chapter from which these lines have been taken.
Ans – The Rattrap

(iv) Who is the writer of these lines ?
Ans – Selma Lagerlof

(v) Write the complete name of the lady who ‘was not at all pretty’.
Ans – Edla Wilmanson


Yes, because I consider myself a university professor who writes novels on Sundays. It’s not a joke. I participate in academic conferences and not meetings of Pen Clubs and writers. I identify myself with the academic community. But okay, if they (most people) have read only the novels ………….. (laughs and shrugs) I know that by writing novels, reach a larger audience. I cannot expect to have one million readers
with stuff on semiotics.
Questions :
(i) What is the name of the chapter from which these lines have been taken ?
Ans : Chapter – The Interview, Writer – Christopher Silvester

(ii) Who is the ‘I’ in the above passage ?
Ans – Umberto Eco

(iii) What does the narrator consider himself.?
Ans – A university professor

(iv) What do you mean by the word ‘audience’ here ?
Ans – Novel readers

(v) Who laughs and shrugs ?
Ans – Umberto Eco

8. Answer the following in about 80-100 words :
What changes did the order from Berlin cause that day ?
Ans – The order from Berlin brought all the routine hustle-bustle of the school life to a stand-still. The teacher, M. Hamel, became more sympathetic to his students and taught his lessons with more patience. The students became more attentive in their classes. The villagers, who were sitting at the usually empty back benches and had come to show their respect and gratitude to M. Hamel, regretted not going to school more than they did. The order also brought about a great change in the feelings of the people towards their country and their native language. There was a general sadness about not being able to utilise the opportunities of learning French when it was easily accessible.


How did William Douglas overcome his fear of water ?
Ans – When Douglas grew up, he took the help of an instructor to learn swimming. His training went on from October to April. For three months he was taken across the pool with the help of a rope. As he went under, terror filled him and his legs froze. The instructor taught him to exhale under water and inhale through raised nose. He made him kick his legs to make them relax. Then he asked him to swim. He continued swimming from April to July. Still all terror had not left. He swam two miles across Lake Wentworth and the whole length to the shore and back of Warm Lake. Then he overcame his fear of water.

9. Answer any five of the following in ‘a sentence or two’ :
(i) What is the complete name of Saheb ? What is the contrast in his name and what he is in reality ?
Ans – Saheb’s full name was Saheb-E-Alam. It means the Lord of the Universe. The irony in Saheb’s name was he was a poor ragpicker who did not even have chappals to wear. Though his name meant that he was the lord of the universe, in reality he did not have money to even meet the most basic needs.

(ii) Why did Gandhiji agree to a settlement of 25 percent refund to the farmers ?
Ans – Gandhi agreed to a settlement of a 25 percent refund to the farmers as he explained, “The real relief for them is to be free from fear”. Mahatma Gandhi helped the Indian farmers to come out of the fear of English landlords who used to exploit the sharecroppers of Champaran. Therefore, Gandhi knew the importance of courage in fighting against the exploitation of landlords.

(iii) How and why do the people in Firozabad lose the brightness of their eyes/eyesight ?
Ans – The bangle makers in the glass bangles industry in Firozabad faced many problems. They had to work in the dingy cells without air and light in the high temperatures of the furnace. The dust particles from the bangles injured their eyes. They often lost their eyesight before they became adults.

(iv) What is the example of national integration that the author refers to in ‘Poets and Pancakes’ ?
Ans – The make-up division of the Gemini Studios was an example of national integration. According to the author, this is so because people from different regions and religious groups worked together in the same department. The department was headed by a Bengali who was succeeded by a Maharashtrian. The other helpers included a Dharwar Kannadiga, an Andhra, a Madras Indian Christian, an Anglo-Burmese and the local Tamils.

(v) Did Sophie really meet Danny Casey ? Explain a little in two to three lines.
Ans – Sophie did not meet Danny Casey in reality. She made up the story of her encounter with Danny Casey only to seek the attention her brother, Geoff.

(vi) What do you understand by the expression ‘thumbprints on his windpipe’ ?
Ans – ‘Thumbprints on his windpipe’ means to choke or suffocate somebody by applying pressure on his throat. Saul Bellow uses this expression to refer to the pressure and discomfort felt by a celebrity while giving an interview.

(vii) What idea came to peddler’s mind when he was thinking of his own rattraps ?
Ans – The peddler had been thinking of his rattraps when suddenly he was struck by the idea that the whole world was nothing but a big rattrap. It existed only to set baits for people. It offered riches and joys, shelter and food, heat and clothing in the same manner as the rattrap offered cheese and pork.

[B : Main Reader (Poetry)]
10. Read the stanza given below and answer the questions that follow :
Trees sprinting, the merry children spilling
out of their homes, but after the airport’s
security check, standing a few yards
away, I looked again at her, wan, pale
as a late winter’s moon and felt that old
familiar ache.
Questions :
(i) What did the poet look out ?
Ans – Trees sprinting and the merry children

(ii) Who is the poet of these lines ?
Ans : Poet – Kamla Das, Poem – My Mother at Sixty Six

(iii) Who looked at whom ?
Ans – Kamla Das looked at her mother.

(iv) What was the old familiar ache ?
Ans – Poet’s old ache was ageing, decaying and death of her mother.

(v) At what distance was the poet standing ?
Ans – Few yards away


Therefore on every morrow, are we wreathing
A flowery band to bind us to the earth
Spite of despondence, of the inhuman dearth
of noble natures, of the gloomy days.
Questions :
(i) Name the poem and the poet.
Ans : Poem – A Thing of Beauty, Poet – John Keats

(ii) What does the word ‘morrow’ means in the poem – ‘morning’ or ‘tomorrow’ ?
Ans – Tomorrow

(iii) What type of days does the poet talk about ?
Ans – Gloomy days

(iv) What binds us to the earth ?
Ans – A flowery band

(v) What ‘dearth’ is the poet talking about ?
Ans – Noble nature

11. Answer any two of the following briefly :
(i) Why do you think that the poet has used the expression ‘sour cream’ to describe the classroom walls ?
Ans – Sour cream has a dull and pale colour. The poet has used this expression to describe the walls of the classroom to indicate that the classroom is a dull and gloomy place. A classroom is meant to be a place where students receive enlightenment but this classroom which is in a slum is not bright or pleasing to the eye.

(ii) Do you think the poet advocates total inactivity and death in the poem ‘Keeping Quiet’ ?
Ans – No, the poet does not advocate total inactivity and death. In fact, he says “What I want should not be confused with total inactivity“. He describes people walking peacefully, doing nothing. He wants us to introspect, which can happen only when one is alive and conscious. He wants people to live but just take a moment of silence and be conscious of themselves and their actions.

(iii) What is the central idea of ‘Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers’ ?
Ans – In this poem, Adrienne Rich addresses the issue of male dominance. The poem brings out the struggles and conflicts a woman has to go through in a male dominant society. Aunt Jennifer, the protagonist, is symbolic of women all over the world, who are victims of oppression at the hands of the patriarchal system. Thus, the poem illustrates the poetess feminist concerns by presenting the wild, exotic, powerful tigers embroidered by Aunt Jennifer and contrasting them with Aunt Jennifer herself.

(Supplementary Reader)
12. Answer any one of the following in about 80-100 words :
How did Derry get attracted towards Mr. Lamb ? Explain.
Ans – Derry’s face got burned with acid. It looks ugly. People dislike him and avoid him. So Derry also avoids people and like to remain lonely. He goes to Mr Lamb’s garden hoping that it would be empty but there he comes across Mr Lamb. He wants to avoid him. But Mr Lamb talks to him in a kind manner. He does not even mention his face. He welcomes Derry to his garden. He tells Derry that outer appearance is not of much importance. The real beauty is within man’s spirit. This pleases Derry. So he is drawn towards Mr Lamb.


What did the Maharaja of Pratibandapuram do to find the required number of tigers to kill ?
Ans – To get the required number of tigers to kill, the Maharaja asked his dewan to find a suitable girl for him to marry. A suitable girl for matrimonial alliance would be one who would not only come from a royal family but also belong to a state with a large tiger population. As Pratibandapuram had no more tigers left, a province that belonged to his father-in-law would certainly provide him with an opportunity to kill more tigers and reach his aim of killing one hundred tigers.

13. Answer any three of the following briefly :
(i) What was the aim of ‘Students on Ice’ programme ?
Ans – Geoff Green started the programme, ‘Students on Ice’ for high school students because he wanted to give them an opportunity to understand the value our planet. Students, being the future generation, need to take a closer look at the depleting environmental situation. They can put in their effort to bring about a change in the outlook of the society. He wanted to give the students hands-on experiences that will enable them to understand and shape the future of the world as policy makers.

(ii) How does Charley define ‘a first-day cover’ ?
Ans – The first day cover represents a connection to the past and a means of escaping the present. Charley sees it as a way to escape the pressures of modern life and find a simpler, more peaceful existence.

(iii) What did Dr. Sadao and his wife do with the enemy ?
Ans – Dr Sadao and Hana found an unconscious wounded war prisoner who posed a huge threat to their own safety. However, Dr Sadao decided to go with his gut feeling and operate on him. He saved his life even though it was for the time being. Though half heartedly, both took good care of the patient’s health and other needs.

(iv) Why was Evans called ‘Evans the Break’ ?
Ans – Because he had escaped from jail three times, the prison guards nicknamed him ‘Evans the Break’. At present he was in a solitary cell in Oxford Prison.

