HBSE Class 12 English Half Yearly Question Paper 2022 Answer Key

Haryana Board (HBSE) Class 12 English Half Yearly Question Paper 2022 Answer Key. Haryana Board Class 12th Half Yearly Question Paper Pdf Download 2022. Haryana Board Class 12th Half Yearly Question Paper September 2022. HBSE Class 12th Half Yearly Exam September 2022. English Half Yearly Question Paper September 2022 Exam.


HBSE Class 12 English Half Yearly Question Paper 2022 Answer Key

Name of the student ………. Roll Number ……….
Half Yearly Assessment – September 2022
Class – 12
Subject – English
Time : 90 Minutes               Total Marks : 40

Instructions : 1. All questions are compulsory.
2. Question numbers 1 to 15 carry 1 mark each, question numbers 16 to 18 carry 2 marks each, question number 19 to 21 carry 3 marks each and question number 22 to 23 carry 5 marks each.

(1-10) Mark (✓) on the correct answer.
1. Who is the poet of the poem “A Roadside Stand” ?
(i) Robert Frost
(ii) Stephen Spender
(iii) William Wordsworth
(iv) John Donne
Answer – (i) Robert Frost

2. What are the types of war mentioned in the poem “Keeping Quiet” ?
(i) green wars, wars with gas and wars with fire
(ii) nuclear wars
(iii) cultural wars
(iv) none of these
Answer – (i) green wars, wars with gas and wars with fire

3. What does the phrase “It will never pass into nothingness” mean ? (A Thing of Beauty)
(i) it will pass away
(ii) a thing of beauty is eternal
(iii) nothing will pass away
(iv) a thing of beauty will pass away
Answer – (ii) a thing of beauty is eternal

4. Who invited the peddler to his house for the Christmas eve in the story “The Rattrap” ?
(i) The ironmaster
(ii) The old crofter
(iii) The captain
(iv) none of these
Answer – (i) The ironmaster

5. Who complained to Mahatma Gandhi against the injustice of landlords of Champaran ?
(i) Dr. Rajendra Prasad
(ii) Prof. J B Kriplani
(iii) Lawyers of Champaran
(iv) Rajkumar Shukla
Answer – (iv) Rajkumar Shukla

6. What did M. Hamel write on the blackboard at the end of the lesson ?
(i) Good bye
(ii) Love your mother tongue
(iii) Vive la France
(iv) None
Answer – (iii) Vive la France

7. What did Mukesh want to become in the story “Lost Spring” ?
(i) a rag picker
(ii) a soldier
(iii) a bangle seller
(iv) a motor mechanic
Answer – (iv) a motor mechanic

8. To which country did the wounded soldier belong in the story “The Enemy” ?
(i) Japan
(ii) USA
(iii) Russia
(iv) none of these
Answer – (ii) USA

9. Who is the writer of “The Third Level” ?
(i) Jack Finney
(ii) S. Buck
(iii) Susan Hill
(iv) Colin Dexter
Answer – (i) Jack Finney

10. The story “The Tiger King” is a satire on …………
(i) false pride and ego
(ii) the animals
(iii) the astrology
(iv) none of these
Answer – (i) false pride and ego

(11-15) Do as directed :
11. She was writing an application when the bell ………….. (ring). (Use the correct form of verb)
Answer – rang

12. Look there, the man ………….. (beat) the child. (Use the correct form of verb)
Answer – is beating

13. The thieves had run away before the police ………….. (arrive). (Use the correct form of verb)
Answer – arrived

14. He said to the Principal, “I have made a mistake”. (Change the form of narration)
Answer – He told the Principal that he had made a mistake.

15. I said to him, “What have you brought for me today?” (Change the form of narration)
Answer – I asked him what he had brought for me that day.

(16-18) Write answer in 20-30 words.
16. What brought about a change in the life of the peddler in the story “The Rattrap” ?
Answer – Edla’s kindness and sympathy changed the peddler’s life. The kind gesture changed the peddler’s heart and made him return the money he had stolen from the crofter. In this way, Edla performed a miracle in the peddler’s life.

