HBSE Class 11th English Solved Question Paper 2021

HBSE Class 11th English Solved Question Paper 2021

HBSE Class 11 English Previous Year Question Paper with Answer. HBSE Board Solved Question Paper Class 11 English 2021. HBSE 11th Question Paper Download 2021. HBSE Class 11 English Paper Solution 2021. Haryana Board Class 11th English Question Paper 2021 Pdf Download with Answer. 

(Reading Skills)  

1. Read the following Passage and answer the questions from the options given below each question :  

Gifts or presents are synonyms for each other as words but if we go deep into their connotative meaning they differ from each other. The word ‘gift’ seems to be more frequently used than ‘present’. Both the words can be used as noun as well as verb. Though they can be used as other parts of speech also e.g. gift pack, gift card, gift box etc. Here we cannot say present pack, present card, present box etc. Similarly, we usually say his talent is god gifted or he/she is a gifted child. So, gifts can be talents also. They are abstract while presents are more concrete as in a sentence ‘a gifted child delivered a speech and got a no. of presents from the people. It seems that giving a gift or a present is a proper way to congratulate someone. There is hardly anybody who doesn’t like gifts. Whatever the occasion is gifts are exchanged frequently. Now a days, there is a fashion of return gifts also. When somebody gives us gifts we feel obliged and sometimes we have to work under pressure in return for the gift that we have received or promised by someone. This was the reason Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam never took a gift from anybody. He really set an example with such habits and his uncountable skills.     Questions : 

(i) Which word is more frequent in use ? 

(A) Gift 

(B) Present

(C) Both 

(D) None  

Ans. (A) Gift 

(ii) What is more concrete ? 

(A) Gifts  

(B) Presents 

(C) Talents

 (D) All of the above 

Ans. (B) Presents 

(iii) What is considered a proper way to congratulate someone ?

(A) sending message  

(B) visiting someone 

(C) giving a gift 

(D) inviting someone 

Ans. (C) giving a gift 

(iv) What is the fashion now a days ? 

(A) return the gift 

(B) receive the gift 

(C) give a gift  

(D) giving a return gift 

Ans. (D) giving a return gift 

(v) Which example did Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam set ? 

(A) returning a gift  

(B) never taking a gift 

(C) promising a gift 

(D) giving a gift 

Ans. (B) never taking a gift 

2. Read the following Passage and answer the questions from the options given below each question :  

Earth is the only planet where life is possible. Though many people say that there are hundreds of earths in the universe but there is no solid proof yet. Some essential substances like air, water and land support life on earth. About 70% of the earth is covered by water and rest of it is covered by land. Similar to other planets earth also moves around the Sun in its fixed path. It takes 364 days and 6 hours to complete its round around the Sun. While taking a round around the Sun, the earth also rotates on its own axis. It completes its round on its axis in 24 hours which we call a solar day. When it is day time in our area, there is night time in the area opposite to us. So, with the rotation of earth on its own axis, we experience day and night with human beings on earth, there are millions of other creatures on earth. So it is our prime duty to save our lovely planet earth from every type of wrong practice. If we save earth, we shall save our life only.   

Questions : 

(i)  Life is possible on earth only because of :  

(A) air  

(B) water 

(C) land

 (D) all of them 

Ans. (D) all of them

(ii) How much of the earth is covered by land ?  

(A) 70%  

(B) 30% 

(C) 40% 

(D) 100% 

Ans. (B) 30% 

(iii)  How much time does the earth take to complete a round around the  Sun ?  

(A) 364 days 

(B) 364 & 1/4 days

(C) 364 & 1/2 days 

(D) 365 days 

Ans. (B) 364 & 1/4 days

(iv) How are days and nights formed ?  

(A) When the earth rotates on its own axis  

(B) When the earth takes a round around the Sun 

(C) When the earth stops taking rounds  

(D) All of the above 

Ans. (A) When the earth rotates on its own axis 

(v) What is our prime duty ? 

(A) To save human beings  

(B) To save the Sun

(C) To save the water 

(D) To save the earth 

Ans. (D) To save the earth 


3. Do as directed: 

(a) Fill in the blanks with the help of correct form of Verb given in options :  

(i) Tomorrow it ………… mere difficult to convince the employer for releasing the salary, I am sure.  