14. Write the correct answers of the following questions in your answer-sheet :
(i) Zitkala-Sa was a victim of :
(a) racial prejudice
(b) hate prejudice
(c) serious crime
(d) rich people
Ans – (a) racial prejudice

(ii) Bama’s elder brother was studying at a :
(a) school
(b) college
(c) university
(d) city
Ans – (c) university

(iii) The name of Jack’s wife is :
(a) Plare
(b) Clare
(c) Slare
(d) Mlare
Ans – (b) Clare



(Reading Skills)
1. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow :
How does a seed grow? If we try to know the physiology of the growth of a seed, we shall come to know the miraculous fact of its growth into a big tree. Can we imagine a small seed growing into a huge tree such as banyan, neem, peepal, arjun, sal tree etc ? And that too with the help of air and water only. It is the nature that helps them grow uninterruptedly. On the other hand, a farmer grows crops. He has to do a lot of labour. He has to toil for getting a bumper crop. He has to tilt the field, use good quality seed, use manure, tractor, fencing, lot of water and what not. Then there is fear of its being spoil, damage or destroy. Though nature plays its role here also but in case of the above mentioned trees, there is no one to take care of them. They also start their journey from a small seed and stay for years and years and reach their maturity to give birth to seeds again. So the process reciprocates itself; seeds give birth to trees and trees give birth to the seeds again.
Questions :
(i) What miraculous facts of a seed we come to know about ?
(a) growth
(b) death
(c) progress
(d) All of the above
Ans – (a) growth

(ii) How does a tree grow according to the passage ?
(a) with the help of human beings
(b) with the help of farmers uit noubar bis e as toed sed
(c) with the help of air and water
(d) none of the above
Ans – (c) with the help of air and water

(iii) When a farmer grows crops, he has as to :
(a) toil
(b) do a lot of labour
(c) tilt the field
(d) all of the above
Ans – (d) all of the above

(iv) According to the passage which of the following are the ‘above mentioned trees’ ?
(a) Neem, peepal, mango, banyan
(b) Banyan, neem, peepal, apple
(c) Arjun, neem, peepal, banyan
(d) Arjun, banyan, gulmohar, peepal
Ans – (c) Arjun, neem, peepal, banyan


On the lines of foreign countries, a strange trend has started in our country also. A trend of keeping pets in houses has been old enough. But the strange trend is the trend of keeping dogs and cats.
In some countries, many people keep a cat at their house but in our country, most of the people have started keeping a dog at their house. Rearing of animals has been an age old tradition in our country but keeping a dog or a cat seems to be a new trend and a part of the western culture. Dogs were kept to take care of the house or a field or other animals such as cows, sheep, camel, goats etc. Now a days it has become a fashion to keep a fancy dog or a toy dog at home. German shephered, Labrador, Retriever, Beagle, Boxer, Tibetan Mastiff, Pug, Rottweiler, Doberman, Pomeranian are some of the popular breeds of dogs kept as pets in houses. Some of them live a better life than human beings. Dogs or cats, before keeping as a pet we must think of their utility.
Questions :
(i) What strange trend has started in our country ?
(a) Keeping a cat
(b) Keeping a dog
(c) Both of them
(d) None of them
Ans – (c) Both of them

(ii) What is kept as pet in most of the countries ?
(a) dog
(b) cat
(c) camel
(d) goat
Ans – (a) dog

(iii) What has become a fashion now a days ?
(a) to keep a cat
(b) to keep a dog
(c) to keep a fancy cat
(d) to keep a fancy dog
Ans – (d) to keep a fancy dog

(iv) Who lives better life than human beings ?
(a) cats
(b) dogs
(c) goats
(d) camels
Ans – (b) dogs

2. Read the following passage carefully and make notes on it using headings and sub-headings. Supply an appropriate title also :
Birthday celebrations start with the birth of a child. At first stage from 1st to 5th birthday a child celebrates birthday completely depending upon the family. They obediently accept the ways in which it is celebrated. They are happy with whatever is given to them. From 6 to 10 years, they start demanding this or that. Sometimes, they get annoyed if they don’t get the product of their choice. From 11 to 15, they like to celebrate their birthday with their friends. They start giving more importance to their friends than their family. Family members also start celebrating their birthday in a hotel or restaurant. From 16 to 20 the children start celebrating their birthday outside the home with friends only. From 20 to 25 even the family members do not know, where the birthday of their child is being celebrated ?
Then birthday celebrations stop and come back after fifty years or so when the children celebrate the birth of their father or grandchildren celebrate it with same pomp and show as in their childhood family members celebrated their birthday.
Ans –
Title : The Evolution of Birthday Celebrations
Notes :
I. Introduction
– Birthday celebrations start with the birth of a child
II. First stage (1st to 5th birthday)
– Child celebrates birthday depending on family
– Happy with whatever is given to them
III. Second stage (6 to 10 years)
– Child starts demanding specific gifts
– May get annoyed if they don’t receive desired gift
IV. Third stage (11 to 15 years)
– Child prefers celebrating with friends over family
– Celebrations may take place at a hotel or restaurant
V. Fourth stage (16 to 20 years)
– Children celebrate outside of the home with friends only
VI. Fifth stage (20 to 25 years)
– Family members may not know where their child’s birthday is being celebrated
VII. Conclusion
– Birthday celebrations stop for a period of time
– Celebrations return when children celebrate the birth of their father or grandchildren celebrate it with the same enthusiasm as their own childhood celebrations.

3. Attempt any two from each sub-part :
(a) Fill in the blank with the correct form of verbs given in the brackets :
(i) If we ………… (complete) the exam in time, we shall get bonus marks.
Ans – complete

(ii) When the teacher entered the class, children …………. (play) with each other.
Ans – were playing

(iii) We …………. (suffer) from throat problem for two years.
Ans – have been suffering

(b) Change the narration of the following sentences :
(i) I said to my mother, “Do you know the history of India ?”
Ans – I asked my mother if she knew the history of India.

(ii) Neel said, “Mother, I am going to temple today.”
Ans – Neel told his mother that he was going to temple that day.

(iii) He said to the teacher, “You are my role-model.”
Ans – He told the teacher that he/she was his role-model.

(c) Change the voice of the following sentences :
(i) Sheela slapped him.
Ans – He was slapped by Sheela.

(ii) Did he tell you about his new house ?
Ans – Were you told about his new house by him ?

(iii) My Mother at Sixty Six was written by Kamala Das.
Ans – Kamla Das wrote My Mother at Sixty Six.

(d) Supply suitable articles wherever necessary :
(i) Playing cards is …………. bad habit.
Ans – a

(ii) I shall write ………… autobiography.
Ans – an

(iii) …………. milk is sold by liter.
Ans – x

(e) Fill in the blanks with suitable modal auxiliary given in the brackets :
(i) …………. you help me please ? (Would, Should, Could)
Ans – Would

(ii) Every student …………. answer all the questions. (must, might, may)
Ans – must

(iii) We ………….. to serve our parents as well as grandparents. (used to, ought, should)
Ans – ought

4. Attempt any two of the following :
(a) Your school is planning an educational tour to Rajasthan during summer vacation. Write a notice for the same developing necessary details.
Ans –


Dear Students,
We are excited to announce an educational tour to the beautiful state of Rajasthan during the upcoming summer vacation. This tour is aimed at providing you with an opportunity to explore the rich cultural heritage, history, and traditions of Rajasthan.
The tour will be conducted for a duration of 7 days and 6 nights, starting from 15th May 2023 and ending on 21st May 2023. During this time, we will visit some of the most famous tourist destinations in Rajasthan, including Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Udaipur, and Jodhpur.
The tour package includes comfortable accommodation, transportation, sightseeing, and meals. We will also have experienced tour guides who will provide you with detailed information about the places we visit.
To participate in this tour, interested students are required to submit their consent forms along with the tour fee of Rs. 20,000/- by 30th April 2023. The fee can be paid in cash or through online transfer.
We encourage all students to take advantage of this opportunity to learn about the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan and broaden their horizons. For any queries or clarifications, please feel free to contact us.
[Your Name]
[School Name]

(b) You have constructed a 3 room set in a posh colony. Draft a suitable advertisement for the “To Let” column of a local newspaper giving all information about facilities.
Ans –
To Let : Newly Constructed 3 Room Set in Posh Colony
Looking for a spacious and comfortable living space in a posh colony? Look no further! We are pleased to offer a newly constructed 3 room set for rent in one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in town.
The set includes three well-lit and ventilated rooms, a modern kitchen with all necessary amenities, and a clean and hygienic bathroom. The rooms are furnished with high-quality furniture and fixtures, ensuring a comfortable and luxurious living experience.
Additionally, the set is equipped with all necessary facilities such as 24-hour water supply, electricity backup, and round-the-clock security. The location is easily accessible and well-connected to all major parts of the city.
We are looking for responsible tenants who can maintain the property and pay the rent on time. The rent for the set is reasonable at Rs. 25,000/- per month, with a security deposit of two months’ rent.
Interested parties can contact us to schedule a visit and see the property for themselves. Don’t miss this opportunity to live in a comfortable and luxurious home in a prime location!
[Your Name]

(c) Design a poster on ‘Cleanliness Campaign’.
Ans –


Keep your surroundings clean for a healthier and happier life!
Join our Cleanliness Campaign to create a cleaner and greener environment. Let’s work together to make our community a better place to live in.
A picture make of a clean and green environment with people picking up litter, planting trees, and maintaining cleanliness.
– Date: [Insert Date]
– Time: [Insert Time]
– Venue: [Insert Venue]
– Activities:
– Litter picking
– Planting trees
– Cleaning public spaces
– Raising awareness about cleanliness
– Distributing pamphlets and posters
For more information and registration, contact us at 97xxxxxxxx. Let’s make a difference together!

