HBSE Class 10th English Solved Question Paper 2020

HBSE Class 10th English Solved Question Paper 2020

HBSE Class 10 English Previous Year Question Paper with Answer. HBSE Board Solved Question Paper Class 10 English 2020. HBSE 10th Question Paper Download 2020. HBSE Class 10 English Paper Solution 2020. Haryana Board Class 10th English Question Paper 2020 Pdf Download with Answer. 


(Unseen Comprehension)

(1) Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow :  

One of the most difficult things in life is to find a way of behaviour that is not dictated by circumstances. Circumstances and people dictate or force you to behave in a certain way. The way that you conduct yourself, the way you eat, the way you talk, your moral, “your ethical behaviour depends on where you find yourself” and so your behaviour is constantly varying, constantly changing. This is so when you speak to your father, your mother or to your servantyour voice, your words, are quite different. The ways of behaviour are controlled by environmental influences, and by analysing behaviour you can almost predict what people will do and will not do. 

Questions :     

(i) What is one of the most difficult things in life ? 

Ans. One of the most difficult things in life is to find a way of behaviour which is not dictated by circumstances. 

(ii) How do circumstances affect people ? 

Ans. They force or dictate people to behave in a certain way. 

(iii) Why is one’s behaviour constantly changing ? 

Ans. Because circumstances are changing. 

(iv) What changes are made while talking to different people ? 

Ans. Different voice and different words are used while talking to different people. 

(v) Give a suitable title to the passage. 

Ans. influence of circumstances in our life.  


Guru Gobind Singh, the last of ten Sikh Gurus, was a great son of India. He led India to sublime heights of glory. He brought about moral resurgence and created order out of disorderly social condition. He was a multifaceted personality. He was a poet, soldier, statesman, leader and a true socialist–all in one. He put life into the dying social order by giving it a wholly new outlook. He was a practical socialist who founded a social order based on fraternity, equality and love. In him were combined the spiritual vision, unmatched organizing capacity and a gift of politic intuition and insight. Such a rare combination of qualities would inspire the most downtrodden people to look forward to an optimistic future. 

Questions  :    

(i) Who was Guru Gobind Singh ? 

Ans. Guru Gobind Singh was the last of ten Sikh gurus and a great son of India. 

(ii) What are the rare contribution of Guru Gobind Singh to India ? 

Ans. He led India to great heights of glory by bringing moral resurgence and creating order in disorderly social order. 

(iii) Why does the author call him a multifaceted personality ? 

Ans. He was a poet, soldier, statesman, leader and a true socialist. 

(iv) Why has he been called a practical  socialist ? 

Ans. Because he founded a social order based on fraternity, equality and love. 

(v) What qualities of Guru Gobind Singh inspired the most downtrodden people to look forward to an optimistic future ? 

Ans. Spiritual vision, unmatched organising capacity and a gift of politic intuition and insight. 

(Writing Skills)

(2) Attempt any one of the following : 

(a) Write a letter to your younger brother advising him to take part in games. 


24, Shiv Nagar

New Delhi

November 11, 2021

Dear Sahil,

I hope you are fine. I am also good here. I have come to know that you are spending all your time with the books and have become a book-worm. At the same time, I was pained to hear from your friend that you do not take part in games and extra�curricular activities of your school.

There is no doubt that studies are the most important part of a student’s life. But spending all your time in studies may invite health problems. Games and sports are necessary for health. They keep us mentally and physically strong. Games are a good source of entertainment. They make us active and healthy. Games refresh our mind as well as body and will help you concentrate better on your studies. Therefore, I would advise you to take part in games actively.

I hope you will follow my advice and start taking part in games.

Yours loving brother,


(b) You bought some goods from M/s Scientific Goods Emporium and found them in broken condition. Write a letter to them asking to replace the goods immediately. 


Examination Hall,

City – – – – – –   


M/S Scientific Goods Emporium 


Respected Sir,     

          We ordered following goods _ _  all  are in broken condition – – not packed properly – – not worth using – – replace immediately – – – – – – – –.   

Yours sincerely,   


Vicky Goods shop. 

(3) Attempt any one of the following : 

(a) Develop a story with the given outlines : 

An old farmer … four sons … always quarrelling … father dying … calls sons … tells … treasure in the fields … dies … sons dig field … no treasure … sow seeds … rich harvest … Moral. 


Title– The treasured land 

Once upon a time, there lived an old farmer with his four sons in the countryside. He was a hardworking man and had a prosperous life. As he approached old age, he was unable to work as hard as before. Unfortunately, all his sons were very lazy and had never gone to the fields. The old man thought of a plan to teach them the value of work. When, one day, he was on his deathbed, he summoned all of them. He told them that a considerable amount of treasure lies buried in his long neglected fields. Then his breath failed and he died. The sons immediately went to the fields and began digging hard to find out the hidden treasure. But they couldn’t find anything. Then, the monsoon came. They sowed seeds on the tilled soil. That year, they had a rich harvest. They understood that was the real treasure.

Moral– Work is life, life is work. 

(b) Your school participated in Inter-school Music Competition held at Govt. Secondary School, Delhi. Mentioning the date, the no. of participating schools, position held by your school etc. Write a report in about 40 words. 


Inter School Music Competition. 

Date – January 12, 2021   


Last Week, our school participated in inter school music competition held at Govt. Secondary school Delhi. Ten schools – – govt. – – – – – – private participated. Vocal, instrumental music items – – Total 8 items of music – – our school participated in all won 6 prizes in total – – was runner up. 


(4) Attempt any twelve sentences, choosing two from each sub-part :  

(a) Use the correct form of the verb given in the brackets :  

(i) What you ………. (do) in the afternoon ? 

Ans. do you do

(ii) You ………. (like) playing cricket ? 

Ans. do you like

(iii) I ………. (live) here since 1958. 

Ans. have been living

(b) Rewrite the following sentences in Indirect Speech : 

(i) Mohan said, “I met her last year.” 

Ans. Mohan said that he had met her the previous year. 

(ii) He said, “Will you listen to me ?”

Ans. He asked me if I would listen to him. 

(iii) Sonali said, “Where did you find it ?” 

Ans. Sonali asked me where I had found that. 

(c) Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles wherever necessary : 

(i) I ate …….. orange. 

Ans. an

(ii) This is …….. first university in Northern India. 

Ans. the

(iii) ……… Tribune is a daily newspaper. 

Ans. The

(d) Fill in the blanks with modals given in the brackets : 

(i) A dog …….. usually obey his master.  (will/can/must) 

Ans. will

(ii) I ………. rather have coffee than tea.  (would/should/could) 

Ans. would

(iii) ………. you succeed in the exams !  (may/can/would) 

Ans. May

(e) Put the verbs in brackets into correct form (Gerund or Infinitive) : 

(i) His mother allowed him ……… (do) as he liked. 

Ans. to do

(ii) He avoids ………. (meet) me.  

Ans. meeting

(iii) The teacher made him ………. (repeat) the exercise. 

Ans. repeat

(f) Punctuate the following sentences : 

(i) alas i have injured my foot said the boy. 

Ans. ”Alas! I have injured my foot,” said the boy. 

(ii) are you going to gujrat 

Ans. Are you going to Gujarat ? 

(iii) tina my sister has done her m a in english 

Ans. Tina, my sister has done her M. A. in English. 

[A : Prose Text (First Flight)]

(5) Read the passages given below and answer the questions that follow. Do any two passages :  

(a) One of the employees, who was a postman and also helped at the post office, went to his boss laughing heartily and showed him the letter to God. Never in his career as a postman had he known that address. The postmaster – a fat, amiable fellow – also broke out laughing, but almost immediately he turned serious and, tapping the letter on his desk, commented, “what faith ! I wish I had the faith of the man who wrote this letter. Starting up a correspondence with God !” 

Questions  :   

(i) Name the chapter and its author. 

Ans. Name of the chapter – ”A Letter to God” 

Name of the writer – G. L. Fuentes 

(ii) What had the postman never known ? 

Ans. The postman had never known the letter  written to God.  

(iii) What kind of a fellow was the postmaster ? 

Ans. The postmaster was a fat, amiable fellow. 

(iv) What made the postmaster serious ? 

Ans. The faith of the person who wrote a letter to God made him serious. 