(A) may be 

(B) can be  

(C) shall be  

(D) will be  

Ans. (D) will be  

(ii) For three years, I ………… our country in all respects.  

(A) had been serving  

(B) have been serving  

(C) was serving  

(D) shall be serving 

Ans. (B) have been serving  

(iii) Anybody who ………….. to take part in the function to be held in next month should give names to the coordinator.   

(A) wanted  

(B) wants  

(C) is wanting  

(D) want     

Ans. (B) wants  

(b) Fill in the blanks with the help of suitable Determiners given below each sentence :  

(iv) ………….. cup of tea refreshes us nicely early in the morning.   

(A) The  

(B) ×  

(C) Any 

(D) A 

Ans. (D) A 

(v) There are …………… people who never take care of plants or trees; they only want flowers, fruits, wood and shade from them.  

(A) much 

(B) many  

(C) the  

(D) all the  

Ans. (B) many  

(vi) He is …………. honest boy who returned teacher’s purse found outside the school.  

(A) a 

(B) an 

(C) the 

(D) × 

Ans. (C) the 

(c) Combine the following sentences with the help of suitable Conjunctions given in options :  

(vii) Did you know ………… our exam will start in the month of April or May ?  

(A) this  

(B) it

(C) that 

(D) which of  

Ans. (C) that 

(viii) Parrots are such birds ………….. are liked by everybody. 

(A) who 

(B) those 

(C) these 

(D) which 

 Ans. (D) which 

(d) Fill in the blanks with suitable Prepositions given below each sentence : 

(ix) Students are suggested not to mark any answer with two options ………. your answer sheet. 

(A) at  

(B) in

(C) into 

(D) across 

Ans. (B) in 

(x) All the students must sit …………. the classroom for at least two hours as it is raining.  

(A) outside  

(B) upon 

(C) inside 

(D) before  

Ans. (C) inside 

(Literature Textbooks)  

4. Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow from the options given below the questions :  

Somehow I managed to stretch canvas and secure waterproof hatch covers across the gaping holes. Some water continued to stream below, but most of it was now being deflected over the side. More problems arose when our hand pumps started to block up with the debris floating around the cabins and the electric pumps short-circuited. The water level rose threateningly. Back on dack, I found that one two square hand pumps had been wrenched overboard-along with the forestay sail, the jib, the dingies and the main anchor.     

Questions : 

(i) From which chapter have these lines been taken ? 

(A) The Portrait of a Lady 

(B) We Are Not Afraid to Die …… if we can All be Together  

(C) Landscape of the Soul  

(D) The Browning Version 

Ans. (B) We Are Not Afraid to Die …… if we can All be Together  

(ii) Who is/are the authors of these lines ? 

(A) Khushwant Singh 

(B) Nani Palkhiwala

(C) A. R. Williams 

(D) Gordon Cook and Alan East 

Ans. (D) Gordon Cook and Alan East 

(iii) What did he manage to do ? 

(A) To stretch bedsheet 

(B) To stretch the rope 

(C) To stretch canvas 

(D) To stretch the cloth 

Ans. (C) To stretch canvas 

(iv) What problem occurred with the electric pump ? 

(A) They were lost  

(B) They were short-circuited

(C) They were burnt  

(D) They were swept with water  

Ans. (B) They were short-circuited

(v) How did the hand pumps start to block ?  

(A) Started blocking with water 

(B) Blocked with dust 

(C) Short-circuited and got blocked 

(D) Blocked with debris  

Ans. (D) Blocked with debris 


Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow from the options given below the questions :  

No, Sir. I’m not. In form the other day he made one of his classical jokes. Of course nobody laughed because nobody understood it, myself included. Still, I know he would have meant it as funny, so I laughed. Out of ordinary common politeness, and feeling a bit sorry for him for having made a poor joke. Now I cannot remember what the joke was, but suppose I make it. Now you laugh Sir. 

Questions : 

(i) From which chapter have these lines been taken ? 

(A) The Portrait of a Lady  

(B) We’re not Afraid to Die ……… if we can All be Together 

(C) Landscape of the Soul 

(D) The Browning Version 

Ans. (D) The Browning Version 

(ii) Who is the writer of these lines ? 