5. Attempt any one of the following :
(a) Write a report on ‘Vaccination Camp’ held in your school during Covid-19 outburst.
Ans –

Report on Vaccination Camp held in XYZ School during Covid-19 outburst

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the world in unprecedented ways, and vaccination has become an essential tool to combat the virus. In this context, XYZ School organized a Vaccination Camp on [insert date] in collaboration with [insert name of the healthcare provider].
The school administration and healthcare provider made elaborate arrangements to ensure a smooth and efficient vaccination process. The school premises were sanitized, and social distancing norms were strictly followed. The healthcare team set up vaccination booths and arranged for medical supplies, including syringes, gloves, and disinfectants. The school staff members were trained to assist the healthcare team and manage the crowd.
The Vaccination Camp started at [insert time], and students, teachers, and staff members were invited to get vaccinated. The Vaccination Camp was a resounding success, with a large number of participants getting vaccinated. The school administration ensured that all eligible individuals were informed about the camp through circulars, emails, and social media posts. The healthcare provider provided the necessary guidance and support to make the camp a success.
The Vaccination Camp held in XYZ School during the Covid-19 outbreak was a significant step towards creating a safe and healthy environment. The camp not only vaccinated eligible individuals but also raised awareness about the importance of vaccination.

(b) Write a paragraph in about 100 words on “Our New School Building”.
Ans –
Our new school building is a modern and spacious facility that provides an excellent learning environment for students. The building boasts state-of-the-art classrooms, science labs, computer rooms, and a library. The classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and projectors to enhance the teaching and learning experience. The building also has a large auditorium and sports facilities, including a basketball court and a football field. The school administration has ensured that the building is eco-friendly and energy-efficient, with solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems. Overall, the new school building is a source of pride for the students, teachers, and parents, and it reflects the school’s commitment to providing quality education.

6. You are a student of 10th class. You got a few books issued from Book Bank of your school. Because of certain reason you forgot to return books in time and you were fined heavily. Write a letter to the chief librarian requesting him to remit your fine giving a solid reason. Write yourself as Sumit/Sumita.
Ans –
88, Shiv Colony Badhra
Charkhi Dadri
Date : 10 March, 2023
The Librarian
ABC School
Charkhi Dadri
Subject : Exemption from library fine
Dear Chief Librarian,
I am writing to request for the remittance of the fine that was imposed on me for not returning the books that I had borrowed from the Book Bank of our school. My name is Sumit/Sumita and I am a student of 10th class.
I understand that it is my responsibility to return the books on time and I apologize for not doing so. However, I would like to explain the reason behind my delay in returning the books. I had a family emergency which required me to travel out of town for a few days. During this time, I was unable to return the books and as a result, I was fined heavily.
I assure you that I take my responsibilities seriously and I value the importance of returning books on time. I request you to kindly consider my situation and remit the fine imposed on me. I will ensure that I return the books on time in the future and avoid any such delays.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

[A : Main Reader (Prose)]
7. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow :
Now I understood why the old men of the village were sitting there in the back of the room. It was because they were sorry, too, that they had not gone to school more. It was their way of thanking our master for his forty years of faithful service and of showing their respect for the country that was theirs no more.
Questions :
(i) Who is ‘I’ in the above lines ?
Ans – Little Franz

(ii) What did he understand ?
Ans – He understood why the old men of the village were sitting there in the back of the room.

(iii) Why were the old men of the village sitting there in the back of the room ?
Ans – They were thanking their master for his forty years of faithful service and of showing their respect for the country that was theirs no more.

(iv) What were the old men of the village sorry about ?
Ans – They were sorry that they had not gone to school more.

(v) Name the author of the chapter from which these lines have been taken.
Ans : Author – Alphonse Daudet, Chapter – The Last Lesson


When I first visited Gandhiji in 1942 at his ashram in Sevagram, in Central India, he said, “I will tell you how it happened that I decided to urge the departure of the British. It was in 1917.”
He had gone to the December, 1916 annual convention of the Indian National Congress party in Lucknow. There were 2,301 delegates and many visitors.
Questions :
(i) Who is ‘I’ in the first line ?
Ans – Louis Fischer

(ii) Who is ‘he’ in the above passage ?
Ans – Gandhi Ji

(iii) Where had the delegates and many visitors come ?
Ans – To annual convention of the Indian National Congress party in Lucknow.

(iv) ‘I will tell you’ – who will tell whom ?
Ans – Gandhi Ji to Louis Fischer

(v) Name the author of the chapter from which these lines have been taken.
Ans : Author – Louis Fischer, Chapter – Indigo

8. Answer the following in about 80-100 words :
What socio-economic background did Sophie belong to ? What are the indicators of her family’s financial status ?
Ans – Sophie belongs to a lower middle class socio-economic background. She lives in a small house with her parents and two brothers, Derek and Geoff. When she returns home after school, she feels choked with the steam of the stove and is disgusted with the dirty dishes piled in a corner. Her mother’s back has become stooped and bent by handling all the household chores and responsibilities on her own. Her father is a hard labourer and her elder brother, Geoff, works as an apprentice mechanic in a garage situated far away from his house. Her family wants Sophie to join work immediately after her school. These are some of the indicators of Sophie’s family’s financial status.


What is the ‘Misadventure’ that William Douglas speaks about ? Describe.
Ans – Douglas refers to the incident at the Y.M.C.A. swimming pool where he almost drowned as a ‘misadventure’. The author was about ten or eleven years old at the time and had barely begun to learn swimming, primarily by aping others. As he was thrown suddenly into the water by someone and he couldn’t swim, he started drowning. The struggle to come to surface and to avoid getting drowned left him with a deep fear of water which deprived him from enjoying water-related activities for many years.

9. Answer any five of the following in ‘a sentence or two’ :
(i) Why do most celebrity writers despise being interviewed ?
Ans – Celebrity writers believe that interviews unduly interfere in their private lives. They regard themselves as victims of interviews. They claim that the interview in some way ‘diminishes’ them, just like some ancient cultures believed that a portrait of a person takes away his soul. Certain celebrities like V.S Naipaul have claimed that interviews leave them wounded, while others like Rudyard Kipling have referred to it as a crime and an immoral act.

(ii) What made the lawyer stand out from the others at Gemini studios ?
Ans – The lawyer wore pants and a tie and sometimes a coat whereas everyone else in the Story Department wore similar khadi dhoti with a slightly oversized and clumsily tailored white khadi shirt. Thus, the lawyer stood out from others at Gemini Studios as if he is a dispassionate man who did not take sides. Moreover, he was a logical man with no emotional attachment whatsoever.

(iii) What did Saheb sometimes find in a heap of garbage ? What was the impact of this finding ?
Ans – Sometimes, Saheb found a rupee or a ten rupee note. When he found a silver coin in a heap of garbage, he didn’t stop scrounging. He always hoped to find more. He had entirely different meaning of garbage.

(iv) Why was Edla happy to see the gift left by the peddler ?
Ans – Edla showed great trust in him by letting him stay at their manor on the Christmas Eve. But the news about the robbery had left her dejected. So she was overjoyed when she reached home to find the package and the letter left by the peddler. This gesture of appreciation from the peddler made her happy.

(v) Describe the make-up room in ‘Poet and Pancakes’.
Ans – The make-up room of Gemini Studios looked like a hair cutting salon. It had around half a dozen mirrors with incandescent lights at all angles around them. The artists would feel the heat emanating from these lights. The writer uses the term ‘fiery misery’ to denote the uncomfortable situation of those subjected to make-up.

(vi) What makes the city of Firozabad famous ?
Ans – Firozabad is a city in India that is famous for its bangles. It is the centre of India’s glass-blowing industry. In this city, every other family is employed in making bangles.

(vii) Did Sophie really meet Danny Casey ?
Ans – Sophie did not meet Danny Casey in reality. She made up the story of her encounter with Danny Casey only to seek the attention her brother, Geoff.

[B : Main Reader (Poetry)]
10. Read the stanza given below and answer the questions that follow :
What I want should not be
With total inactivity.
Life is what it is about;
I want no truck with death.
Questions :
(i) Name the poet and the poem.
Ans : Poet – Pablo Neruda, Poem – Keeping Quiet

(ii) What does the poet want ?
Ans – Poet wants no truck with death.

(iii) According to poet what is life ?
Ans – Life is an ongoing and continous process.

(iv) With what does the poet want no connection ?
Ans – with death

(v) The poet advocates total inactivity. (True / False)
Ans – False


When aunt is dead, her terrified hands will lie
Still ringed with ordeals she was mastered by.
The tigers in the panel that she made
Will go on prancing, proud and unafraid.
Questions :
(i) Name the poet and the poem.
Ans : Poet – Adrienne Rich, Poem – Aunt Jennifer’s Tiger

(ii) Where were the tigers ?
Ans – The tigers were in the panel.

(iii) Who is the aunt in the stanza ?
Ans – Aunt Jennifer

(iv) By whom was the mastered by ?
Ans – Ordeals

(v) What will the tigers keep on doing ?
Ans – Prancing, proud and unafraid

11. Answer any two of the following briefly :
(i) What does the poet want for the children of the slums ? How can their life be made to change ?
Ans – Poet believes that their life can be changed by providing them access to education and other resources. This would help them break out of the shackles of poverty. With the right amenities and resources, they can actually experience the world that they see in the pictures that decorate their classroom’s walls.