(v)  Find words from the passage which mean the same as :    

(a) profession 

Ans. Career 

(b) kind and good nature 

Ans. Amiable 

(b) He wandered for seven years and finally sat down under a fig tree, where he vowed to stay until enlightenment came. Enlightened after seven days, he renamed the tree the Bo tree (Tree of Wisdom) and began to teach and to share his new understandings. At that point he became known as the Buddha (The Awakened or the Enlightened). The Buddha preached his first sermon at the city of Benares, most holy of the dipping places on the river Ganges.   

Questions  :   

(i) How long did the Buddha wander in search of wisdom ? 

Ans. Seven years 

(ii) After how many days of meditation did he get enlightenment ? 

Ans. Seven days 

(iii) Why did he name the tree as the “Tree of Wisdom” ? 

Ans. Because he got enlightenment (wisdom) under this tree. 

(iv) Where did he give his first sermon ? 

Ans. At the city of Benares. 

(v) Find words from the passage which means, “took a pledge”. 

Ans. Vowed 

(c) I got along pretty well with all my teachers. There are nine of them, seven men and two women. Mr. Keesing, the old fogey who teaches Maths, was annoyed with me for ages because I talked so much. After several warnings, he assigned me extra homework. An essay on the subject “A Chatterbox’. A chatterbox – what can you write about that, I would worry about that later, I decided I jotted down the title in my notebook, tucked it in my bag and tried to keep quiet.   

Questions  :   

(i) Who is the writer of these lines ? 

Ans. Name of the writer – Anne Frank 

(ii) How many teachers were there in her school ? 

Ans. Nine teachers …… seven men and two women. 

(iii) Who was Mr. Keesing ? 

Ans. Mr. keesing was her Maths teacher. 

(iv) Why was he annoyed with her ? 

Ans. Because she talked very much. 

(v) What punishment did he give her for talking in the class ? 

Ans. He assigned her extra homework- An essay on the subject ”A chatterbox” was given to her to write. 

(6) Answer in about 100 words : 

Write the story of the chapter “His First Flight”. 


The story “His First Flight” by “Liam O’ Flaherty” is about a young seagull who is afraid to fly. All his younger siblings despite their much shorter wings flew fearlessly while he could not gather the courage to trust his own wings. The young seagull became sad when he saw his parents perfecting his younger siblings in the art of flying. His parents scold and taunt him for not even trying. They even call him a “coward”. They tell him a lot to at least try and also threaten him to leave him alone and hungry if he does not. The following day, he is left in isolation and upon feeling hungry; he tries to seek the attention of his family members. Only his mother, who is withering a fish in an attempt to eat it, notices his son. The young seagull cries out of starvation hoping his mother would help. On seeing his mother come to him with the fish, he gets excited. But on noticing that his mother stopped mid-way, he gets maddened out of hunger and takes a dive at the fish, forgetting for a moment that he is afraid to fly. Finally, he took his first flight. All the family members celebrate his victory by cheering and dancing around him. He also attempts at floating in the sea that he was once afraid of. Thus, he overcomes his fear and realizes that it is all in the mind. 


What did Peggy and Maddie write to Wanda ? What happened on the last day of the school before Christmas ?   


The Hundred Dresses : Peggy and Muddle wrote a letter to Wanda. They praised Wanda’s drawings. They wrote to her that she had won the contest. A number of days passed but there was no answer from Wanda. Peggy had begun to forget the whole incident. Maddie tried to sleep at night making speeches about Wanda.

Then it was Christmas time. On the last day of school, Miss Mason received a letter from Wanda. She showed the letter to the class and read it. Wanda had written that the girls could keep those hundred dresses because in her new house she had a hundred new ones.

She had gifted the green dress with the red trimmings to Peggy. She wrote that Maddie could have a blue dress. She wished Merry Christmas to all. They accepted the drawings. On the way home Peggy and Maddie held their drawings very carefully.

(7) Answer any four the following questions : 

(i) Why does the postmaster send the money to Lencho ? Why does he sign the letter ‘God’ ? (A Letter to God) 


Lencho wrote to God asking for financial help because their crops were destroyed by hail. They need the money for replanting. 
The postmaster read Lencho’s letter which was addressed to God and even though he laughed because it is impossible for the letter to reach God, he admired Lencho for his faith in God. That is why he sent money to Lencho and signed it God so that Lencho will believe that God has answered his prayers. 

(ii) What made the woman in the control centre look at the narrator strangely ? (Black Aeroplane) 


The woman in the Control Centre looked at the narrator strangely because the narrator asked her about the black aeroplane and its pilot and she saw no plane except the narrator’s plane in the sky during the storm. Even the radar showed only the narrator’s plane that night in the sky. 

(iii) Why was Mr. Keesing annoyed with Anne ? What did he ask her to do ? (From the Diary of Anne Frank) 


Mr. Keesing was Anne’s Maths teacher. He was annoyed with Anne because she was a very talkative girl and talked too much in his class. He assigned her extra homework, asking her to write an essay on the subject, ‘A Chatterbox’. 

(iv) Why was the otter named “Maxwell’s Otter” ? (Mijbil the Otter) 


Mijbil, the narrator’s otter belonged to an unknown race of otters that was later christened by zoologists as Lutrogale perspicillata maxwelli. As it Maxwell’s pet, it was named as Maxwell’s otter. 

(v) Why did the Buddha choose Benares to preach his first sermon ? (The Sermon at Benares) 


Buddha choose Benaras to preach his first sermon because it was considered the holiest dipping place on the banks of the river Ganges. 

(vi) Why does Chubukov call Lomov back home ? Why does Natalya accuse her father ? (The Proposal) 


Natalya asked her father Chubukov to fetch Lomov in at once when she came to know the real reason of Lomov’s visit. Her father Chubukov told her that Lomov had come to their house with the marriage proposal for Natalya. After listening to this, she immediately left the argument about the Ocean meadows and asked her father to fetch Lomov. To this action, she remarked that it is the neighbors’ responsibility to ‘forgive and forget’. She accused her father of not telling her the real reason of his arrival before.

[B : Poetry (First Flight)]

(8) Read the stanza given below and answer the questions that follow :  

If ever you should go by chance   

To jungles in the east;   

And if there should to you advance   

A large and tawny beast 

If he roars at you as you’re dyin’   

You’ll know it is the Asian Lion’….. 

Questions :    

(i) Where should you go by chance ? 

Ans. To jungles in the east. 

(ii) How does the animal look (appear) ? 

Ans. The animal is a large and (tawny) brownish yellow) beast. 

(iii) How will the animal react seeing you ? 

Ans. He roars. 

(iv) What do you mean by ‘The East’ ? 

Ans. The East means the eastern countries. 

(v) Name the poet and the poem. 

Ans. Name of the poem – ” How To Tell Wild Animals.”  

Name of the poet – Carolyn Wells 


Some say the world will end in fire   

Some say in ice.   

From what I’ve tasted of desire   

I hold with those who favour fire. 

Questions  :                  

(i) Name the poem and the poet. 

Ans. Name of the poem – ”Fire and Ice.” 

Name of the poet – Robert Frost. 

(ii) What do people think about the ending of the world ? 

Ans. Some people Think that the World will end in fire. others say that it will end in ice. 

(iii) What does the poet think about the ending of the world ? 

Ans. The poet thinks that the world will end in fire. 

(iv) What does “desire” mean here ? 

Ans. ‘Desire’ means here man’s passions and violence. 

(v) Find words from the stanza which mean same as :   

(a) agree 

Ans. Hold with 

(b) take the side of 

Ans. favour 


(9) Answer in about 50 words : 

What is the difference between animals and humans with regard to their attitude to their condition, sins and God ? 


Animals and humans have different attitude to their condition, sins and God. Animals never grumble about their condition like men. They do not run after material things and do not sow others to them as humans do. They remain   calm and contented. They do not commit sins and don’t have to weep over them as humans  do. They also do not worry about their duty to God. 


Can there be a forest without trees ? Where are the trees in this poem ? And where do they go ? 


There can be no forest without trees. Because it means there will be no birds or insects. The trees in the poem are confined to the house and they are restless to move out, their leaves strain towards the window glass. Their twigs become stiff and their boughs become cramped due to confinement. They are shuffling restlessly under the roof and the glass is broken, winds rush to meet them and the moon is now seen like a broken glass through the top branches of oak trees. 

(10) Answer any two of the following : 

(i) What is the effect of the loss of the ball on the boy ? 