(A) Khushwant Singh 

(B) A. R. Williams 

(C) Terence Rattigan 

(D) Nick Middleton 

Ans. (C) Terence Rattigan 

(iii) Who is ‘I’ in the passage ?  

(A) Frank  

(B) Author

(C) Taplow  

(D) Crocker Harris 

Ans. (C) Taplow  

(iv) What is the meaning of the form in the passage ? 

(A) Class  

(B) Home 

(C) Church 

(D) Ballroom 

Ans. (A) Class 

(v) Who is the teacher in the passage referred as ‘Sir’ ? 

(A) Crocker Harris  

(B) Frank

(C) Both of them  

(D) None of them  

Ans. (B) Frank 

5. Read the following stanza and answer the questions that follow from the options given below the questions : 

All three stood still to smile through their hair At the uncle with the camera, A sweet face,  My mother’s that was before I was born.  And the sea, which appears to have changed less  Washed their terribly transient feet.  

Questions : 

(i) Name of the poem is ……………

(A) A Photograph 

(B) The Laburnum Top

(C) Childhood

(D) The Voice of the Rain 

Ans. (A) A Photograph 

(ii) Name of the poet of these lines is ……………. 

(A) Shirley Toulson  

(B) Walt Whitman

(C) Ted Hughes 

(D) Markus Natten 

Ans. (A) Shirley Toulson  

(iii) Who was/were going to smile through their hair ? 

(A) Dolly 

(B) Betty 

(C) Poet’s mother  

(D) all of them  

Ans. (D) all of them  

(iv) What has changed less ? 

(A) Poet’s mother  

(B) Uncle 

(C) Sea  

(D) Two cousins 

Ans. (C) Sea  

(v) What was the poet looking at ? 

(A) her mother  

(B) at photograph 

(C) at sea 

(D) at camera 

Ans. (B) at photograph 


And who art thou ? Said I to the soft falling shower,  Which, strange to tell, gave me an answer, as here translated : I am the Poem of Earth, said the voice of the rain,  Eternal I rise impalpable out of the land and the bottomless sea. 

Questions : 

(i) What is the name of the poem of the above lines ? 

(A) A Photograph 

(B) The Voice of the Rain 

(C) Childhood  

(D) The Laburnum Top 

Ans. (B) The Voice of the Rain

(ii) What is the name of the poet of these lines ? 

(A) Ted Hughes  

(B) Markus Natten

(C) Walt Whitman 

(D) Shirley Toulson 

Ans. (C) Walt Whitman

(iii) Who is ‘I’ in the above stanza in 3rd and 4th lines ? 

(A) Earth 

(B) Rain 

(C) Poet  

(D) Poem 

Ans. (B) Rain 

(iv) Who does ‘thou’ refer to in the stanza ? 

(A) Earth 

(B) Rain 

(C) Poet  

(D) Poem 

Ans. (B) Rain

(v) Where from does the shower rise according to the above stanza ? 

(A) Out of the land  

(B) From the sky 

(C) Out of bottomless sea 

(D) both (A) and (C) 

Ans. (D) both (A) and (C) 

6. Answer the following questions from the options given below: 

(i) In the village, the writer’s school was attached to …………… 

(A) a house  

(B) a church 

(C) a temple  

(D) a city 

Ans. (C) a temple  

(ii) The name of the Island where the narrator Gordon Cook and his family landed was ……………  

(A) Madagascar 

(B) Sumatra

(C) New Guinea  

(D) Amsterdam 

Ans. (D) Amsterdam 

(iii) Where was king Tut from ? 

(A) China  

(B) Germany 

(C) Egypt 

(D) India 

Ans. (C) Egypt 

(iv) What was the name of the blacksmith in the story ‘Landscape of the   Soul’ ?  

(A) Smariton Metsys  

(B) Puriten Metsys  

(C) Quinten Metsys 

(D) Swetten Metsys 

Ans. (C) Quinten Metsys 

(v) What was the world population in 1800 as is given in chapter ‘The Ailing Planet’ ?  

(A) One billion 

(B) Two billion  

(C) Three billion 

(D) Four billion 

Ans. (A) One billion 

(vi) Taplow is a ……………   

(A) Student  

(B) Teacher 

(C) Owner 

(D) Principal  

Ans. (A) Student  

7. Read the following questions and answer from the options given below the questions: 

(i) Mourad brought a beautiful ………… horse. 