(ii) What does the poet say about the polished traffic ?
Ans – The rich people had polished or magnificent cars. They drove with their eye fixed forward. If ever anyone looked aside, he felt irritated.

(iii) Write the central idea of the poem. (A Thing of Beauty)
Ans – The poem ‘A Thing of Beauty’ gives a message that beauty never diminishes or fades. We can choose to see beauty in the most simple and common things around us. But this beauty becomes a source of unending joy for us. Despite the fact that our lives are full of sorrow and suffering, the beautiful things around us give us the strength to endure the sadness of life. They dispel the dark cloud of sorrow and give us a reason to keep living.

(Supplementary Reader)
12. Answer any one of the following in about 80-100 words :
What does the third level refer to ? Do you think that it was a medium of escape for Charley ? Why ?
Ans – The third level refers to the subway of the Grand Central Station that takes passengers to Galesburg. The third level on the station was a medium of escape for Charley, the narrator from the harsh realities of modern life. It provided him a base where he could interweave fantasy and reality.
Yes, the third level was a medium of escape for Charley. Life in modern world is full of insecurity, fear, war, worries and stress. Man has to confront them all the times. The harsh realities of life make living quite unpleasant and even unbearable. So he wants to escape into a wishful world. Charley talks to his psychiatrist friend about the third level at the Grand Central Station. His friend calls it ‘a walking-dream wish fulfillment’. Charley possesses an escapist tendency. Even his stamp collecting is a ‘temporary refuge from reality’.


What kind of a person was Evans ? How was he able to escape from the jail ?
Ans – Evans was a congenital kleptomaniac who was imprisoned in Oxford Prison. He escaped thrice from the prison and prisonor was called ‘Evans the Break’. He was a genius at planning and foresight. He was very clever and a very good actor too, as nobody doubted him when he was acting as McLeery.
Evans decided to appear for the O-level Examination in German. For the same, the Governor sought permission from the Board. McLeery the parson from St. Mary Mags came to invigilate. In reality, he was an accomplice of Evans and had imprisoned the real person. In the cell, the two exchange places. This was made possible because Evans had covered himself in a blanket. At the end of the exam, Evans walks out a free man disguised as the person.

Q13. Answer any three of the following briefly :
(i) Who is the tiger king ? How did he get that name ?
Ans – Jilani Jung Jung Bahadur, the king of Pratibanda Puram, is known as the Tiger King. Ten days after his birth, a renowned astrologer prophesied that his death comes from the Tiger. After he became the king of Pratibanda Puram and got to know about the prediction related to his death, he went on a tiger killing spree. He killed about seventy tigers within ten years. He was so caught up with reaching his target of killing one hundred tigers to disprove the prophecy that all other matters took a back-seat. This was how he got to be known as the Tiger King.

(ii) How is Antarctica the perfect place to study how little changes in the environment can have big repercussions ?
Ans – Because of its simple ecosystem and lack of biodiversity, is the perfect place to study how little changes in the environment can have big repercussions. The single-celled plants, phytoplanktons, are the grasses that nourish and sustain the entire Southern Ocean’s food chain.

(iii) Why was Dr. Sadao not arrested on the charge of harbouring an enemy ?
Ans – Dr Sadao, on humanitarian grounds as well as professional grounds, tended a wounded war prisoner which was officially a serious crime. However, he did not get punished for this offence as it was never revealed to anyone, except his wife, loyal but timid servants, and a General who was too self-obsessed with his own treatment that he would never let the doctor leave him.

(iv) Why and how did Bama take thirty minutes to one hour to reach home instead of ten minutes ?
Ans – Bama took thirty minutes to an hour to reach home as she would watch all the fun and games that were taking place on the road. She would also stop and look at the shops and the bazaars and even see the performance of the snake charmers and the monkeys.

14. Write the correct answers of the following questions in your answer-sheet :
(i) What is the complete name of Jo ?
(a) Jone
(b) Jonne
(c) Joanne
(d) Joan
Ans – (c) Joanne

(ii) The gate of Mr. Lamb’s house is always :
(a) closed
(b) shut
(c) broken
(d) open
Ans – (d) open

(iii) Short hair, in author’s tribe, was kept/worn only by :
(a) mourners
(b) old aged people
(c) young guys
(d) all the women
Ans – (a) mourners



(Reading Skills)
1. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow :
When a seed is grown in the soil, it takes only water and gets ruptured. Two parts come out of it, plumule and radical above and below the surface respectively. At start, both the parts grow almost at the same pace. Then roots take water and other minerals from the soil and shoots grow. The shoots grow upward while the roots grow downward. Initially, the shoots take essential elements from the soil and send it to the shoots; shoots start showing leaves which in turn form food and send to the whole body of the plant. Plants prepare their food in the presence of sunlight, water and carbon dioxide through the process of photosynthesis. Once this process starts, the plant continues to produce oxygen (O2) and energy in the form of glucose (sugar). This oxygen is no doubt a vital breath (Pranvayu) for human beings. That is why it is continuously requested to save plants and grow more and more in our vicinity. So, for growing trees we must save seeds also. Today onwards whenever you eat any fruit or vegetable think about saving seeds also. Dry them or let them dry and grow or let them grow in favourable conditions.
(i) Which part grows downward when a seed gets ruptured ?
(a) plumule
(b) radical
(c) both of them
(d) none of them
Ans – (c) both of them

(ii) Leaves come out of which part of a plant ?
(a) roots
(b) flowers
(c) shoots
(d) all of them
Ans – (c) shoots

(iii) What is essential for human beings to survive ?
(a) roots
(b) shoots
(c) carbon dioxide
(d) oxygen
Ans – (d) oxygen

(iv) For growing more and more plants in our vicinity what is necessary ?
(a) save seeds
(b) save plants
(c) save roots
(d) save shoots
Ans – (b) save plants


Birthday celebration is a common trend in our society. Family members celebrate the birthday of a child with great pomp and show at the very start. Slowly, it becomes a formality of cutting the cake with family and celebrating it with friends. When a child enters the peer group he prefers his/her friends more than the family members at such celebrations. And then comes the stage when the birthday of a child is celebrated at home and the child enjoys the birthday celebrations outside the home. The cake cutting ceremony also comes to a halt. The children forget that it was a type of family get together. It was an occasion of meeting and eating together. It was an occasion of joy and happiness together. On the other hand, birthday celebration with friends only may lead to diversions and distractions. Which ultimately lead to depressions and family tensions. Therefore, the children must differentiate the importance of family or friends when they grow up.
Questions :
(i) What becomes a formality slowly ?
(a) Birthday celebration
(b) Cake cutting
(c) Both (a) and (b)
(d) None of the above
Ans – (c) Both (a) and (b)

(ii) What does a child prefer when he enters peer group ?
(a) family
(b) friends
(c) both
(d) None of them
Ans – (b) friends

(iii) Cake cutting ceremony was a type of ………….
(a) meeting
(b) eating together
(c) family get together
(d) all of them
Ans – (d) all of them

(iv) Celebrating birthday with friends only may lead to …………..
(a) diversions
(b) distractions
(c) both (a) and (b)
(d) None of them
Ans – (c) both (a) and (b)

2. Read the following passage carefully and make notes on it using headings and sub-headings. Supply an appropriate title also :
There is a question that always flashes in my mind – Are the parents happy now-a-days? It is a broad category question. Let us specify it. I am particularly talking of those parents who have only two children and both of them go abroad owing to the dazzling world of west and getting trapped by western civilization. Such parents are very happy when their first child goes abroad. No doubt, they are again happy when the second one also goes abroad. What then ? Only video calling, chatting, talking telephonically and that too rarely because their life is so busy that they talk for a limited time; after a limited no. of days. The parents show a fake smile while telling about them and their progress in a foreign country. Slowly, the visits of their children also fall short what to talk of grandchildren who are completely brought up in western culture. The parents have to lead a seemingly lonely life. Though there is no dearth of money but there is always a dearth of love, emotions, caring and sharing, eating and sitting together and what not.
Ans –
Title : Loneliness of Parents with Children Abroad
Notes :
I. Introduction
– Question about the happiness of parents nowadays
– Specific focus on parents with two children who have gone abroad
II. Initial Happiness
– Parents are happy when their first child goes abroad
– They are again happy when the second child also goes abroad
III. Communication Issues
– Limited communication through video calling, chatting, and phone calls
– Busy lives of children lead to infrequent communication
– Parents fake happiness when talking about their children’s progress
IV. Lack of Visits and Grandchildren
– Visits from children become less frequent over time
– Grandchildren are raised in western culture, furthering the cultural gap
– Parents lead a seemingly lonely life despite financial stability
V. Conclusion
– Despite financial stability, parents experience a lack of love, emotions, caring, and sharing due to their children being abroad.

3. Attempt any two from each sub-part :
(a) Fill in the blank with the correct form of verbs given in the brackets :
(i) We …………. (take) another exam tomorrow.
Ans – shall take

(ii) If you ………….. (obey) your parents, you will always get success in your life.
Ans – obey

(iii) The rattrap seller ………… (steal) nothing from the house of ironmaster last Sunday.
Ans – stole

(b) Change the narration of the following sentences :
(i) “You cannot win this match.” said my Coach to me.
Ans – My Coach told me that I could not win that match.

(ii) “Kittu, why are you creating disturbance ?” said the mother.
Ans – My mother asked Kittu why she/he was creating disturbance.

(iii) The teacher said, “History repeats itself.”
Ans – The teacher said that History repeats itself.