Ans. The boy is upset, full of grief, trembling gazing the ball which is lost in the water. But after some time he learns to bear the loss of possessions. 

(ii) What three things did the speaker ask Amanda to do which she has not done ? 

Ans. The three things which the speaker asks Amanda to do are finishing her homework, cleaning her room and shoes. 

(iii) How does the tiger terrify the villagers ? 

Ans. The tiger roars and raises its paws to terrify the villagers. 

(Supplementary Reader) 

(11) Answer in about 100 words : 

How did Hari Singh rob Anil of his six hundred rupees ? What stopped him to run away ? 


The Thief’s story : Hari Singh met Anil and persuade him to work at his home. Once anil brought six hundred rupees when hari singh saw he thought that it’s right time to rob anil. At night anil has put notes under his pillow and then at midnight hari came and silently he drag money from his pillow. He then ran out and decided to go in Lucknow Express. He realized that he had break trust of anil and he thought that anil was not bad and rude to him and he was also very simple person so he decided to go back and should never break trust of any kind person. 


Describe Horace Danby’s encounter with the young lady. 


A Question of Trust : When Horace went for stealing in short over Grange’s house. He started sneezing as he has allergy from flowers. Then he heard a sound telling him that she can cure the sneeze. It was the voice of a woman who was young and pretty. She stood at the doorway. She tells him that she is the mistress of this house. Horace thought to run away but she told that she would inform the police then the lady put one condition for letting Horace go. She said that she had promised her husband to take her jewel to the bank. She had however left the jewel in the safe and has forgotten the password. So she needed his help and Horace opened the safe for her. After two day Horace was arrested by the police for jewel robbery at short over Grange’s house. 

(12) Answer any four of the following questions in about 30-40 words each :  

(i) Who was Tricki ? How did Mrs. Pumphrey add to its problem ? 

Ans. Tricki is Mrs. Pumphrey’s pet dog. She overfeeds him and it takes no exercise. 

(ii) Who was in Ausable’s room ? What was in his hand ? 

Ans. Max was in Ausable’s room and he had a small automatic pistol in his hand. 

(iii) Why was Griffin wandering the streets ? 

Ans. Griffin was a lawless person, his landlord wanted to eject him. He set fire to the house in revenge, To avoid being seen, he removed his clothes and wandered in the streets. 

(iv) Who was Lutkins ? 

Ans. Lutkins was needed as a witness in a law case. He is the hack driver who befools the writer.  

(v) To which field of science did Richard H. Bright contribute ? 

Ans. He gave the theory on how cells work. 

(vi) What was the cause of Mrs Loisel’s  suffering ? 

Ans. The losing of necklace and its replacement were the cause of Mrs. Loiset’s concern to suffering. 

(13) Answer the following :  

(i) Who knocked at Ausable’s door ? 

Ans. The waiter. 

(ii) Where was the safe in the room ? 

Ans. Behind a cheap painting. 

(iii) What was the actual cost of Mme. Forestier’s necklace ? 

Ans. Five hundred francs. 

(iv) What did Bishamber demand as dowry ? 

Ans. Five thousand rupees. 


(Unseen Comprehension)   

(1) Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow :  

Do not study for too long at a stretch, so long as the mind acts with ease, it may be allowed to continue working, but if we find that it moves slowly and extra efforts are needed to keep the attention fixed, it is far better to break off and take a walk or some other recreation than plodding on until one feels completely exhausted. To continue forcing the mind to work is likely to lead to injurious results and may end in nervous breakdown. Violent exercise which may cause bodily harm and weariness, is not what is wanted, for with a tired body, a little mental peace is possible. Useful exercise as a change for study should give energy, not exhaust it. 

Questions :     

(i) What advice does the author give regarding study ? 

Ans. Do not study for too long at a stretch.  

(ii) What danger is there in working with a tired mind ? 

Ans. It may lead to injurious results like nervous breakdown. 

(iii) What advice does the writer give regarding exercise ? 

Ans. Violent exercise which may cause harm to body and weariness is not advised. 

(iv) When should one stop studying ? 

Ans. When the mind moves slowly and extra efforts are needed for concentration, one should stop studying and take a walk or some exercise or recreation.  

(v) Give a suitable title to the passage. 

Ans. Useful exercise and study or How To Study.  


Indeed the path Florence had chosen was full of difficulties. It was almost an unimaginable thing in those days for a woman of means to live a life of independence, but the particular profession for which she had trained herself was a disreputable one. The nurses in those days were noted for their immoral conduct. They could hardly be trusted to carry out the simple medical duties. No wonder, therefore, that Florence’s parents did not like their daughter should take up that profession. Florence, however, did not see eye to eye with them. She felt wretched. Her sadness increased. She was always sad. 

Questions  :    

(i) What was unimaginable thing in those days for a woman ? 

Ans. In those days it was unimaginable for a woman to lead a life of independence and profession of nursing was considered disreputable for a woman.  

(ii) What profession had Florence chosen ? 

Ans. Florence had chosen the profession of nursing. 

(iii) Why were her parents opposed to her profession ? 

Ans. Because nurses were known for their immoral conduct, hence her parents opposed to her profession.  

(iv) What effect did her parents’ opposition have on her nature ? 

Ans. She felt Wretched & sad.  

(v) Give a suitable title to the passage. 

Ans. Nursing and Florence. 

(Writing Skills)  

(2) Attempt any one of the following : 

(a) Write a letter to your friends congratulating him on winning a lottery prize. 


Examination Hall,    

Date 5th Feb, 2022   

Dear friend Ram,    

Hope you are doing great. How is everyone at home? Glad to know that you’ve won a great deal of cash in the lottery. My hearty congratulations for your achievement. I know you’ve been expecting the announcement from quite a long time and it turned out to be favorable for you. I’m extremely happy and hope there is an immense reason to spend them.

I could suggest you some logical ways to spend the prize. Would you like to save a handful of money for future? Then, go for a fixed deposit and invest 40 percent of the reward in it. One third of the remaining money could be used to buy a car which you had been wishing for the past 10 years, when you had sold your previous one. The holiday trip to France you have been planning to go with your family could be made possible with the remaining cash.

You might’ve known about both advantages and disadvantages of holding such big prize money. The prize is vulnerable to theft, so my advice will be to spend them wisely as soon as possible. You ought to be careful when investing them in banks, where you have to check the interest rates. But don’t worry, you would become a star customer for depositing a huge sum. Adding to that, the rich feeling you acquire is priceless.

Hope you follow my advice. I’ll meet you up very soon.

Yours Friend,   


(b) Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper drawing his attention to the pathetic conditions of roads. 



     The Editor,     

     The Tribune     


Subject: Highlighting the bad condition of roads.

Respected Sir,   

Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to draw the attention of the concerned authorities towards the bad condition of roads in our locality. The condition of roads is deplorable with countless potholes making the purpose of the road, a failure. Moreover, things get even worse during the rainy season when potholes are not visible due to the poor drainage system and the area becomes heavily accident prone. The residents are facing a lot of inconvenience due to the road condition.

On behalf of the residents of____, I humbly request you to pass on this information to the concerned authorities and use the influence of your esteemed organization in getting the work done.

I hope that you consider the request of the residents of this area and take proper action.

Yours Sincerely,  


New Colony, 


(3) Attempt any one of the following : 

(a) Last week you attended a party given by your friend. Describe the party. 


Birthday Party : 

12 February 2022

09:00 PM 

Dear Sonu

Yesterday I went for my best friend’s birthday party which was at his home. Usually he takes us out for lunch but due to our current pandemic situation he had it at home. He was overjoyed as he was apparently troubling his mum for that game. In about an hour we cut his cake and smeared cake all over his face. While he was washing his face we decided among us to give him birthday bumps and as he came out we attacked him. It was a night full of fun. I will always cherish it. 

(b) Develop a story with the given outlines : 

A hare … makes fun of a tortoise … slow speed … race … hare fast race … sleeps on the way … tortoise moves on … wins the race … Moral. 


The Hare and The Tortoise : Once a Hare and tortoise lived in a forest. The hare was very proud of his fast speed. He made fun of the tortoise for his slow speed. The tortoise challenged the hare to have a race with him. The hare accepted the challenge.

The race started. The crow was the referee. The hare ran very fast. The tortoise was left far behind. The hare stopped to take rest under a tree. He fell asleep.