17. Why did the servants take Gandhi Ji to be another peasant at Rajendra Prasad’s house ?
Answer – Shukla led Gandhi to Rajendra Prasad’s house. The servants knew Shukla as a poor villager. Gandhi was also clad in a simple dhoti. He was the companion of a peasant. Hence, the servants thought Gandhi to be another peasant.

18. What message does the poem “A Thing of Beauty” convey ?
Answer – The poem “A Thing of Beauty” gives a message that beauty never diminishes or fades. We can choose to see beauty in the most simple and common things around us. But this beauty becomes a source of unending joy for us.

(19-21) Write answer in 30-40 words.
19. Why has mother been compared to the late winter’s moon in the poem “My Mother at Sixty-six” ?
Answer – The poet’s mother has been compared to the late winter’s moon to bring out the similarity of ageing and decay. The late winter moon looks hazy and obscure. It lacks shine and strength. The poet’s mother has an ‘ashen’ face resembling a corpse. She has lost her shine and strength of youth. The comparison reinforces the impact.

20. You are Sports Secretary of your school. Draft a notice in not more than 50 words for your school notice board asking the students to give their names for participation in various events to be held on the Annual Sports Day of your school.
Sign as Anuj / Anuja.
Answer –

Govt. Sr. Sec. School Badhra, Charkhi Dadri

Our school is organizing Annual sports day on 3rd October, 2023. Various sports like cricket, kho-kho, lemon race, tug of war, carom, chess, badminton will be organized on that day. The program will start at 9 am sharp. Interested students are hereby informed to give their names to class representatives. For further enquiry please contact the undersigned.
Sports secretary
Anuj / Anuja

21. Who is the tiger king? Why does he get that name ?
Answer – Jilani Jung Jung Bahadur, the king of Pratibanda Puram, is known as the Tiger King. Ten days after his birth, a renowned astrologer prophesied that his death comes from the Tiger. After he became the king of Pratibanda Puram and got to know about the prediction related to his death, he went on a tiger killing spree. He killed about seventy tigers within ten years. He was so caught up with reaching his target of killing one hundred tigers to disprove the prophecy that all other matters took a back-seat. This was how he got to be known as the Tiger King.

(22-23) Write answer in 50-60 words.
22. Describe the life of ragpickers in Seemapuri in detail.
Answer – Seemapuri is situated on the periphery of Delhi. About ten thousand ragpickers live here in structures of mud, with roofs of tin and tarpaulin. They do not have sewage, drainage or running water. Children grow up in these small structures and help their parents in their survival. Rag-picking is the only way for survival in Seemapuri. Garbage to them is gold. People here live in utter poverty. They are devoid of even the basic amenities of life. Health, education, sports etc. are not even in their dreams. Their poverty doesn’t allow them to live a hygienic and healthy life. They cannot even think of a good life and keep engaged in ragpicking or some type of menial jobs. Even small children work as ragpickers in the midst of danger of a number of diseases.


Describe how the story “The Rattrap” brought the basic human goodness out by hospitality and love.
Answer – Edla is happy when the peddler leaves for her with a Christmas present and a thirsty kroner note. In his letter to Edla, he thanks for being so, nice to him. He finally thanks her saving him from falling into the “world’s rattrap”. It is thus, the love and understanding brings out a basic human goodness in the peddler.

23. Why did Dr. Sadao help the American soldier to escape? How did he do it ?
Answer – As, a doctor, Sadao fulfilled his moral obligation of saving a human life. Dr. Sadao offered his personal boat with food and extra clothing to the American soldier when he left his house. He then advised the soldier to go to a nearby island where no one lived and escape from there by boarding a Korean fishing boat.


How did Douglas overcome his fear of water in the story “Deep Water” ?
Answer – When Douglas grew up, he took the help of an instructor to learn swimming. His training went on from October to April. For three months he was taken across the pool with the help of a rope. As he went under, terror filled him and his legs froze. The instructor taught him to exhale under water and inhale through raised nose. He made him kick his legs to make them relax. Then he asked him to swim. He continued swimming from April to July. Still all terror had not left. He swam two miles across Lake Wentworth and the whole length to the shore and back of Warm Lake. Then he overcame his fear of water.


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