(A) black 

(B) red  

(C) white 

(D) black and white  

Ans. (C) white 

(ii) After the war, the narrator comes back to her native place in ………….   

(A) Polland  

(B) France   

(C) Holland  

(D) Germany  

Ans. (C) Holland 

(iii) Who is the writer of the story ‘Ranga’s Marriage’ ?  

(A) William Saroyan 

(B) Marga Minco   

(C) Masti Venkatesha Iyengar  

(D) Patrick Pringle 

Ans. (C) Masti Venkatesha Iyengar 

(iv) Who was Mr. Braun ? 

(A) Alber’s Maths teacher 

(B) English teacher

(C) History teacher  

(D) Chemistry teacher 

Ans. (C) History teacher  

(v) Christine was Dr. Andrew’s ………… 

(A) sister  

(B) teacher

(C) wife  

(D) girl friend 

Ans. (D) girl friend 

(vi) What is the name of Mrs. Pearson’s son ? 

(A) Doris  

(B) Harris

(C) Cyril 

(D) George 

Ans. (C) Cyril 

(Writing Skills) 

8. You are Mr. Rupesh /Ms. Rupa living at 79, Ahir Colony, Jaipur. You lost your office file while travelling by metro. Write a notice to be published in ‘lost and found column’ of a local newspaper.  


                        LOST AND FOUND

Ms. Rupa wants to state that an office file of blue colour with transparent back was lost by her while travelling via metro. It was lost on Monday, at 10 A.M. en route from K.D. Singh Station to Hussainganj Station. It is a humble request to return the file at 79, Ahir Colony, Jaipur. Contact details – 39348291. 


You are Rishu, the Head boy/girl of your school. You had a meeting with Principal and Sr. teachers. Write a notice for your school notice-board informing the students about meeting and Covid-Vaccination to be given to the students developing necessary details.  


Model School Badhra

Charkhi Dadri


Date : 7th april, 2021

Time : 11 a.m. onwards  

Topic : covid-vaccination to be given and an imortant meeting  

The school is organizing a covid-vaccination to be given to the students develoing necesary detail and a meeting is being held in the school auditorum. 


Head boy

9. Read the following conversation and write a message : 

Shaily : Hello, May I talk to Sonu ? 

Pradeep : It is Sonu’s brother speaking. She is out to her teacher.  

Shaily :   O. K. will you give her a message ? 

Pradeep : Yes why not ?

Shaily :  Please convey her a message to reach in the college. The dance teacher will be available only between 12:00-2:00 p. m. I shall come to take her at 11:30 a.m. She must meet me at city station.  

Pradeep : O. K. I shall surely convey the message.  


Hello sonu, Your friend shailly was calling you to give you message about dance class time. The dance teacher will be available only between 12:00- 2:00 pm. You have to reach on time and your friend shaily will come to take you at 11:30 am. You should meet her at city station.


Read a telephonic conversation and write a message : 

Punit  : Hello, it is Rahul ? 

Sumit : No, I am his brother Sumit. 

Punit :  Sumit I am his senior. Tell him that there will be a meeting tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. All the staff members will attend the meeting. The owner from Delhi is coming to inaugurate the new hall. He must also reach.  

Sumit : O. K. I shall convey the message.  


Hello Rahul your friend Punit called you, he tell you that there will be a meeting tomorrow at 11:00 AM. All the staff members will attend the meeting. The owner from Delhi is coming to inaugurate the new hall. He also said that you must also reach. Good bye and take care. 

10. Write a letter to the Principal of your school requesting her to change your Section giving some reasons. Write yourself as Amit/Anita of Class XI. 


88, Shiv Colony

Badhra City

Haryana – 127308

26th July 2022

The Principal,

ABC school

Charkhi Dadri 

Subject : Changing class section

Respected Sir,

I am Amit, a class 8 C section student. My kind request to you is that I change my section from C to B because all of my friends are in the other section and I am having difficulty adjusting to my new classmates and finding it difficult to concentrate in class.

They live in the same neighbourhood where I do. If I change my section to B, we can all travel and do our assignments together, which greatly benefits my studies.

Thanking you,

Yours obediently,



Write an application for the post of an Accountant in Sunrise Enterprises. Write to the Manager in neat and clean handwriting. 