The tortoise passed him and reached the winning post. The hare woke up and ran as fast as he could. He saw that the tortoise was already at the winning post. He won the race.

Moral- Slow and Steady wins the race. 


(4) Attempt any twelve sentences, choosing two from each sub-part :  

(a) Use the correct form of the verb given in the brackets :  

(i) Curd ……… (cost) fifty rupees a litre. 

Ans. costs

(ii) My mother ……….. (arrive) from Karnal. 

Ans. just has arrived 

(iii) My sister ……….. (write) a book at the present moment. 

Ans. is writing 

(b) Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles wherever necessary : 

(i) Italy is ………. European country. 

Ans. a 

(ii) ………. dinner given by me was appreciated by all. 

Ans. The 

(iii) I shall be back in less than ……… hour. 

Ans. an 


(c) Change the narration : 

(i) My teacher said to me, “How many brothers & sisters are you ?” 

Ans. My teacher asked me how many brothers and sisters we were. 

(ii) He said to her, “You are wasting your times.” 

Ans. He told her that she was wasting her time. 

(iii) She said to me, “Welcome to the party.” 

Ans. She welcomed me to the party. 

(d) Fill in the blanks with modals given in the brackets : 

(i) ………. that I were a king ! (Would/Should/Might) 

Ans. Would 

(ii) If you do not run, you ………. miss the flight.  (will/shall/can) 

Ans. will 

(iii) Rani said that she ……… solve the sum.  (could/should/would) 

Ans. could 

(e) Use the verbs in brackets into correct form (Gerund or Infinitive) : 

(i) The old man is too weak ……… (walk). 

Ans. to walk

(ii) It is easy ……… (advise) others. 

Ans. to advise 

(iii) Please stop ……… (make) noise. 

Ans. making 


(f) Punctuate the following sentences : 

(i) dr r p tanwar is m phil and ph d 

Ans. Dr. R. P. Tanwar is M. Phil and Ph. D. 

(ii) come back sita said rani 

Ans. ”Come back, Sita” said Rani. 

(iii) aurangzeb the mogul emperor was cruel hard hearted and a great ruler. 

Ans. Aurangzeb, the Mughal emperor was cruel, hard hearted and a great ruler. 


[A : Prose Text (First Flight)] 

(5) Read the passages given below and answer the questions that follow. Do any two passages : 

(a) On the day of the inauguration, I was overwhelmed with a sense of history. In the first decade of twentieth century, a few years after the bitter Anglo-Boer war and before my own birth, the white – skinned people of South Africa patched up their differences and erected a system of racial domination against the dark skinned people of their own land. The structure they created & formed the basis of one of the harvest, most inhumane societies the world has ever known. Now, in the last decade of the twentieth century, and my own eighth decade as a man, that system had been overturned forever and replaced by one that recognized the rights and freedoms of all peoples, regardless of the colour of their skin.  

Questions  :   

(i) When and what was the author overwhelmed with ? 

Ans. The author was overwhelmed with the sense of history on the day of inauguration. 

(ii) What kind of system did the whiteskinned people of South Africa create ? 

Ans. The white skinned people of South Africa created a system of social domination against dark skinned people of their own land.  

(iii) What did the system form the basis of ?

Ans. The system formed the basis of one of the harshest, most inhumane societies in the world. 

(iv) When and what happened to that system ?

Ans. In the last decade of the twentieth century when the writer was in his eighth decade that system has been overturned and replaced by a new system.  

(v) What did the new system recognize ? 

Ans. The new system recognizes the rights and freedom of all peoples disregarding their colour. 

(b) There was a girl named Valliammai who was called Valli for short. She was eight years old and very curious about things. Her favourite pastime was standing in the front doorway of her house, watching what was happening in the street outside. There were no playmates of her own age on her street, and this was about all she had to do. But for Valli, standing at the front door was every bit as enjoyable as any of the elaborate games other children play. Watching the street gave her many new unusual experiences.   

Questions  :   

(i) Name the chapter and its author. 

Ans. Name of the chapter – Madam Rides the Bus 

Name of the author – Vallikkannan 

(ii) What was full name of Valli ? 

Ans. Valliammai 

(iii) What was Valli’s favourite pastime ? 

Ans. Standing in the front doorway of her house and watching what was happening in the street outside. 

(iv) How many playmates of her age did Valli have ? 

Ans. She had no playmates. 

(v) Find words from the passage which mean the same as :    

(a) eager 

Ans. Curious 

(b) hobby 

Ans. Pastime 

(c) The climb to the Brahmagiri hills brings you into a panoramic view of the entire misty landscape of Coorg. A walk across the rope bridge leads to the sixty four acre island of Nisargadhama. Running into Buddhist monks from India’s largest Tibetan settlement, at nearby Bylakuppe, is a bonus. The monks, in red, ochre and yellow robes, are amongst the many surprises that wait to be discovered by visitors searching for the heart and soul of India, right here in Coorg.   

Questions  :   

(i) Name the chapter and its author. 

Ans. Name of the chapter – ”Coorg”  

Name of the author – Lokesh Abrol 

(ii) What view is seen from the Brahmagiri hills ?

Ans. The entire misty landscape of Coorg. 

(iii) How can one reach Nisargadhama island ? 

Ans. A walk across the rope bridge leads one to Nisar gadhama. 

(iv) What is bonus for the visitors who visit Coorg ? 

Ans. Meeting Buddhist monk from India ” largest Tibetan. Settelement near Bylakuppe is a bonus for the visitors. 

(v) Find words from the passage which mean the same as : 

(a) view of wide area of land 

Ans. Panoramic 

(b) full of mist 

Ans. Misty 


(6) Answer in about 100 words : 

What arrangements G. Maxwell made to carry the otter in the aircraft ? What happened with it in the aircraft ? 


G Maxwell followed the instructions of airlines and got a box prepared not more than eighteen inches square and put the otter in it and went for a meal. On his return he found that the otter had torn the lining of the box and was bloods pattered. He Took the otter in the box in the air flight. But the otter escaped from the author  & disappeared in the aircraft and the airhostess helped him in tracing it and after some time the otter came to the author and bounded itself to his knees and nuzzled his face and neck. 


Why did Lencho write a letter to God ? Who received the letter and what did he do ?   


Lencho-a Hard working farmer – – good harvest – – hail – – storm, destroyed his crop – – no money to support – – to purchase seed, faith in God – – simple man wrote a letter to God  – – hundred peros, posted the letter – – postman – – read address – – laughs – – shows the letter to the postmaster – – impressed by the faith – –collected money from employees, post it to Lencho. 

(7) Answer the following questions : 

(i) What does Mandela thank the international leaders for ?  (Nelson Mandela : Long Walk to Freedom) 


Mandela felt very privileged to welcome the international leaders at the swearing – in ceremony because not too long ago, the South Africans were considered outlaws. He, thus, thanks all of them for having come to witness the historical ceremony. This was a gesture of international recognition to a newly born free democratic nation and it could be considered as a common victory for justice, peace and human dignity.

(ii) Why does Anne want to keep a diary ?  (From the Diary of Anne Frank) 


Anne wanted to keep a diary because she did not have a “real” friend. She thought that paper had more patience than people. She had loving parents, a sixteen year old sister and about thirty people whom she could call her friends. However, she did not have that one true friend. 

(iii) How does Maddie feel after listening to the note from Wanda’s father ?  (The Hundred Dresses-II) 


Maddie feels sorry and ashamed of her behaviour after listening to the note from Wanda’s father. Though she herself never made fun of Wanda, she never tried to stop Peggy from doing so. Maddie feels like a coward for being a silent spectator as others made fun of Wanda. 

(iv) How did the author manage to travel with the other ?  (Mijbil the Otter) 


It was very hard to travel with the otter. He had to get a box made, not more than 18 inches square. Mij had also hurt himself in the box. He was a naughty author. The air hostess helped gavin to find the otter in the flight when it escaped the box. 

(v) Who was Gautama Buddha ? Where was he born ?  (The Sermon at Benares) 


Gautam Buddha was the earlier prince, Siddhartha who got enlightenment under a fig tree and was then named as Gautam Buddha. He was born as a prince in North India. 

