HBSE Class 11 English Half Yearly Question Paper 2022 Answer Key

Haryana Board (HBSE) Class 11 English Half Yearly Question Paper 2022 Answer Key. Haryana Board Class 11th Half Yearly Question Paper Pdf Download 2022. Haryana Board Class 11th Half Yearly Question Paper September 2022. HBSE Class 11th Half Yearly Exam September 2022. English Half Yearly Question Paper September 2022 Exam.


HBSE Class 11 English Half Yearly Question Paper 2022 Answer Key 

Name of the student ………. Roll Number ……….
Half Yearly Assessment – September 2022
Class – 11
Subject – English
Time : 90 Minutes              Total Marks : 40

Instructions : 1. All questions are compulsory.
2. Question numbers 1 to 15 carry 1 mark each, question numbers 16 to 18 carry 2 marks each, question number 19 to 21 carry 3 marks each and question number 22 to 23 carry 5 marks each.

(1-10) Mark (✓) on the correct answer.
1.”Lata …………. speak English well”.
(a) can
(b) may
(c) should
(d) must
Answer – (a) can

2. …………. you prosper in life!
(a) can
(b) may
(c) must
(d) might
Answer – (b) may

3. I daily read …………. Gita.
(a) a
(b) an
(c) the
(d) x
Answer – (c) the

4. He is …………. engineer.
(a) a
(b) an
(c) the
(d) x
Answer – (b) an

5. Who said these words, as mentioned in the chapter: ‘The Ailing Planet’- “We have not Inherited this earth; we have borrowed it from our children” ?
(a) Dan Brown
(b) Michael Brown
(c) David Brown
(d) Lester Brown
Answer – (d) Lester Brown

6. What does ‘Shanshui’ literally mean as given in the chapter “Landscape of the soil.”
(a) mountain
(b) water
(c) mountain-water
(d) sky
Answer – (c) mountain-water

7. When was Tut’s tomb discovered ?
(a) in 1920
(b) in 1924
(c) in 1922
(d) in 1822
Answer – (c) in 1922

8. What is the name of Rama Rao’s niece in the story “Ranga’s Marriage” ?
(a) Ratna
(b) Reena
(c) Meera
(d) Rattan
Answer – (a) Ratna

9. What was Mrs Dorling’s address in the chapter “The Address” ?
(a) 46, Marco street
(b) 40, Maria street
(c) 46, Marconi street
(d) 42, Marie street
Answer – (c) 46, Marconi street

10. To which tribe the narrator and his cousin belonged in the story “The Summer Of The Beautiful White Horse” ?
(a) Armenian
(b) Hemshire
(c) Baroghlanian
(d) Garoghalanian
Answer– (d) Garoghalanian

(11-15) Fill in the blanks.
11. Samrat …………. (watch) football since 5 o’clock.
Answer – has been watching

12. He always ………….. (find) fault with others.
Answer – finds

13. He said that he ………… (write) the letter.
Answer – had written

14. ……………. is the writer of the chapter “The Portrait of A Lady” ?
Answer – Kushwant Singh

15. The name of Albert’s only friend in the chapter “Albert Einstein At School” was …………..
Answer – Yuri

(16-18) Write answers in 20-30 words.
16. List the steps taken by the captain to check the flooding of water in the ship.
Answer – To check the flooding of water in the ship, he put waterproof hatch covers across the gaping holes which diverted the water to the side. When the hand pump got blocked, he connected a spare electric pump to an out-pipe in order to drain out the water.

17. Why was Tut’s body buried along with gilded treasure ?
Answer – The people of ancient Egypt believed in resurrection of the dead. Their kings were extremely rich. So Tut’s body was buried with gilded treasures. Their eternal brilliance was meant to guarantee resurrection. Things of everyday use were also buried with the king.

18. How does the writer describe his village in the chapter “Ranga’s Marriage” ?
Answer – It is a famous village situated in the erstwhile state of Mysore. The narrator seems to be greatly proud of his village and talks so glowingly of it and its people. Hosahalli is to Mysore state what the sweet ‘Karigadabu’ is to a festive meal.

(19-21) Write answers in 30-40 words.
19. What has the goldfinch been compared to in the poem “The Laburnum Top” and why ?
Answer – The movement of the goldfinch is compared to that of a lizard. The basis of the comparison is the sleek, alert and sudden movements of a lizard. The goldfinch makes similar kind of movements when it arrives on the Laburnum.

20. What has not changed over the years? Does this suggest something to you? (Photograph)
Answer – The sea has not changed over the years. Its waves are as fresh, shining and tireless as they were years ago. The changelessness of sea reminds us of the changes in human face with advancing age.

21. What do adults usually talk and preach of? How do they differ in their actions? (Childhood)
Answer – In the poem childhood by Markus Natten, the poet talks about how adults preach love to their children but often lax in practising it themselves. The poet wants to convey that adults are double faced because while on one side the preach of love, on the other side they engage in dismissing acts of violence and terrorism. The adult hypocrisy shatters the innocence of child like behaviour.

(22-23) Write answers in 50-60 words.
22. Write down the character sketch of the grandmother. (The Portrait of A Lady)
Answer – She has silver hair and piercing blue eyes, which seem to see through people. The grandmother is a strong, independent woman who values education and intelligence above all else. She is proud of her family and heritage and is not afraid to speak her mind.


Compare the characters of both the women, Mrs. Pearson and Mrs. Fitzgerald. (Mother’s Day)
Answer – The two ladies are sharply contrasted. Mrs Pearson is a pleasant but worried looking woman in her forties. She speaks in a light, flurried sort of tone with a touch of suburban cockney. Mrs Fitzgerald is older, heavier and has a strong and sinister personality. She smokes. She has a deep voice, rather Irish tone.

23. You are Mohan Lal, living at 30, sector 29, Karnal. Write an application for the post of a manager in a bank.
Answer –
H.No. 30
Sector 29
March 5, 2023
The Manager
Punjab National Bank
Subject: Application for the post of manager.
Respected sir
I was reading “The Tribune’s” advertisement column when I came across your advertisement for the position of manager at the State Bank of India. It immediately piqued my interest that a reputable bank like yours would be able to put my 5 years of experience as an assistant manager at the HDFC Bank’s Delhi Branch and my M.B.A. degree with a high C.G.P.A from a renowned institute, which awarded me a certificate of excellence to good use. I believe I am qualified for this position. I would be delighted to answer any additional questions you may have, and I hope to have the opportunity to meet you. I am available to attend the interview at your convenience, and I hope to hear from you as soon as possible.
Mohan Lal
Encl: C.V.


Write a report on the “Annual Function of your School”.
Answer –
05 January, 2023
Our school celebrated its founding day by organizing a grand annual function in the school auditorium on December 30. All students, their parents, teachers and staff and other respected invitees attended the function. The programme started upon the arrival of the chief guest, the District Magistrate of Bhiwani at 11 a.m. The proceedings began with welcoming speech delivered by the principal. The chief guest delivered his inspiring speech which urged the students to do their best and bring honour to the school, their family and the country. Finally, the school band played the national anthem and the function ended at 1:30 am. Sweets and refreshment were served to all those present and the day ended on a happy note.


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