The Manager,

Sunrise Enterprises,


Haryana – 124001

Subject : Application letter for the post of Accountant.

Respected sir,

            I am a very energetic person with excellent communication skill and ready to face any target set by your esteemed company. I am willing to work hard and being young I am also eager to add knowledge with experience. I hold an M.Com degree from “University of Mumbai” and a Diploma in Cost Account from “Indira Gandhi Open University”, New Delhi. I have also done computer courses like Basic, Tally – 9 as well as programming languages like C, C++ from NIIT, Matunga. I have 2 years experience as an assistant accountant in local company, Mahim.

My resume is sent here with, for your reference. I shall be much thankful to you, if you grant me an interview call at your convenient time. I am looking forward to join your esteemed company as early as possible.  

Thanking You,

11. Write a paragraph on the following :  

Environment Protection 

Ans. An environment is a place where all living things dwell. Sadly a large portion of the environment is degrading due to pollution and similar reasons. It’s our duty to maintain the quality of the environment.

Our natural environment is the source of where we get air, food, and water. In short, the environment provides us everything and it is the base of lives on earth. Saving environment is a practice that we can include in our regular live for maintaining the quality of life here. Due to the scarcity of natural resources, various environment activists appeal to save these resources. Individual efforts are the first initiative for saving the environment. 


Health is Wealth 

Ans. Health is the biggest wealth for a human being in his/her entire lifetime. One can survive without excess money but can’t survive without good health. Health is something that we can’t buy with money but we can take care of it and we can cure it when needed with the help of the money. If a person is not having good health, he will not be able to enjoy his/her life to the fullest. Money doesn’t make a person rich and happy but good health does. Moreover, a person can’t feel complete and happy without good health.

12. Write a character sketch of the Grandmother. (The Portrait of a Lady) 

Ans. Grandmother was an old and short lady. Her face was covered with wrinkles. She always wears white dress and take beads of rosary in her hands. She was a polite and kind lady. She was a very religious woman. When narrator live with her in village. She always feed dogs with stale chapattis. But after coming in city she was unable to feed dogs with chapattis. Because in city there are no dogs. 

Also she cannot help the narrator in her studies because she don’t know about science and English. She was sad to hear that there was no teaching about God and scriptures in narrator’s school. She also think that music was not meant for gentle folk. 

But when narrator went to abroad for his further studies. She felt very sad. Now, she spent most of her time by spinning at the wheel and praying. She feed the sparrows in her spare time. When she feed the sparrows they sat on her head, hand etc. and start chapping like they are talking with her. 

When the narrator came from the abroad. She felt happy and collect all the women of her neighborhood and start singing the homecoming of warriors. Due to overwork, she developed fever. She told her family members that her end was near. But the doctor said she would recover soon. She don’t spend time with her family members, instead she continued praying; till she breathed her last. 


How are the earth’s principal biological systems being depleted ? 

Ans. According to Mr. Lester R. Brown, there are four principal biological systems of the earth. These systems are fisheries, forests, grasslands and croplands. However, due to the increasing demand of human beings to such an ‘unsustainable’ extent, the productivity of these systems is being hampered. The excessive demand results in deterioration and depletion of these resources. A country where protein is consumed on a large scale, over-fishing is common, which leads to the collapse of fisheries in that area. Grasslands have been turned into deserts and production of crops is decreasing. The forests are destroyed in large proportions to obtain firewood. Depletion of tropical forests has also led to the extinction of several species.

13. Answer the following  questions : 

(i) Why was the author disappointed with Darchen ? 

Ans. The author was disappointed with Darchen because he had some health problems there, couldn’t able to breathe well and had a disturbed night due to nasal blockage. The place was dirty, partially derelict and punctuated by heaps of rubble and refuse. 

(ii) What happened when Taplow laughed at the joke told by his master ? 

Ans. One day Mr. Crocker-Harris made one of his classical jokes. Nobody understood and hence nobody laughed. Still Taplow knew that Mr. Crocker-Harris meant something funny and he laughed out of courtesy. Mr. Crocker-Harris said that he was impressed by the progress made by Taplow what others in his form (class) could not and then asked Taplow to explain to the whole class what he had understood.  

(iii) How did the wave attack affect the wave walker ? 