(vi) What is the point of dispute between Lomov and Natalya second time ? (The Proposal) 


The second issue of dispute between Natalya and Lomov  in ‘The Proposal ‘ is over their dogs. According to Lomov, his dog Guess is superior to Natalya’s dog Squeezer. But, Natalya claims that Squeezer is definitely the better of the two. They argue over the price of the dogs, their pedigree, their hunting capability and even the proportions of their jaws!

[B : Poetry (First Flight)] 

(8) Read the stanza given below and answer the questions that follow :    

He senses first responsibility   

In a world of possessions. People will take 

Balls, balls will be lost always, little boy, 

And no one buys a ball back. Money is external. 

Questions :    

(i) Name the poem & the poet. 

Ans. Name of Poem – The Ball Poem 

Name of Poet – John Berryman 

(ii) Who senses first responsibility ? 

Ans. The boy who has lost the ball. 

(iii) What is the meaning of the phrase “World of Possessions” ? 

Ans. ”World of possessions” means this materialistic world where we want to possess all the materials. 

(iv) What does the poet mean to say by the sentence “Money is external” ? 

Ans. Money can purchase things which are external but cannot teach how to bear losses. 

(v) What is the meaning of the sentence “Balls will be lost always” ? 

Ans. It means losses will take place in life time to time but we have to learn to bear them. 


The smell of leaves and lichen 

Still reaches like a voice into the rooms.   

My head is full of whispers. 

Which tomorrow will be silent. 

Questions  :    

(i) Who is the speaker here ?

Ans. The speaker of these lines is the poetess ”Andrienne Rich. 

(ii) Which smell is reaching her and where ? 

Ans. The smell of leaves and lichen reaches her in her room. 

(iii) What is her head full of ? 

Ans. Her head is full of whispers.

(iv) What will be silent tomorrow ? 

Ans. The whispers of trees will be silent tomorrow. 


(v) Name the poem and the poet.   

Ans. Name of the poem is – ”The Trees”

Name of the poet – Andrienne Rich 


(9) Answer in about 50 words : 

Describe the poet’s observations regarding the fog. 


The poet describes the coming and going of the fog by comparing it with a cat. A cat comes, stays for a while and then leaves without making sound. So does the fog. 


How is “The Tale of Custard the Dragon” a   ballad ? 


Belinda has four pets- Ink, a black kitten, Blink, a little grey mouse, Mustard, a little yellow dog and custard, a little dragon. She loved the first three and made fun of custard, the dragon calling it a coward. One day a pirate came. He had two pistols, a cutlass in his teeth. He looked terrible, had black beard and a leg of wood. Seeing the pirate all the pets ran away except the dragon. He sprang upon the pirate. The pirate fired two bullets but they did not hit the dragon. He caught the dragon and ate it and humbly agreed that the other pets were braver than him when they wanted to take the credit.  

(10) Answer any two of the following : 

(i) How will the young man react on seeing the honey coloured ramparts and whose ramparts ?  (For Anne Gregory) 

Ans. He will not be thrown into despair by seeing her honey coloured ramparts. The ramparts are the hair of Anne Gregory. 

(ii) Where was the poet standing and what happened to him there ?  (Dust of Snow) 

Ans. The poet was standing under a hemlock tree. The dust of snow fell on him. 

(iii) Where did Belinda live and which were her pet animals ?

Ans. Belinda lived in a little white house Four pets a black Kitten, Ink, a little grey mouse, Blink, a little yellow dog named Mustard and a little pet dragon named custard lived with her. 

(Supplementary Reader) 

(11) Answer in about 100 words : 

Necklace played important role in the life of the Loisels. Comment. 


The Necklace : Madam Forestier’s necklace changed the life of the Loisels. Matilda borrowed a superb diamond necklace from Madam Forestier as she didnt want to give a poverty stricken image amidst rich ladies. She lost her necklace at the ball party. When her search failed they decided to replace Madam Forestier’s lost necklace by buying a similar diamond necklace for her. The new diamond necklace’s value was about 40000 francs. Mr. Loisel had 18000 francs with him. They borrowed the rest of the money and bought the new necklace and returned it to Madam Forestier. Loisel had to work very hard and lead a miserable life to pay off the debts. They sent away their maids and rented some rooms in the attic. It took them 10 years to repay their loans. Mrs Loisel became a crude woman of a poor household in these years. This is how the necklace changed their life. 


What do you know about Bholi and describe the role of the teacher in her life ? 


Bholi real name was Sulekha. She was attacked of small pox at the age of two. Bholi was not good looking  and not intelligent. Bholi was a mentally backward child. Everyone laughed at her. But her teacher brought a new hope in Bholi’s life. She filled her with confidence. Bholi refused to marry a greedy person. She decided to teach in the village school. Bholis teacher played an important role in changing the course of her life. She was polite and friendly which touched her heart. She encouraged her every time and was affectionate towards her. The teacher transformed her into a confident person who could read write and speak clearly.This gave her the required confidence. Moreover teacher’s appreciation and encouragement helped her overcome her low morale.

(12) Answer the following questions in about 30-40 words each :  

(i) Who is the real culprit in the story “A Question of Trust” – the lady or Horace ? Why ? 

Ans. The lady – – she took the jewels and Horace gave jewels & opened the safe only to help the landlady of the house. He did not know he was being tricked by another thief. 

(ii) Who befriends the lawyer ? Where does he take him ? 

Ans. A hack driver be friends him. He takes him to all the places where Oliver Lutkins could be found. 

(iii) What sort of fantasy is “The Book That Saved The Earth” and in which century was it set ? 

Ans. It is a book of nursery rhymes and it is set four centuries in the futher in the twenty fifth century. 

(iv) What were the hobbies of Ebright in his childhood ? 

Ans. He collected butterflies, rocks, fossils and coins. He gazed stars at night like an astronomer. 

(v) How did the invisible man become visible ?

Ans. The invisible man wore warm clothes, shoes, over coat and hat and the effect of the drug was over aid he became a fully dressed visible person. 

(vi)  Why did Fowler want to meet Ausable ? Why was he disappointed ? 

Ans. Fowler was a writer, young and romantic. He wanted to meet Ausable to write something on his espionage. But Ausable did not look like a  secret agent- He- a fat man- prosaic telephone calls – – nothing romantic about him.  

(13) Answer the following :  

(i) When Tricki was seriously ill, whom did Mrs. Pumphrey make a frantic call ? 

Ans. Mr. Herriot 

(ii) How many times did Horace Danby make a theft in a year ? 

Ans. Only Once 

(iii) Which book did Ebright’s mother give him to ? 

Ans. Travels of Monarch X 

(iv) Who was Lakshmi ? 

Ans. Bholi’s cow 


(Unseen Comprehension)   

(1) Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow :  

For a student, walking is preferable to all other exercises. The advantage of this mode of exercise is that it is simple. The apparatus is at hand complete. You need not wait for the importation of machinery. It is in the open air that the lungs can at once receive the pure air of heaven and the eyes gaze upon hill and dale, upon trees and flowers, upon the objects animate and inanimate. The very objects of sight and sound cheer the mind and raise the spirit. Another advantage of walking is that you can have a friend to walk with an unbend the mind by pleasant conversation. Try once the method of walking with a friend regularly for a few weeks and you will be surprised at the marvellous results. On those afternoons, when study is not required, be sure to take long walks and lay up health for days to come.  

Questions :     

(i) What is the preferable exercise for the students ? 

Ans. Walking 

(ii) What is the first advantage of walking according to the writer ?

Ans. It is simple and at hand. 

(iii) What is advantage of walking in the open air ? 

Ans. One can inhale pure air and eyes can gaze upon hill and dale, trees, flowers thus both animate and inanimate objects. These objects cheer the mind & raise the spirit. 

(iv) How is it beneficiary to have a walk with a friend ? 

Ans. One can unbend one’s mind by walking with a friend and having a pleasant conversation. 

(v) Does the writer recommend walk during the afternoons and if yes, why ? 

Ans. Yes, he recommend long walks during afternoon when study is not required and lay up health for future. 


Trees give shade for the benefit of others, while they themselves stand in the sun and endure the scorching heat. They produce fruit which others eat. The character of a good man is like that of trees. What is the use of this perishable body if it is not used for the benefit of mankind. The more sandalwood is rubbed, the more scent it gives. The more sugarcane is peeled and cut into pieces, the more juice it produces. The more gold is burst, the more brightly it shines. Noble people do not lose their qualities even by losing their lives. Come what may, those who tread on the right path will not set foot on any other. Life itself is unprofitable for a man who does not live for others. To live for the sake of living one’s life is to live a worthless life. 