(c) Change the voice of the following sentences :
(i) The dragon killed the pirate.
Ans – The pirate was killed by the dragon.

(ii) Did you recite the poem in school today ?
Ans – Was the poem recited by you in school today ?
or Was the poem recited in school today by you ?

(iii) Who tells you such stories ?
Ans – By whom are you told such stories ?

(d) Supply suitable articles wherever necessary :
(i) ………… cricket is not the national game of India.
Ans – x

(ii) ………… honest man is honoured everywhere.
Ans – an

(iii) This man is ……….. S.H.O. of our area, he solved my case.
Ans – the

(e) Fill in the blanks with suitable modal auxiliary given in the brackets :
(i) There are no clouds in the sky, it ………….. rain today. (might, will, shall)
Ans – might

(ii) By now, you …………. have completed your exam. (used to, dare, should)
Ans – should

(iii) She ………… to sing well in her childhood. (used, dare, should)
Ans – used

4. Attempt any two of the following :
(a) The Eco club of your school is planning to organize a campaign of ‘plant a plant’ for a week. You need volunteers for this campaign. Write a notice for your school board inviting names of those who are interested to make the people aware.
Ans –


14 November, 20xx
The Eco club of our school is organizing a ‘Plant a Plant’ campaign for a week to promote the importance of planting trees and preserving the environment. We are looking for volunteers who can actively participate in this campaign and contribute towards making our planet greener and healthier.
We invite interested students, teachers, and staff members to join us in this noble cause and be a part of this initiative. The campaign will start from ___________ (date) and continue for a week. We will be planting saplings in the school premises and nearby areas.
If you are interested in volunteering for this campaign, please register your name with the undersigned by ___________ (date). Your participation will be highly appreciated, and we hope to make this campaign a success with your support.
For any further information or queries, please contact 97xxxxxxxx.
Let’s come together and take a step towards a better tomorrow!
Thank you.
Yours sincerely,
Eco Club In-charge
(Name and Designation)

(b) You want to sale your motorcycle. Draft an advertisement for a local daily giving all its features.
Ans –


Looking for a powerful and stylish motorcycle? Look no further than this 2019 Yamaha R6! A black 2019 Yamaha R6 Motorcycle motor bike is available for sale for ₹80 thousand only. It is in a good condition, new tyers, scratch less body, insured with all required documents. This sleek machine boasts a 600cc engine, producing 118 horsepower and 45 lb-ft of torque. It features a lightweight aluminum frame and fully adjustable suspension, making it perfect for both the track and the street. The bike also includes ABS brakes, traction control, and a quick shifter for smooth gear changes. With only 18000 km on the odometer, this motorcycle is in excellent condition and ready for its next adventure. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own one of the most sought-after bikes on the market. Contact us today to schedule a test ride!
Interested buyers may contact
Naveen Kumar
Ph. 97xxxxxxxx
E-mail Id –

(c) Design a poster on ‘Say no to Plastic’.
Ans –
[Image of a plastic bottle with a red cross over it]
Say No to Plastic!
Plastic is harming our planet and its inhabitants. It takes hundreds of years to decompose, pollutes our oceans, and harms wildlife. We need to take action now and reduce our plastic consumption.
Here are some ways you can help :
– Bring your own reusable bags when shopping
– Use a refillable water bottle instead of buying single-use plastic bottles
– Say no to plastic straws and cutlery
– Choose products with minimal packaging
– Recycle properly
Together, we can make a difference and protect our planet. Say no to plastic today!

5. Attempt any one of the following :
(a) Write a report on ‘Yoga Day Celebration in Your School’.
Ans –

Reported by : Ramesh Kumar

On the occasion of International Yoga Day, our school organized a special event to celebrate the benefits of yoga. The event was held in the school auditorium and was attended by students, teachers, and staff members.
The program started with a speech by the principal, who emphasized the importance of yoga in our daily lives. She spoke about the various benefits of yoga, including physical fitness, mental well-being, and stress relief.
Next, a group of students performed a yoga demonstration, showcasing different yoga postures and breathing exercises. The audience was amazed by their flexibility and concentration.
After the demonstration, a yoga instructor led the audience in a series of yoga exercises. The instructor guided the participants through various asanas and breathing techniques, emphasizing the importance of proper form and alignment. The session ended with a meditation exercise, where the participants were encouraged to focus on their breath and let go of any stress or tension.
Overall, the Yoga Day celebration in our school was a huge success. It was a great opportunity for students and teachers to come together and experience the benefits of yoga. We hope to continue promoting yoga in our school and community to help people lead healthier and happier lives.

(b) Write a paragraph in about 100 words on “Online classes – their merits and demerits”.
Ans –
Online classes have revolutionized the way education is delivered, offering numerous advantages to students. One of the most significant benefits of online classes is the flexibility they provide. Students can attend classes from anywhere, at any time, which is particularly beneficial for those with busy schedules or other commitments. Online classes also offer access to a wider range of courses and instructors, which can be especially helpful for students in remote or underserved areas.
However, there are also some drawbacks to online classes. One of the main disadvantages is the lack of social interaction and networking opportunities that traditional classroom settings provide. This can be isolating for some students and may impact their learning experience. Additionally, technical issues and distractions can make it challenging for some students to stay engaged and focused during online classes. Despite these challenges, online classes remain a popular option for many students, and their popularity is likely to continue to grow in the coming years.

6, You are Tanuj/Tanuja living at 781, New Prashant Vihar, Delhi. You lost your new scooty. Write a letter to the S.H.O. of your city reporting about the theft of your scooty giving necessary details.
Ans –
781, New Prashant Vihar,
New Delhi
20 March 2023
The S.H.O.
Prashant vihar, Police Station.
Subject : Reporting the theft of Scooty
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing this letter to report the theft of my new scooty from outside my house. I live at 781, New Prashant Vihar, Delhi and my scooty was parked outside my house on the night of 18th March 2023.
The details of my scooty are as follows : Honda Activa 6G, Registration Number: DL 3S BN 7xxx and Grey colour.
I have already filed a complaint with the local police station but I wanted to bring this to your attention as well. I request you to kindly take necessary action and help me in recovering my stolen scooty. I would appreciate it if you could keep me updated on any progress made in this matter. Please let me know if there is any further information that you may require from my end.
Thank you for your time and attention.

[A : Main Reader (Prose)]
7. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow :
Listening to them, I see two distinct worlds – one of the family, caught in a web of poverty, burned by the stigma of caste in which they are born: other a vicious circle of Sahukars, the middleman, the policemen, the keepers of law, the bureaucrats and the politicians. To do anything else would mean to dare. And daring is not part of his growing up. When I sense a flash of it in Mukesh I am cheered. “I want to be a motor mechanic.” he repeats.
Questions :
(i) Who is ‘I’ in the first line of the passage – Author, Mukesh or Saheb ?
Ans – Author

(ii) Who is the author of these lines ?
Ans : Author – Anees Jung, Chapter – Lost Spring

(iii) Out of the two worlds, first world is that of family. Which one is the other world ?
Ans – Vicious circle of Sahukars, the middleman, the policemen, the keepers of law, the bureaucrats and the politicians.

(iv) Who wants to be a motor mechanic ?
Ans – Mukesh

(v) What type of flash does the author sense in Mukesh ?
Ans – The flash of dare


He was kneeling on the floor in the next room tinkering with a part of his motorcycle over some newspaper spread on the carpet. He was three years out of school, an apprentice mechanic, travelling to his work each day to the far side of the city. He was almost grown up now, and she suspected areas of his life about which he never spoke. And she was jealous of which she knew nothing, about his silence.
Questions :
(i) Who was kneeling on the floor ?
Ans – Geoff

(ii) What was he doing ? Or what was he ?
Ans – He was tinkering with a part of his motorcycle. He was an apprentice mechanic.

(iii) Who is she in the last lines ?
Ans – Sophie

(iv) What is ‘she’ jealous’ of ?
Ans – She is jealous of her brother’s silence.

(v) Who is the writer of these lines ?
Ans : Writer – A.R. Barton, Lesson – Going Places

8. Answer the following in about 80-100 words :
What was Champaran episode ? Why do you think Gandhi considered the Champaran episode to be a turning point in his life ?
Ans – The Champaran episode was the first instance of the victory of civil disobedience in modern Indian. This incident made the peasants aware of their rights and was a first step towards them becoming free from fear. This episode was followed by a mass voluntary support from different sections of the society. Gandhi had done a simple thing by declaring that the British had no right to order him in his own country and this simple act had its subsequent effects. Therefore, Gandhi may have considered the Champaran episode to be a turning-point in his life.


Did Umberto Eco consider himself a novelist first or an academic scholar ? How did he find the time to write so much ?
Ans – Umberto Eco considered himself an academic scholar first and then a novelist. He wrote more scholarly articles as compared to novels; and, he attended academic conferences and not meetings of Pen Clubs and writers. According to him, he was a university professor who wrote novels on Sundays. “I started writing novels by accident”, he said.

9. Answer any five of the following in ‘a sentence or two’ :
(i) How was M. Hamel dressed on his last day in the school ?
Ans – M. Hamel had put on his ceremonial clothes on his last day in the school. He was wearing a beautiful green coat, a frilled shirt, and a little black embroidered silk cap.

(ii) Is Saheb happy working at tea-stall ? Explain a little.
Ans – No, Saheb is not happy working at the tea-stall. He is no longer his own master. His face has lost the carefree look. The steel canister seems heavier than the plastic bag he would carry with ease earlier. He is even away from his dream and doesn’t go to school which he wanted to do.

