HBSE Class 12 English Question Paper 2022 Answer Key

Haryana (HBSE) Class 12 English Question Paper 2022 Answer Key. HBSE Class 12 English Solved Question Paper 2022. HBSE Class 12 English Previous Year Question Paper with Answer. HBSE Board Solved Question Paper Class 12 English 2022. HBSE 12th Question Paper Download 2022 Answer Key. HBSE Class 12 English Paper Solution 2022. HBSE Class 12th English Question Paper 2022 PDF Download with Answer Key.

HBSE Class 12 English Question Paper 2022 Answer Key

SET-A,B,C,D (Subjective Questions)  

(Writing Skills)

1. Attempt each part (a) & (b) of the following :

(a) You are working for an advertising agency. Draft an attractive advertisement for a company which is launching a new Soap. Imagine the details.


                    The beauty shop of India

                          LILY BEAUTY BATH

           It is not just a shop it’s a luxurious bath.

– Lovely fragrance of jasmine and lily.

– Exquisite purity

– Removes pimples and dirt

– For all skin type

– Remove other impurities of skin


Clear and shining skin in one week, totally nourished and transformed your skin in one use.

Lily Beauty Bath, clear skin pores, make your skin glow. 



You are Nisha/Neetu. Draft an attractive advertisement for selling your flat in Gurugram. 


                                FLAT FOR SALE

Available for sale 2BHK flat with two bedrooms and attached bathrooms, dining room and a drawing room. The flat has the facility of car parking. Also, the falt is situated in a green area with the scenic beauty at Gopal Nagar, Gurgaon. For further details please contact the undersigned.

Name : Neetu 

Contact : 9987XXXXXX


(b) You are Secretary of the NSS unit of your School. Write a notice for the School Notice-board, inviting volunteers for NSS camp. 


Model Sanskriti School Badhra

Dear students,

You are informed that our school is helding NCC camp on 25 November 2022 from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Volunteers that are interested in participating the camp can give their names to their class teacher with following details:-

(i) Name –

(ii) Father’s name –

iii) Mother’s name –

(iv) DOB –

(v) Residential address –

(vi) Mobile no. – 

Your Name – 



You lost your watch in the School Campus. Write a notice for the School Lost and Found Notice-board giving details of your lost watch. 


        RPS School Campus Mahendergarh


15th July 2022

                       LOST WRIST WATCH

A black color Titan wrist watch was lost in the school canteen on 14th July in the break time. The wristwatch has an automatic stop-watch feature with a black and golden dial and a silver inscription at the back. Whoever finds the wristwatch can submit it to the undersigned. The finder will be suitably rewarded by the principal.


XII Non-Medical 


2. Attempt the following :

(a) Last week, you witnessed a big accident on your way to School. Write a report of it for your local newspaper.


                  A ROAD ACCIDENT 

Report By: Rohit (Special Correspondent)

Charkho Dadri

24th July 2022

Last week I witnessed a shocking road accident while coming back home from school in which a bus and a bike were involved. The accident took place near Loharu Chowk at Chakhi Dadri. A fully crowded roadways bus which was coming from the College side, was trying to overtake another bus and in the process hit a bike. There were two persons on the bike, a man and a woman; probably a husband and a wife. The wife died on the spot and the husband was rushed to hospital immediately where sources told that his condition was critical. It was a horrible sight to see as the bike was completely damaged. Most of the passengers of the bus were also injured badly and they were taken to a nearby hospital. The bus driver was about to flee but the crowd on the busy road reacted immediately and prevented him from escaping. The angry people beat him brutally and handed over to the local police.


(b) Your school recently held ‘Sports Day’. Write a report of it for your School Magazine. 


Model Sanskriti School Badhra

Loharu Road

Chakhi Dadri 

19th October 2022

The annual sports day function started at 7 am in our school sports ground. The school organized a number of competitions for the annual sports day like 100m and baby marathon running. Javelin throw, relay and many other sports competition were organized too, participation from all classes was very good . At 7:30 am after a brief speech from our sports head, the programs started and we all participated with a lot of excitement. I won the baby marathon of 600m and 200m race and was very happy. A number of students performed very well and won multiple prizes. A total of 40 prizes were distributed by our honorable guest and principal sir with gifts like sports accessories and certificates. At 11:30 the program ended with lots of prizes and happy faces. At last we all participated in the closing ceremony of our annual sports day. The overall sports man award was given to Shalini who brought glory to the school by winning tennis competition at state level. We hope to see such healthy competing programs in near future too. We thank our school teachers and principal sir for giving us the opportunity to attend this beautiful competetion.

Thank you

Himanshu Kumar


3. Write a paragraph on the following topics :

(a) Malpractice of Cheating

(b) Importance of Health in Life

(c) A Rainy Day in Summer 

Ans. Do self.



(Main Reader : Flamingo)

4. Answer the following:

Describe the circumstances which forced Gandhiji to come to Champaran for the help of the peasants.

Ans. When the indigo production collapsed in Bengal, the European planters of Indigo shifted their operations to Bihar. The farmers of Champaran, a village in Bihar, were forced to grow indigo by the European planters instead of the food crops which were necessary for their survival. The European planters were destroying the productivity of the land which was the main reason for the protest. Mahatma Gandhi was invited by some of the peasants to look after their misery. Gandhiji accepted an invitation and started a mass movement after seeing the plight of the indigo cultivators.



Explain the significance of the title of the lesson “Lost Spring”. 