Questions  :    

(i) What do the trees do for us ? 

Ans. Trees give us shade and save us from the scorching heat of the sun. They also give us fruits to eat. 

(ii) What is the correct use of human body ? 

Ans. Human body should be used for the benefit of mankind. 

(iii) What is the result of rubbing of sandalwood ?

Ans. The more sandalwood is rubbed, the more scent it gives. 

(iv) How can more juice be obtained from sugarcane ? 

Ans. To obtain more juice from sugarcane, more sugarcane should be peeled and cut into pieces. 

(v) What enhances the brightness of gold ? 

Ans. Burning enhances the brightness of the gold.  

(Writing Skills) 

(2) Attempt any one of the following : 

(a) Write a letter to the General Manager of Delhi Roadways complaining against the misbehaviour of a bus conductor with you. 


Model Town   


5th March, 2022   

The General Manager   

Delhi Roadways   


           I writes letter to complain against Ghan Shyam, the conductor of bus  no DL1 Y0505 travelled last Wednesday from Delhi to Chandigarh. I gave him 100 Rs. but he gave no ticket and started abusing, misbehaving and quarrelled with other passengers. So please look into the matter and take suitable action fastly.   

Yours faithfully, 

Jai Veer 

(b) Write a letter to a firm requesting it cancel an order for science apparatus. Give also the reasons for cancelling the order.   


Pratap Goods shop 


Ram & Sons   



        I ordered some apparatus for chemistry lab. But when verified the rate and quality of goods from other shops, there is great difference in rate and quality. I don’t want these apparatus. Hence I want to cancel my order.

Yours faithfully,   


(3) Attempt any one of the following : 

(a) Write a paragraph in about 100 words on “A Visit to Zoo.” 


A visit to Zoo : During my summer vacation, we decided to visit a zoo. I along with my brother and parents visited there. I was very excited because I love animals. We took the tickets and entered the zoo. The first animal we saw was a herd of deer. We also saw tigers and lions roaring loudly. There was a separate corner of reptiles where we saw many snakes. The beer was sleeping and all the people were laughing at him. We clicked many pictures with animals. It was an amazing day and I enjoyed the trip a lot.

(b) Write a story on the basis of the following outlines : 

A farmer ……… had a wonderful hen ……… laid golden egg daily ……… greedy ……… wanted to have all the eggs ……… killed the hen ……… felt sorry ……… Moral. 


Story : The Hen that laid Golden Egg

Once a farmer lived in a village. He was very poor. He had a large family. So he passed his days with great difficulty.

One day someone gave him a hen. It laid a golden egg daily. He sold the egg in the market and made his living soon he became rich.

But he became greedy. He wanted to become rich overnight. He decided to kill his hen to get all the golden eggs in her stomach at once. So he took a knife and cut the hen’s stomach. But when he killed the hen, he found not even a single egg. He was sad and disappointed.  He lost not only the golden eggs but also his only source of income, the hen also. His greed ruined him.

Moral : Greed is a curse.


(4) Attempt any twelve sentences, choosing two from each sub-part :  

(a) Use the correct form of the verb given in the brackets :  

(i) Why do not two & two ………. (make) five ? 

Ans. make

(ii) Kashmir ……… (call) heaven on the earth by people. 

Ans. is called

(iii) My friend recognized one but I ………. (not recognize) him.  

Ans. did not recognise


(b) Change the narration : 

(i) The teacher said to me, “Why have you been absent ?” 

Ans. The teacher asked me why I had been absent. 

(ii) He said to his brother, “Go and post the letter.” 

Ans. He ordered his brother to go and post the letter. 

(iii) You said to me, “Where there is a will, there is a way.” 

Ans. You told me that where there is a will, there is a way.

(c) Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles wherever necessary : 

(i) ……… rose smells sweet. 

Ans. x 

(ii) New York is …….. large city. 

Ans. a 

(iii) I respect him because he is ………. honest man. 

 Ans. an 


(d) Fill in the blanks with modals given in the brackets : 

(i) ……… that I were a rich man.  (Shall/Should/Would) 

Ans. Would

(ii) They ……… to pass the exams to appear for interview. (must/have/will) 

Ans. have

(iii) You are strong & wise, you ………. help me.    (will/may/can) 

Ans. can


(e) Put the verbs in brackets into correct form (Gerund/Infinitive) : 

(i) He will be able …….. (cross) the bridge. 

Ans. to cross

(ii) He is intelligent enough ………. (solve) this sum. 

Ans. to solve

(iii) Stop ……… (smoke) as it is injurious to health. 

Ans. smoking

(f) Punctuate the following sentences : 

(i) my father said you look worried is there any tension 

Ans. My father said ”You look worried. Is there any tension ?” 

(ii) i said to the teacher sir i have read Othello 

Ans. I said to the teacher, ”Sir, I have read Othello”. 

(iii) shyama sister of rama replied yes i have done it 

Ans. Shyama, sister of Rama replied,”yes, I have done it.” 

[A : Prose Text (First Flight)] 

(5) Read the passages given below and answer the questions that follow. Do any two passages : 

(a) He turned his aeroplane slowly to the north, in front of my Dakota, so that it would be easier for me to follow him, I was very happy to go behind the strange aeroplane like an obedient child. After half an hour, the strange black aeroplane was still there in front of me in the clouds. Now there was only enough fuel in the old Dakota’s last tank to fly for five or ten minutes more. I was starting to feel frightened again, but then he started go down and I followed through the storm.   

Questions  :   

(i) Name the chapter and its author. 

Ans. Name of the chapter – ”The Black Aeroplane”

Name of the author – Frederick Forgyth 

(ii) What did the other pilot do and why ? 

Ans. The other pilot turned his aeroplane slowly to the north infront of the author’s aeroplane so that the author could follow him. 

(iii) How did the narrator follow the strange aeroplane ? 

Ans. The narrator followed the strange aeroplane like an obedient child. 

(iv) Why did the narrator feel terrified again ?

Ans. The narrator felt terrified again because there was fuel enough only to last for five or ten minutes more. 

(v) What is the noun form of “obedient” ?

Ans. Obedience 

(b) Sometimes when Peggy was asking Wanda those questions in the mocking polite voice, Maddie felt embarrassed and studied the marbles in the palm of her hand rolling them around and saying nothing herself. Not that she felt sorry for Wanda exactly. She would never have paid any attention to Wanda if Peggy had not invented the dresses game. But suppose Peggy and all others started in on her next ? She wasn’t as poor as Wanda, perhaps, but she was poor of course she would have more sense than to say she had hundred dresses. Still she would not like for them to begin on her, she wished Peggy would stop tearing Wanda Petronski.   

Questions  :   

(i) How did Maddie feel and behave when Peggy mocked Wanda ?  

Ans. Maddie felt embarrassed and studied the marbles in the palm of hand, rolling them around but said nothing. 

(ii) What made Maddie pay attention to Wanda ? 

Ans. Peggy’s invention of the dresses game made Maddie pay attention to Wanda. 

(iii) What was the fear in Maddie’s mind when she saw Peggy mocking Wanda ? 

Ans. There was fear in Maddie’s mind that Peggy and other girls may start in on her next. 

(iv) What did Maddie wish ? 

Ans. Maddie wished Peggy would stop teasing Wanda Petronski. 

(v) Name the chapter and its writer. 

Ans. Name of the chapter – ”The Hundred Dresses-I”    

Name of the author – El Bsor Ester 

(c) It was during the meal that, just as Lencho had predicted, big drops of rain began to fall. In the north-east huge mountains of clouds could be seen approaching. The air was fresh and sweet. The man went out for no other reason than to have the pleasure of feeling the rain on his body. 

Questions  :   

(i) What had Lencho predicted ? 

Ans. Lencho  had predicted about rain. 

(ii) What happened at meal time ? 

Ans. Big drops of rain began to fall at meal time. 

(iii) What was the change in weather ? 

Ans. Huge mountains of clouds could be seen approaching & the air was fresh & sweet. 

(iv) Why did Lencho go out ?

Ans. Lencho went out to have the pleasure of feeling the rain on his body. 

(v) Name the lesson and its author.   

Ans. Name of the lesson – ”A Letter to God.”      