(iii) What did Douglas do to get over his fear of water ?
Ans – He swam two miles across Lake Wentworth and the whole length to the shore and back of Warm Lake. Then he overcame his fear of water.

(iv) Did the peddler respect the faith shown in him by the crofter ?
Ans – No, the peddler did not respect the confidence reposed in him by the crofter. At the very first opportunity that he got, he smashed the window pane, took out the money and hung the leather pouch back in its place.

(v) What does the writer mean by ‘the fiery misery’ of those subjected to make-up ?
Ans – The make-up room of Gemini Studios looked like a hair cutting salon. It had around half a dozen mirrors with incandescent lights at all angles around them. The artists would feel the heat emanating from these lights. Thus, the writer uses the term ‘fiery misery’ to denote the uncomfortable situation of those subjected to make-up.

(vi) Who was Subbu ? Write his complete name.
Ans – Subbu was a multi-faceted genius. He was a poet, a writer and a great actor. His complete name was Kothamanglam Subbu.

(vii) What were Sophie’s plans after school education ?
Ans – Sophie dreams of having her own boutique after she leaves school, a boutique which will be the most amazing in the city. Becoming an actress or a fashion designer is also her dream.

[B : Main Reader (Poetry)]
10. Read the stanza given below and answer the questions that follow :
At back of the dim class
One unnoted, sweet and young.
His eyes live in a dream,
of squirrel’s game, in tree room, other than this.
Questions :
(i) Name the poet and the poem.
Ans : Poet – Stephen Spender, Poem – An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum

(ii) Why has the class been said ‘dim’ ?
Ans – Because the future of the children was in darkness in this class. There was no light of hope in this class.

(iii) Who is sitting at the back of dim class ?
Ans – A sweet and young child.

(iv) Was the boy present in the class mentally also ?
Ans – No

(v) What type of dream he was lost in ?
Ans – Squirrel’s game


Aunt Jennifer’s tigers prance across a screen.
Bright topaz denizens of a world of green.
They do not fear the men beneath the tree;
They pace in sleek chivalric certainty.
Questions :
(i) Name the poet and the poem.
Ans : Poet – Adrienne Rich, Poem – Aunt Jennifer’s Tiger

(ii) What do the tigers do ?
Ans – Prance across a screen

(iii) What is the colour of the tigers compared with in the stanza ?
Ans – Bright topaz

(iv) How can we say that tigers are fearless ?
Ans – They do not fear because the men beneath the tree.

(v) How do they walk with grace ?
Ans – in sleek chivalric certainty

11. Answer any two of the following briefly :
(i) What is the central idea of the poem ‘A Roadside Stand’ ?
Ans – Robert Frost in his poem ‘A Roadside Stand’ has very clearly visualised the plight of the rural folk. The city folk who drived through the countryside hardly pay any heed to the roadside stand or the people who run it. The poet has urged the necessity of the balanced development of both. On the roadside stand, the poor villagers wait all day for the polished city traffic passing through, to stop for a while there. They have put good quality consumables on sale for them. But hardly any out of thousand selfish cars stop there. If any does it for some inquiry and not for any cash-flow to the poor people. The sadness of the trusting sorrow lurks on their faces. They feel their childish longing goes in vain. The city people don’t have a spirit of co-operating and raising the lot of the rural people. On the other hand, they look for their calculated benefits. Still the poet hopes that the city people will take the poor villagers out of their pain by helping them. In return it will remove the insufferable pain of the poet as well.

(ii) Why has the mother been compared to the ‘late winter’s moon’ ?
Ans – The poet’s mother has been compared to the late winter’s moon to bring out the similarity of ageing and decay. The late winter moon looks hazy and obscure. It lacks shine and strength. The poet’s mother has an ‘ashen’ face resembling a corpse. She has lost her shine and strength of youth. The comparison reinforces the impact.

(iii) What message does the poet want to give through the poem ‘Keeping Quiet’ ?
Ans – In the poem the poet tries to tell us that we should stop our destructive activities and keep quiet for some time. By keeping quiet he means that we should look into ourselves and see what our behaviour is doing to others. We should analyse ourselves and change accordingly.

(Supplementary Reader)
12. Answer any one of the following in about 80-100 words :
Do you think that the enemy’s help was the right decision by Dr. Sadao and was the best solution to the problem in those circumstances ?
Ans – Dr Sadao was an expert surgeon and a perfect human being. He could not see a man dying when he could save him. So he did with the soldier of the enemy country. He saved his life by operating upon him. And he also saved himself from the guilt of killing a human being. This seems to be the best possible solution to the problem. Being a doctor first, he saved his life. When he became almost normal, being a patriot he (Dr Sadao) asked him to leave his house.


What message do we get from the story – We Too are Human Beings ?
Ans – Bama’s brother who was studying at a University told her because they were born in a low caste they are deprived of honour and dignities. He advised her to study and make progress to throw away the indignities. The words of her brother left a deep impression in her mind and she studied hard. Education is their weapon with which they fight back the society. Bama did the same and got many friends in her life. Education made her as double-sided sward to fight very sharply against the unjustified caste system.

13. Answer any three of the following briefly :
(i) How were Zitkala-Sa’s long hair cut ?
Ans – In order to save her hair being shingled Zitkala-Sa hid herself in a dark room. But she was found out and then was tied fast in a chair and her hair was forcibly cut.

(ii) Why does Derry not want to meet people ?
Ans – One side of Derry’s face is burnt, so he thinks people avoid him. He thinks that nobody likes his company or loves him. He feels that people do not accept him as a part of society. So he does not want to meet people.

(iii) How long was Tishani Doshi’s journey to Antarctica ?
Ans – They travelled over 100 hours in combination of a car, an aeroplane and a ship.

(iv) Why did Dewan think of procuring a tiger from the zoo ?
Ans – He ordered the Dewan to double the land tax of the village and when the Dewan tried to stop him the Maharaja asked him to resign. So to save his job the Dewan decided to arrange for a tiger to be killed by the Maharaja.

14. Write the correct answers of the following questions in your answer-sheet :
(i) How many surgeons were brought in from Madras to treat the king ?
(a) Two
(b) Three
(c) Four
(d) No one
Ans – (b) Three

(ii) Who was Sam in ‘The Third Level’ ?
(a) a doctor
(b) a friend
(c) a psychiatrist and a friend of Charley
(d) both (a) and (b)
Ans – (c) a psychiatrist and a friend of Charley

(iii) Evan’s examination started at what time ?
(a) at 9 : 10 a.m.
(b) at 9 : 15 a.m.
(c) at 9 : 25 a.m.
(d) at 9 : 35 a.m.
Ans – (c) at 9 : 25 a.m.



(Reading Skills)
1. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow :
The journey of a seed is really a long journey to become a seed again. Seeds germinate only in favourable conditions of soil, water, minerals etc. A seed first changes into a seedling which is just above the ground. Then it changes into a sapling which is called a young tree. These two nursery stages of a plant are usually found in a plant nursery. Then after showing a few leaves and a tender stem, it attains a height of two to three feet and its chances of survival increase. It is usually seen that many plants die at their juvenile stage. Every plant grows into a mature tree when it starts showing buds which slowly bloom into flowers. These flowers grow further towards maturity and become fruits which are relished by us. There is a huge variety of fruits and flowers around us. Almost all of them have seeds inside them. There are different ways of seeds getting mature. Some of them ripe inside the fruit and vegetables while some of them get ready when they are dried. But all of them are ready to give birth to a plant as and when they get favourable conditions of environment.
Questions :
(i) When do the seeds germinate ?
(a) only in soil
(b) only in water
(c) only in minerals
(d) only in favourable conditions
Ans – (d) only in favourable conditions

(ii) What is called a young tree ?
(a) seedling
(b) sapling
(c) both of them
(d) none of them
Ans – (b) sapling

(iii) When a plant starts showing its flowers it is called …………….
(a) a huge tree
(b) a small tree
(c) a mature tree
(d) an old tree
Ans – (c) a mature tree

(iv) Where are the seeds usually found ?
(a) inside fruit
(b) inside almirah
(c) inside the stem
(d) inside the leaves
Ans – (a) inside fruit


Girls are the real pearls of a house in our society. They take care of everything and everybody in a house. They are connecting link of the house where they live. They are the thread which keeps the beads of a rosary intact with each other. They play the role of a sister, daughter, daughter-in-law and a mother. These changing roles make them perfect to adjust themselves in any of situations which they come across at any stage. In the house of their parents they take care of the household chores. They take care of housekeeping, dusting, mopping and cooking also. Not only this, they lead the tally of result in academics; in any
type of exam, any competition top positions are occupied by them only. Their percentage of marks in exam is always better than that of boys. This is the reason that they are occupying top positions in jobs also. There is hardly any field remaining where we do not find girls doing better than boys. Evan after their marriage they take care of not one but two houses. They maintain all the trends and traditions in a family. May God bless them long life to spread the art of living in every society.
Questions :
(i) ‘Girls are pearls’ reflects a figure of speech named :
(a) Simile
(b) Metaphor
(c) Rhyme scheme
(d) Personification
Ans – (b) Metaphor

(ii) What is the thread compared to in the passage ?
(a) girls
(b) boys
(c) men
(d) women
Ans – (a) girls

(iii) Where are the girls found in tally of results ?
(a) at bottom
(b) in the middle
(c) at top position
(d) nowhere
Ans – (c) at top position