Ans. The title of the chapter ‘Lost Spring’ is a metaphor used for loss of childhood of millions of child-laborers in India. Spring is symbolic of joy, happiness, beauty, and hope. Childhood can be called the spring of a man’s life. However, children like Saheb-e-alam and Mukesh have no spring in their life because of the poverty they have been born into. Since they don’t enjoy the privileges of childhood that the children of affluent families enjoy, the poet considers these children whose spring (childhood) has been lost. Hence, the title ‘Lost Spring’ is justified.


5. Answer the following questions:

(i) Why was Douglas determined to get over his fear of water ?

Ans. Douglas visited many famous water spots in his country. But whenever he wanted to put his foot into water , the old fear of the deep water would come to his mind. It spoiled all his joys of fishing, boating and swimming. That was why he was determined to get over this fear.


(ii) What did the peddler sell and how did he make those things ?

Ans. The rattrap seller was a poor vagabond, wearing shabby ragged clothes. He sold rattraps to earn a very meager livelihood. He made rattraps from the material that he begged from people.

He did people’s work and in return sought permission to spend night in a garage or insignificant part of the house he would be passing by in the evening. Most of the time he was refused. At times he resorted to petty thievery. He considered the entire world as a big rattrap and all the men and women as rats vulnerable to be trapped to various types of baits. He was always in search of securing some money, by hook or crook. 


(iii) Why was Saheb not happy working at the tea-stall ? Explain.

Ans. Saheb was not really feeling happy working at the tea-stall. According to the author, Saheb does not seem lively and the steel canister he was holding wss more heavy for him than the plastic bag he used to carry so lightly over one of his shoulders.


6. Answer the following questions in about 50 words each :

(i) Why does the poet want us to keep quiet ? 

Ans. The poet wants us to keep quiet in the hope that the moment of tranquillity might help us in finding the answers to our problems. The poet wants us to keep quite as he/she is creating a calm atmosphere and usually poems have a meaning. The silence will help us to think about the meaning of the poem and we could think about it in greater depth.


(ii) Where is the poet going and who is with her ? (My Mother at Sixty Six)

Ans. The poet was driving from her parent’s home to the Cochin airport. The poet’s mother had comfe to see her off. She was sitting beside her. She was dozing with her mouth open. The words ‘driving’ and ‘doze’ provide a contrast between images of dynamic activity and static passivity respectively. 


(iii) What is the theme of the poem “An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum” ?

Ans. The theme of the poem is the social injustice and class inequality faced by slum children. The theme of the poem, ‘An elementary school classroom’ is the plight of poor children living in slums. The poet, Stephen Spender wants the life of the slum children be changed. He wants their poverty to end. He wishes them to live in healthier, hygienic and beautiful environment. He wants their future to be bright and full of hope. 



(Supplementary Reader : Vistas)

7. Answer the following in about 100 words :

Describe Charlie’s experience at The Third Level.

Ans. Charlie, the protagonist experiences a strange phenomenon at New York Central Railway Station. He is a daily commuter of the intra-city train. One day he strays into a corridor that takes him into the past, year 1894. The people, their attire, ambience, the platform, everything on the platform, locomotive, currency being used, the newspapers, magazines, etc, was old style. Only Charlie was an exception. This unusual experience of Charlie comes to an abrupt end when he has to flee from there in hurry to save himself from being caught by the then cops. 



What is the moral issue that the story ‘Should Wizard Hit Mommy’ raises ?

Ans. The moral issue that the story raises is that whether mothers should do what their children like or they should do what they feel is right even if the children feel otherwise.

Like as is shown in the story. The Roger Skunk is happy with his new smell of roses but his mother is unhappy. She took him back to the wizard to get back that unpleasant smell again.

Being a mother she knows what is good for her child and she did what she should do.


8. Answer the following questions in about 20 words each : 

(i) What does ‘The Third Level’ refer to in the story?

Ans. The third level refers to the subway of the Grand Central Station that takes passengers to Galesburg, Illinois. The third level on the station was a medium of escape for Charley, the narrator from the harsh realities of modern life. It provided him a base where he could interweave fantasy and reality.


(ii) Why was Evans called ‘Evans the Break’ ?

Ans. The Prisoners called Evans as “Evans the break”, because Evans was a smart person who could break out of the prison and escape, he had an ability to deceive or bluff the prisoners. Apart from this he had a past record of escaping from the prison thrice before he came to oxford and this was the reason why Evans was famously called as “Evans The Break”.


(iii) Who is Mr. Lamb ? 

Ans. Mr. Lamb is an old man. He lives in a big house with and has a big garden of his own. His doors are always open and every one is welcomed there. He spends most of his time in reading books or sitting in his garden. While serving in the army his own leg was blown off in a bomb explosion. Now he has a tin leg. Mr. Lamb has reconciled himself with his physical impairment. Children call him ‘Lamey Lamb’ but he is not at all disturbed. His attitude towards life is positive. 


(iv) Who is Dr. Sadao Hoki ? Where did he live ?

Ans. Dr. Sadao Hoki was a Japanese scientist and surgeon. He had spent eight years of his life at a young age in America to learn everything about surgery and medicine. He is a person who was working on a discovery that would completely clean the wound. His house was on the Japanese coast. The low, square stone house beset upon rocks well above a narrow beach.



SET-A (Objective Questions)

(Reading Skills)

Read the following passages (a), (b) & (c) carefully and answer the questions that follow. Do any two passages : 

(a) Rights and duties are two sides of the same coin. One cannot exist without the other. Duties without rights, are mere slavery. Similarly, rights without duties amount to lawlessness. In any civilized society, rights and duties must go side by side. 

But in today’s world everybody talks much about his rights. There is a great hue and cry if our rights are infringed. But nobod 


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