Name of the author – G.L. Fuentes 

(6) Answer in about 100 words : 

What do you learn about Wanda Petronski from the story “The Hundred Dresses” ? 


The story is about a quiet and shy girl named Wanda Petronski, a Polish immigrant, who had come to America with her family. She attended school with American children who found her name to be strange and probably, the weirdest in the classroom. This is because they all had easier names.

The story gives a lesson about the pain people feel when they are teased by others around them. Bullying is one of the main themes of the story though it is not said clearly. The people who act as spectators and refuse to help, also face consequences. Another main theme of the story is the act of forgiveness. The story of Wanda tells us that we should never ill treat the people. This chapter teaches that every child should be treated well without any discrimination. The chapter is related to the sufferings of racial discrimination that many people encounter in life. 


What do you learn about Natalya after reading the chapter “The Proposal” ?   


Natalya is a good house keeper and an educated girl with good looks. She is the lead female character of the play and the daughter of Chubukov. She is short tempered and a greedy natured girl. She has no such respect for Lomov till she came to know that he wants to marry her.

Natalya is the only daughter of the landowner Chubukov. She was very possessive about her land and was very determined not to part with it. She was a short tempered lady who used to quarrel with anyone very often. She always pinpointed the amount of help she had offered to her neighbours. Though well educated, she did not use her education wjsely and thoughtfully.                                  

(7) Answer any four of the following questions :  

(i) How did the rain change ? What happened to Lencho’s fields ?  (A letter to God) 


The rain changed into hailstones as a strong wind began to blow and huge hailstones began to fall along with the rain. All the crops in Lencho’s field got destroyed because of the weather conditions.

(ii) “The sight of the food maddened him …..” what does this suggest ? What compelled the young seagull to finally fly ?  (His First Flight) 


The young seagull was very hungry. It was his hunger that ultimately compelled and encouraged him to fly. When the seagull saw his mother tearing at a piece of fish that lay at her feet, his hunger got intensified. He cried and begged his mother to give him some food. When he saw her coming towards him with food in her beak he screamed with joy. However, she stopped midway. Not being able to resist his hunger anymore he dived at the food in her beak. At that time his hunger overpowered his fear of the great expanse of sea beneath the cliff. Eventually, this plunge was followed by the natural reaction of his body, i.e. to fly.  

(iii) How is Wanda seen as different by the other girls ? How do they treat her ?  (The Hundred Dresses – I) 


Wanda is seen as different by other girls because she doesn’t belong to their community. She has a funny name. Moreover, she hails from a poor family as she always wears one faded never ironed dress that doesn’t fit her. Her feet is usually caked with mud. None of her classmates be friends her. Everybody surrounds her to make fun of her clothes and shoes. She is a laughing stalk for all.

(iv) What is the story about the Kodavu people’s descent ?  (Coorg) 


According to the author, the fiercely independent people of Coorg are descendants of Greeks or Arabs. A part of Alexander’s army moved South along the coast and settled there only when they were unable to return to their country. These people married amongst the locals and their culture remains alive even to this day. Secondly, the Kodavus wear a traditional garment called ‘kuppia’ which resembles the ‘kuffia’ worn by Arabs. This suggests the Arab origins of the Kodavu. 

(v) Why does the conductor call Valli ‘madam’ ?  (Madam Rides the Bus) 


The conductor called Valli ‘madam’ because of her reaction when he tried to help her. The conductor tried to help Valli get into the bus. For doing so he stretched out his hand. Valli, on the other hand, behaved like a very mature woman and said that she can help herself to get on the bus. She also said that she doesn’t want anyone’s help. Replying to this, the conductor in the joking tone called her ‘madam.’ 

(vi) Justify in brief, the title of the play, “The Proposal”.  (The Proposal) 


The Proposal by Chekhov, the major theme that revolves is the cold approach to marriage in the nineteenth century Russia which has been very common. Also,  such an approach was common to wealthy families. The two main characters are depicted through the satire of marriage which are money driven and who wants to get married desperately for economic security. They ignore the fact that in the long term it would not go well hence, the title is justified.

[B : Poetry (First Flight)] 

(8) Read the stanza given below and answer the questions that follow :  

Stop that sulking at once, Amanda !   

You’re always so moody, Amanda ! 

Any one would think that I nagged at you, Amanda ! 

Questions :    

(i) Name the poem and the poet. 

Ans. Name of the poem – ”Amanda !”    

Name of the poet – Robin Klein 

(ii) What does the speaker ask Amanda to stop ?

Ans. The speaker asks Amanda to stop sulking. 

(iii) What type of girl is Amanda according to the speaker ? 

Ans. Amanda is moody according to the speaker. 

(iv) What does the speaker fear ?

Ans. The speaker feared that the nagged at Amanda. 

(v) Find words from the stanza which mean the same as :   

(a) getting bad tempered 

Ans. Sulking 

(b) annoyed 

Ans. Nagged at      


The true chameleon is small,   

A lizard sort of thing;  

He hasn’t any ears at all, 

And not a single wing 

If there is nothing on the tree,  

‘Tis the chameleon you see. 

Questions  :    

(i) Name the poem and its poet. 

Ans. Name of the poem – ”How to tell Wild Animals”. 

Name of the poet – carolyn wells 

(ii) What do you know about the size of true chameleon from the poem ? 

Ans. It is small. 

(iii) How does a chameleon look-like ? 

Ans. It looks like a lizard. 

(iv) Can it fly ? 

Ans. No it cannot fly as it has no wings. 

(v) Where can you see a chameleon ?   

On a tree which has nothing. 

(9) Answer in about 50 words :

How has Carl Sandburg portrayed the nature and its silent working in “Fog” ? 


How does nature work silently is described by the poet in the poem ”Fog”. Fog comes silently and stays for some and then goes silently like a cat with the help of these ideas develop the answer.  

                                           OR                                      Belinda describes her pet, the dragon as coward ? Was he really coward ? If not, how does he proves his courage and heroism ? 


Belinda has four pets, a black cat, a grey mouse, yellow dog and a dragon. She talls  dragon a award. But it is not so really. When the pirate attack on Belinda, then all the other three  pets run away. The dragon attacks the pirate and gobbles him. He is not afraid seeing two pistols, one cutless and terrible looking pirate. By killing the pirate all alone he proves his courage and heroism.                                    

(10) Answer any two of the following : 

(i) What is the symbol of “fire” and that of “ice” ? 

Ans. Fire symbolises the heat of desire and ice stands for hatred. 

(ii) How does the tiger behave in its natural  habitat i.e. jungle ? 

Ans. The tiger moves in the long grass near a water hole. He hides in shadow to hunt the deer for food in the jungle, its natural habitat.  

(iii) How can one tell (recognize) the leopard ? 

Ans. The animal having hide with peppered spots and leaps to see a person is leopard. 

(Supplementary Reader) 

(11) Answer in about 100 words : 

Describe the policeman’s fight with the invisible man. 


The invisible man got furious seeing the constable. He threw off bandages, Whiskers, Spectacles and even nose and he became a headless man in a minute. Jaffers, the   constable was surprised but was determined to arrest him with head or without head. The visible man became invisible and only a shirt flew in air. People tried to help the constable in arresting him but were hit by blows which came from nowhere. Jaffers was knocked unconscious and Griffin ran away. 


Describe the role of his mother in making Ebright a scientist. 


Ebright interested in collecting things like butter flies rocks, fossils, coins. He had bright mind and curious. His mother helped to develop his qualities of scientists encouraged him to learn, took on trips, bought him telescopes, microscopes, camera etc. Inspare time she encouraged  learning things.                                 

(12) Answer any four of the following questions in about 30-40 words each :  

(i) What type of person is Mr. Loisel ?

Ans. Mr. Loisel is poor clerk- tries to keep his wife happy – – cuts his needs, borrows 18,000 francs to replace the lost necklace, loves his wife. 

(ii) What is Think-Tank’s guess about books ?

Ans. First he thinks that they are sandwiches, but finds it is not delicious. Then he thinks that they are communication devices but hear no sound. When put to ears. Then thinks that they are communication device to see. 

(iii) “Driving is a privilege, not a right.” Comment. 

Ans. Driving is a privilege not a right. One has to follow traffic rules and respect the rights of other drivers and one should drive safety. 

(iv) What reason Bholi gives to deny to marry Bishamber ? 