(iv) After marriage girls take care of how many houses ?
(a) two houses
(b) one house
(c) more than two houses
(d) None of the above
Ans – (a) two houses

2. Read the following passage carefully and make notes on it using headings and sub-headings. Supply an appropriate title also :
Paper wastage is a direct loss to the trees. If we keep on wasting papers at the same pace, we shall need more and more trees. Use of paper is related to almost all the fields of our day to day working. We need a print out for every type of receipt. We need print outs for our notes. We need print out for any type of billing. We demand to write everything on paper. Usually, it is seen that all such and other print outs are taken on one side of the page. Even the Ph. D. thesis is printed one sided. Most of the decisions in the court are written one sided. So, in all the above cases and others if both the sides of a paper are used there will be a saving of 50% paper. Not only this, paper once used for one document which are to be put in record; can be used for another one from the other side means one side can be used for one type of assignment and other side for another. Print outs which are needed for once only can be reused with other blank side for some rough work or correction work. Therefore, we must say Save Trees, Save Paper, Save Earth.
Ans –
Title : ‘Save Trees and the Earth by Reducing Paper Wastage’ or ‘Save Trees, Save Paper, Save Earth’
Notes :
I. Introduction
– Direct relationship between paper wastage and tree loss
– Widespread use of paper in daily life
II. Ways to Save Paper
– Using both sides of the paper can save 50% paper
– Reusing paper for rough work or corrections
– Using print outs for multiple purposes
III. Benefits of Saving Paper
– Conserves trees and reduces deforestation
– Reduces carbon emissions from paper production and transportation
– Saves energy and resources used in paper production
IV. How to Reduce Paper Usage
– Switching to digital alternatives such as e-books and e-receipts
– Using online platforms for communication and collaboration
– Encouraging businesses to adopt paperless policies
V. Conclusion
– Importance of saving paper to protect the environment and conserve resources
– Need for individual and collective efforts to reduce paper wastage
– Potential impact of reducing paper usage on global sustainability efforts

3. Attempt any two from each sub-part :
(a) Fill in the blank with the correct form of verbs given in the brackets :
(i) Our next generation …………. (depend) only on electronic gadgets.
Ans – will depend

(ii) Some of us ………….. (learn) English language for 12 years.
Ans – have been learning

(iii) We ………….. (already watch) this movie.
Ans – have already watched

(b) Change the narration of the following sentences :
(i) The teacher said to me, “Have you done your work ?”
Ans – The teacher asked me if I had done my work.

(ii) He says, “I shall be late for school.”
Ans – He says that he will be late for school.

(iii) My friend said to me, “Do good, have good.”
Ans – My friend told me that do good, have good.

(c) Change the voice of the following sentences :
(i) He knows me well.
Ans – I am well known to him.

(ii) Can you help me in this matter ?
Ans – Can I be helped in this matter by you ?

(iii) It is time to learn the lessons.
Ans – It is time for the lessons to be learnt.

(d) Supply suitable articles wherever necessary :
(i) Many people read …………. Gita everyday.
Ans – the

(ii) My father is ………… University professor.
Ans – a

(iii) He is …………. teacher who teaches us English language.
Ans – the

(e) Fill in the blanks with suitable modal auxiliary given in the brackets :
(i) My mother ………… read without spectacles even at the age of 80. (will, used to, dare)
Ans – used to

(ii) We …………. develop a habit of reading. (shall, must, needn’t)
Ans – must

(iii) …………. God bless you with good thinking ! (May, Would, Can)
Ans – May

4. Attempt any two of the following :
(a) Your school is organizing an Interschool ‘On the Spot-Painting’ competition. Draft a notice to be circulated at district level giving necessary details.
Ans –

ABC School Badhra, Charkhi Dadri

24 March 2023
Interschool ‘On the Spot-Painting’ Competition
Dear Principals and Teachers,
We are pleased to announce an exciting opportunity for students in our district to showcase their artistic talents in the Interschool ‘On the Spot-Painting’ competition. This event is being organized by our school and we invite all schools in the district to participate.
Date: [Insert date], Time: [Insert time], Venue: [Insert venue]
The competition is open to all students from grades 6 to 12. Each school can send a maximum of three participants. The theme for the competition is ‘Save the Earth’ and participants will be given two hours to complete their paintings. All necessary materials such as canvas, paints, brushes, and easels will be provided by our school. Participants are only required to bring their own aprons and any additional materials they may need.
The winners of the competition will receive exciting prizes and certificates of participation will be given to all participants. The winning paintings will also be displayed at our school and other public places in the district.
To register your school’s participation, please send an email to [Insert email address] with the following details: School name, Number of participants, Names of participants, Contact details of the school coordinator
Registration closes on [Insert date].
We look forward to your school’s participation in this exciting event and hope to see you there!
[Insert name]
[Insert designation]
[Insert school name]

(b) You are Chinku/Chinky living at 245 Shiv Nagar Colony, Ambala. You want a teacher for teaching English to your son studying in 10th class. Draft a suitable advertisement giving your conditions.
Ans –

English Tutor Wanted

We are seeking a qualified and experienced English tutor to teach our son in 10th grade. The tutor should be proficient in English and able to teach grammar, vocabulary, writing skills, and comprehension.
Location: 245 Shiv Nagar Colony, Ambala
Timings: Flexible, preferably after school hours
Duration: 2 hours per day, 5 days a week
– Must have a degree in English or a related field
– Minimum of 2 years of teaching experience
– Excellent communication skills
– Patient and able to work with students of different learning abilities
If you meet the above requirements and are interested in this position, please send your resume and expected remuneration to [Insert email address] or contact [Insert phone number] for more information.
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Thank you.

(c) Design a poster on ‘Girl Education’.
Ans –
[Insert image on Girl Education]
“Empower Girls, Empower the World” – Educate girls for a better future. Girls’ education is a fundamental right that should not be denied. Let’s break the barriers and provide equal opportunities for girls to learn and grow. Educated girls can contribute positively to their communities, earn higher incomes, and have healthier families. Invest in girl education and create a supportive environment where girls can thrive. Let’s promote gender equality and address cultural barriers to ensure that every girl has access to quality education. Together, let’s empower girls and empower the world.

5. Attempt any one of the following :
(a) Write a report on ‘Celebration of Diwali Mela’ in your school.
Ans –

Celebration of Diwali Mela

Diwali, also known as the “Festival of Lights,” is one of the most significant and widely celebrated festivals in India. It is a time of joy, happiness, and togetherness, and is celebrated by people of all ages and backgrounds. In our school, we celebrated Diwali with great enthusiasm and zeal by organizing a Diwali Mela.
The preparations for the Diwali Mela began weeks before the actual event. The school administration formed a committee consisting of students and teachers to organize the event. The committee was responsible for deciding on the activities, games, and stalls to be set up during the Mela. They also invited local vendors to set up stalls selling traditional snacks, sweets, and other items.
On the day of the Diwali Mela, the school was decorated with colorful lanterns, lights, and rangolis. Students and teachers were dressed in traditional attire, and the atmosphere was filled with excitement and joy. The Mela was inaugurated by the school principal, who lit a lamp and offered prayers to Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity.
The Mela consisted of various activities, including games, competitions, and cultural programs. There were stalls selling traditional snacks, sweets, and other items, which were very popular among the students. The cultural programs included performances by students, such as dance, music, and skits.
The Diwali Mela in our school was a huge success, with a large number of students, teachers, and parents participating in the event. The Mela not only provided a platform for students to showcase their talents and creativity but also promoted the importance of cultural traditions and values. It was a memorable experience for everyone involved, and we look forward to celebrating Diwali in the same spirit of joy and togetherness in the future.

(b) Write a paragraph in about 100 words on Mobile – Its merits and demerits.
Ans –
Mobile phones have become an essential part of our daily lives. They have numerous merits, including the ability to stay connected with family and friends, access to information, and convenience. Mobile phones have made communication faster and easier, allowing us to make calls, send messages, and access social media platforms. They have also made our lives more convenient by providing access to various services such as online shopping, banking, and entertainment and for educational purpose.
However, mobile phones also come with their demerits, including addiction, distraction, and negative impact on health. Excessive use of mobile phones can lead to addiction, which can affect social relationships and productivity. Moreover, excessive use of mobile phones can lead to health problems such as eye strain, neck pain, and sleep disturbances.

6. You are Sumit/Sumita living at 25-A, Park Colony, Jahajpur, Hisar. Your colony is facing a problem of supply of polluted and dirty water for a long time. On behalf of the residents of your colony, write a letter to the Chairman, Jal Board Nigam, Punchkula Complaining about the same and requesting to resolve it as soon as possible.
Ans –
25-A, Park Colony
Jahajpur, Hisar
21st June, 2023
The Chairman
Jal Board Nigam
Subject: Complaint regarding the supply of polluted and dirty water in our colony
Respected Sir/Madam,
I am writing this letter on behalf of the residents of Park Colony, Jahajpur, to bring to your attention the problem that we are facing with the supply of water. For a long time, we are receiving water that is polluted and dirty, and it is causing a lot of inconvenience to us.
We have been complaining about this issue to the local authorities, but no action has been taken so far. The water has a foul smell, and it is not suitable for consumption. We are not only worried about our health but also concerned about the health of our children and elderly people.
We request you to take immediate action to resolve this problem as soon as possible. We would appreciate it if you could send a team to our colony to investigate the issue and take necessary measures to ensure that we receive clean and safe drinking water.
We hope that you will take this matter seriously and do the needful at the earliest.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Yours Sincerely,

[A : Main Reader (Prose)]
7. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow :
But I was not finished. I still wondered if I would be terror-stricken when I was alone in the pool. I tried it. I swam the length up and down. Tiny vestiges of the old terror would return. But now I could frown and say to that terror.
“Trying to scare me, eh ? Well, here’s to you ! look !” And offl’d go for another length of the pool.
Questions :
(i) Who is ‘I’ in the above passage ?
Ans – William Douglas

(ii) What did he try ?
Ans – He tried to swim the length up and down.