Ans. The wave that hit Wavewalker had caused extensive damage. Nearly all the boat’s main frames had been smashed down to the keel. A whole section of the starboard hull was being held up by a few cupboard partitions. Wavewalker could not hold together long enough for them to reach Australia.

14. Answer the following questions : 

(i) Write the central idea of the poem ‘A Photograph’.  

Ans. In Shirley Toulson’s photography, the central idea is change or mutability. A photograph records the past and time. Through the photograph, the poet recalls the time of recent past in present. The speaker speaks about the time when her mother has been dead. The poem recalls the fact of loss of speaker’s, mother through a photograph. Furthermore, the poem can be viewed as the little victory over such loss is present. Also, this poem acts as a photograph which preserves the past like a photograph and can never disappear. 

(ii) Write in brief the summary of the poem ‘The Laburnum Top’. 

Ans. The Laburnum Top Summary will help students learn about this poem in a simplified manner. It is written by Ted Huges. The poem revolves around a Laburnum tree and a Goldfinch bird. The core theme of the poem shows us the repaying relationship between the two. Further, it begins by describing how the Laburnum tree is pretty quiet in the yellow September light. He notices the yellow leaves of the tree and the seeds on the ground. It appears to be still fleetingly till a goldfinch bird perches on its branch. The poet witnesses the tree come to life as soon as the bird starts chirping. Upon the arrival of the mother goldfinch, the tree and the nestlings, start chirping and become alive. She keeps flying in and out to feed her young ones. Thus, when she leaves, the tree once again dons its elusive silence. 

(iii) What does the poet say about his childhood in the poem ‘Childhood’ ? 

Ans. Childhood is from the poet Marcus Natten. In the Childhood summary, the poet discusses the loss of his childhood. The poet talks about that very moment where this innocence was lost. He talks about the various instances when he could have lost his childhood. Furthermore, a realization comes to the poet that the world is not what it seems. He recalls when a change in his thoughts took place. The poet believes that the people around him are hypocrites. It seems that the poet will never be able to trust people around him ever again. This is because he is aware of their hypocrisy. The poet believes that adults preach love but their actions don’t reflect that. The author tells us that his childhood went to some forgotten place. Moreover, the poet explains that his childhood is hidden in the face of an infant who is innocent.

15. Why did the narrator of the story want to forget the address ?  

Ans. The narrator went to the house of the lady who had kept many valuable items of her mother during the war days. The address of the lady helped her in searching out the house of the lady. But now she wanted to forget the address as after visiting the house of the lady, she found how the belongings of her mother were kept in a strange manner. These had lost all their emotional value for the narrator. The narrator now lived in a small rented room. She had no place to keep all these things. The lady treated her very insolently. She even refused to recognise her. She did not let her come into the house. That was why she wanted to forget that address. 


“I have done something : oh, God ! I’ve done something real at last.” Why does Andrew say this ? What does it means ? 

Ans. It means that Andrew has been able to do something wonderful. He has been able to apply what ever he learnt in the medical textbooks and even beyond that. It is really a great achievement for Andrew. The above words mean that a doctor is a medium through which God or Almighty grants life to the patients. The miracle happened by the grace of the Almighty. Andrew acknowledges this fact in the above quoted words. These words bring home the fact that saving the life of a patient is the most coveted achievement of a doctor. 

16. Answer the following questions :

(i) How does Mrs. Fitzgerald advice Mrs. Pearson ? 

Ans. Mrs Fitzgerald advises Mrs Pearson not to go soft on the members of her family again. She should not start explaining or apologizing. She should give them a look or a rough tone of voice now and then to suggest that she might be tough with them if she wanted to be so. 

(ii) What were Ranga’s views about marriage ? 

Ans. Ranga believed he needed to find the right girl to get married. He believed if he would ever marry a girl, she would be mature, not a very young girl. Besides, he wanted to marry a girl whom he admired. He was not in favour of arranged marriage. His views changed outright when he saw Ratna. 

(iii) Write in brief character sketch of Uncle Khosrove. 

Ans. He was very impatient and almost always angry. He never listened to people properly before he shouted “It is no harm; pay no attention to it.” Even when his son came running to him to report that their house is on fire, all he said was “It is no harm; pay no attention to it. 

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