(iii) Who was trying to scare him ?
Ans – Old terror of water

(iv) Which pool is he talking about ?
Ans – Y.M.C.A.

(v) Who is the author of these lines.
Ans : Author – William Douglas, Chapter – Deep Water


He had the ability to look cheerful all times even after having had a hand in a flop film. He always had work for somebody – he could never do things on his own – but his sense of loyalty made him identify himself with his principal completely and turn his entire creativity to his principal’s advantage. He was tailor-made for films.
Questions :
(i) Who is ‘he’ in the above lines ?
Ans – Subbhu

(ii) What is the name of his principal?
Ans – S.S. Vasan

(iii) What is the special feature in his character ?
Ans – He had the ability to look cheerful all times, always work for somebody ans sense of loyalty.

(iv) What could he not do?
Ans – He could never do things on his own.

(v) Name the author of these lines.
Ans : Author – Asokamitran, Chapter – Poets and Pancakes

8. Answer the following in about 80-100 words :
How did Edla bring about a change in the life of Peddler ?
Ans – Edla’s kindness and sympathy changed the peddler’s life. The first impression of Edla on the peddler was that she was humble and shy. The ironmaster invited the peddler to his house thinking that he was his old comrade. But after knowing his real identity, the ironmaster got agitated and wanted to call the sheriff. Eventually, the ironmaster asked him to leave his house. But Edla stopped the peddler and insisted that he celebrate Christmas Eve with them. She said that they should not send away a man on Christmas as they promised him happiness for one day. This kind gesture changed the peddler’s heart and made him return the money he had stolen from the crofter. In this way, Edla performed a miracle in the peddler’s life.


Write a character-sketch of Rajkumar Shukla.
Ans – Raj Kumar Shukla was a poor, emaciated sharecropper who had been a victim of British landlords. He was illiterate; however, he was determined to fight against the injustice of the British landlords. It was he who went to meet Gandhi Ji to seek his help to fight the British landlords. Gandhi Ji was exceedingly occupied; but he did not leave his side until he had given him a date to visit Champaran. Impressed by the sharecropper’s determination, Gandhi Ji gave him an appointment. Raj Kumar Shukla played a very important role in the Champaran episode.

9. Answer any five of the following in ‘a sentence or two’ :
(i) What are some of the positive views on interviews ?
Ans – It is a useful means of communication and a source of truth and information.

(ii) What were the options that Sophie was dreaming of ? Why does Jansie discourage her ?
Ans – Sophie’s dream was to open a boutique of her own or be an actress or fashion designer. Jansie did not approve of this dream because she was more practical and realistic. She knew that they both came from a lower economic background and hence it was likely that they would end up working at the biscuit factory.

(iii) What were the main hazards of working in the glass bangles industry ?
Ans – The glass bangles industry is a hazardous industry. The workers often end up blind if they are exposed to the work for many years. The furnaces are set in extremely elevated temperatures and lack proper ventilation. Since most of the workers are poor, they work without protective eye gear and leaves them blind.

(iv) Where were the ragpickers living at Delhi ? How many ragpickers were living there ?
Ans – Seemapuri is a settlement of more than 10,000 rag pickers situated on the periphery of Delhi. The people living there have migrated from Bangladesh. They lived in the structures of mud with roofs of tin and tarpaulin.

(v) What special news was running on the Bulletin Board that day ?
Ans – For the last two years all the bad news had come from the bulletin-board. An order had come from Berlin to teach only German in the schools of Alsace and Lorraine. The Germans had put up this notice on the bulletin-board.

(vi) What was the change that peddler felt in himself at last ? What did he do them ?
Ans – This kind gesture of Edla changed the peddler’s heart and made him return the money he had stolen from the crofter.

(vii) How was Gandhi able to influence lawyers ?
Ans – Gandhi was able to influence the lawyers through his conviction, earnestness and pertinent questioning. Gandhi reproached the lawyers of Muzzafarpur for charging a large sum of money as fee from the peasants.

[B : Main Reader (Poetry)]
10. Read the stanza given below and answer the questions that follow :
Sometimes I feel myself I can hardly bear
The thought of so much childish longing in vain.
The sadness that lurks near the open window there,
That waits all day in almost open prayer
For the squeal of brakes, the sound of a stopping car,
of all the thousand selfish cars that pass,
Just one to inquire what a farmer’s prices are.
Questions :
(i) Name the poet and the poem.
Ans : Poet – Robert Frost, Poem – A Road Side Stand

(ii) What is the childish longing here ?
Ans – The childish longing here only pain.

(iii) Why have the cars been said selfish ?
Ans – Because they do not think about poor people.

(iv) What lurks near the open window ?
Ans – Sad faces of the owners of the road side stand.

(v) How many cars pass from there – just one or thousand ?
Ans – thousand


I saw my mother beside me, doze, open mouthed,
her face ashen like that of a corpse and realized
with pain that she was as old as she looked
Questions :
(i) Name the poet and the poem.
Ans : Poet – Kamala Das, Poem – My Mother at Sixty Six

(ii) Who saw the mother beside her ?
Ans – The poet

(iii) Where were they sitting ?
Ans – in a car

(iv) Like that of a corpse’ – is a simile or a metaphor.
Ans – a simile

(v) What was the condition of her mother ?
Ans – Her mother was old and weak.

11. Answer any two of the following briefly :
(i) What is suggested by the image ‘massive weight of uncle’s wedding band’ ?
Ans – The ‘wedding band’ that the poet talks about was the wedding ring worn by Aunt Jennifer. The image ‘massive weight of Uncle’s wedding band’ suggests that she was overburdened with duties and responsibilities, post her marriage.

(ii) What image does the poet use to describe the beautiful bounty of the earth ?
Ans – The poet uses the image of ‘an endless fountain of an immortal drink’ to describe the beautiful bounty of the earth. The earth, like a fountain, pours unto us numerous beautiful sights like the sun, the moon, flowers, rivers and greenery.

(iii) What is the central idea of the poem ‘An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum’ ?
Ans – Stephen Spender has presented a true picture of the life of the school children living in the slum. The children are in a very miserable condition due to their poverty and illiteracy. They are depressed and their pale faces express sadness. They are physically very weak and undernourished. Spender voices his concern for these children who live all their life in slums and have no opportunity to enjoy the real blessings of life. He makes a appeal to the educated and affluent sections of the society to help them to improve the education facilities and living conditions of these childrens.

(Supplementary Reader)
12. Answer any one of the following in about 80-100 words :
What is the end of the story ‘Should Wizard Hit Mommy’ ? How did Jo want it to end ?
Ans – Jo was not happy with the ending of the story which her father narrated to her, since in the end, the mother of a skunk got angry at her child for changing his bad smell to the smell of musk roses. According to Jo, neither Roger Skunk nor the wizard was wrong in the story. Jo refused to accept the end where Roger Skunk’s mother gets angry at her child and hits the wizard. She wanted the story to end with the wizard hitting back the mother skunk with his magic wand and demanded her father to change the end.


Why did the king decide to kill 99 tigers ? Explain.
Ans – The chief astrologer had predicted that a tiger would be the cause of the king’s death and he should specially be wary of the hundredth tiger. The vain king banned hunting of the tigers in the State by everyone except himself and was able to kill ninety-nine tigers. He thought he had killed the hundredth tiger also but somehow the bullet missed its mark and the hundredth tiger survived. Then on his son’s birthday the king bought him a wooden tiger which he felt was a perfect gift for his son. A splinter in it pierced the king’s hand and the infection spread all over his arm causing his death. It was indeed ironical that despite killing all the tigers in his kingdom the king did finally become the victim of the hundredth tiger and the astrologer’s prediction did come true.

13. Answer any three of the following briefly :
(i) How did Charley reach the third level ?
Ans – Charley had been late to his office. He desired to reach home early. So he went to Grand Central to catch a suburban train. He was lost in a corridor. He thought it was the second level. But he had reached the third level.

(ii) How did the wizard help Roger Skunk in changing the smell ?
Ans – The wizard asked Roger Skunk what he wanted to smell like. Roger said he wanted to smell like roses. The wizard took his magic wand and chanted a spell and his whole house was full of the smell of roses. Roger also smelt of roses and in this way the wizard helped him.

(iii) Where did Evans go after his escape ?
Ans – Evans went to the hotel Golden Lion located in Chipping Norton.

(iv) What happens to Mr. Lamb in the end ?
Ans – The end of the play takes a tragic turn. Mr. lamb falls from the ladder, breaks his neck and dies.

14. Write the correct answers of the following questions in your answer-sheet :
(i) The name of the programme that takes high school students to the end of the earth is :
(a) students for ice
(b) students on ice
(c) students of ice
(d) students in ice
Ans – (b) students on ice

(ii) All the servants in Sadao’s household were :
(a) happy to see the enemy
(b) surprised to see the enemy
(c) Both (a) and (b)
(d) none of the above
Ans – (b) surprised to see the enemy

(iii) Who told Bama that untouchability is a crime ?
(a) her mother
(b) her sister
(c) her brother
(d) all of the above
Ans – (c) her brother


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