Ans. Bishamber demanded a dowry of five thousand rupees and is adament- Her father places his  turban at his feet. Now Bholi refuses to marry the man who is so greedy & Mean. 

(v) What does the lawyer think about New Mullion and how does he find on visit ? 

Ans. The lawyer thought that New Mullion was a sweet and simple country village. But he was disappointed because its streets were rivers of mud, shops were painted sour brown or no paint at all.  

(vi) Who befools Horace and how ? 

Ans. The lady in the red who claimed to be the landlady of the house was really a thief. She ran away with the jewels and horace was arrested because he left his finger print on the safe. 

(13) Answer any three of the following :  

(i) How old was Anil ? 

Ans. 25 years 

(ii) After making a theft in the shop of a theatrical company where did Griffin decide to go ? 

Ans. Iping village 

(iii) Where did the hack driver take the narrator first of all ? 

Ans. Fritz’s shop

(iv) Who was the ruler of Mars ? 

Ans. Think – Tank


(Unseen Comprehension)   

(1) Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow :  

Living on the earth is rather like being at the bottom of a sea hundreds of miles deep. Without atmosphere, there would be no people or animals, birds or fishes, trees or plants. There would be no weather, winds or rain. And there would be no blue sky, no rosy sunsets or dawns. Fire would be impossible without air, for burning is the union of oxygen with whatever is burned. Nor would there be any noise, which is the vibration of air-waves against our eardrums. 

By day the atmosphere serves as a great sun-shade. It protects the earth from the full force of the sun by absorbing most of its harmful radiation. But for the atmosphere, the daytime temperature would rise to 230 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than boiling water. By night, the air acts like a giant green house. It imprisons the heat collected during the day and prevents it from spreading into space.  

Questions :     

(i) What is living on the earth like ?

Ans. Living on the earth is like being at the bottom of a sea hundreds of miles deep.

(ii) For which creatures is atmosphere needed ?  

Ans. Atmosphere is needed for people, animals, birds, fishes, trees and plants. 

(iii) What are the other purposes for which atmosphere is needed ? 

Ans. Atmosphere is also needed for weather, winds, rain blue sky, rosy sunset and dawn.  

(iv) Why is atmosphere needed for noise ? 

Ans. Because for noise the vibration of air waves against our ear drums is needed. Hence we need atmosphere.  

(v) How does atmosphere serve as great sunshade ? 

Ans. Atmosphere protects the earth from the full force of the sun by absorbing most of its harmful radiation. Thus it acts as a sunshade. 


There are several reasons for a headache. Physical, emotional and mental factors which include anxiety and tension are a few. Sometimes, headache can be a signal of an underlying disease. More than medicines, yoga therapy eminently suits any need. Yoga is a comprehensive mode of culturing the body and the mind. Using an “Integrated Approach of Yoga”, the yoga research centres have been able to cure some tough headaches. This approach includes breathing asanas, pranayama, meditation and devotional sessions. Yogasanas, especially the ones imitating the natural postures of animals, have a tremendous tranquillizing effect, without having to depend on common drugs. Dhyana and Samadhi culture relax the mind. 

Questions  :    

(i) What are some of the reasons for a headache ? 

Ans. Some reasons for headache are physical, emotional and mental factors which include anxiety and tension. 

(ii) What is the headache sometimes a signal of ? 

Ans. It is a signal of an underlying disease. 

(iii) What is Yoga ?

Ans. Yoga is a comprehensive mode of culturing the body and the mind. 

(iv) Which approach of Yoga is used to cure tough headaches ? 

Ans. “Integrated Approach to yoga” is used to cure tough headaches. 

(v) What are the constituents of this approach ? 

Ans. Breathing asanas, pranayama, meditation and devotional sessions are the constituents of this approach. 

(Writing Skills) 

(2) Attempt any one of the following : 

(a) Write an application to the Principal of your school requesting him to grant you fee concession. 


Application for fee concession :   


      The principal,    

      D. A. V. School,    


Respected Sir, 

             I belong to a poor family. My father earns only 10,000 Rs. a month. We have four brothers & sisters. It is difficult to support the family with this income for my father. I have great interest in studies. Kindly grant me fee concession so that I may continue my studies.   

Yours faithfully,   


(b) Write a letter to the SDO (Electricity) complaining about the frequent breakdown of electricity in your area.   


ABC Colony 


6th Feb, 2022   

The S. D. O.   

Haryana State Electricity Board 

Charkhi Dadri        

            I, on behalf of my locality, with to draw your kind attention towards frequent breakdown of electricity in XYZ Area. The low voltage and frequent tripping of electricity in this area has become almost a daily routine. During the three hour daily cut, no one expects the supply of electricity. But the unannounced frequent breakdown of electricity is simply nightmarish. At night, one is left half through the meals at the dining table. During the day, there is no rest, no comfort, no protection from the sultry weather.

            Besides this, low voltage of electricity has damaged electric lamps, tubes and other electric appliances. Fans do not give proper air owing to low voltage. Many times complaints have been lodged with your office but no permanent solution to this menace has been found. It is a pity that even when there is supply of electricity in other localities, our locality remains dark. The wires through which electricity is supplied to our locality, are old and worn out, the transformer where from the electricity is supplied to us, is also an old one. There is always some defect in wires or in the transformer. In fact, all the wires as well as the transformer need to be replaced. Only then the proper supply of electricity can be restored to this locality.

            I hope you would look into the matter at the earliest and redress our grievance.            

Your faithfully,    


Resident of XYZ Colony 

(3) Attempt any one of the following : 

(a) Develop a story with the given outlines : 

Once a lion, Jungle ……… sleeping ……… a mouse started jumping over the lion ……… the lion woke up ……… caught the mouse ……… the mouse begged ……… the lion ……… mercy  ……… hunter ……… net ……… the lion caught roar ……… mouse ……… cut the net ……… lion free ……… Moral. 


Story -The lion and the mouse

Once upon a time in a jungle a mouse was roaming in the jungle. He then sees a lion sleeping under a tree. Just to have a little bit of fun he starts teasing the lion by moving around him. After a couple of minutes he decided to start jumping I’m the lion. The lion then wakes up angrily and bursts on the mouse. He catches the mouse and tells him that he is going to kill him for causing such a headache to him. The mouse begs for a mercy by saying that he has a family to look after. The lion being wise and noble leaves the mouse.

A few days later a hunter catches the lion in a trap and nets him up. The lion being helpless roars for help. The mouse being nearby hears the roar and just to look what’s happening he arrives at the place. Remembering his Mercy the mouse cuts the net and frees the lion from the cluthes of the hunter. Both of them being happy become good friends of each other. 

Moral : Do good, Have good.

(b) Describe an incident in about 100 words how a stranger helped you. 


How a stranger Helped you ? 

Last month – – travelling by train my foot  got hurt – – climbing the berth – – bleeding profusely. A stranger saw it – – took out medical box – – dressed me – – gave me pain killer relieved the pain – – destination – got down helped me – get down in a rickshaw – left me home, went back – to board another train. I can not forget it. Thanked him a lot. 


(4) Attempt any twelve sentences, choosing two from each sub-part :  

(a) Use the correct form of the verb given in the brackets :  

(i) Our school ………. (begin) with prayer everyday. 

Ans. begins

(ii) We ………. (do) our homework. Do not disturb us. 

Ans. are doing

(iii) He ………. (buy) a new house last year. 

Ans. bought


(b) Change the narration : 

(i) You said to me, “I am thankful to you.” 

Ans. You told me that you were thankful to me. 

(ii) She said to me, “Has Ravi invited you to the party ?” 

Ans. She asked me if Ravi had invited me to the party. 

(iii) Ratna said to the servant, “Mop the floor and bring me a glass of water.” 

Ans. Ratna ordered the servant to mop the floor and bring her a glass of water. 

(c) Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles wherever necessary : 

(i) ……….. Indians are very superstitious. 

Ans. x 

(ii) Delhi is ……… London of India. 

Ans. the

(iii) ………. little knowledge is ………. dangerous thing. 

Ans. A, a


(d) Fill in the blanks with modals given in brackets : 

(i) Children ……… obey their parents.   (must/should/would) 

Ans. should

(ii) Talk slowly lest you ……… awaken the baby. (should/would/could) 

Ans. should

(iii) ………… I help you ?  (May/Can/Shall) 

Ans. May


(e) Put the verbs in brackets into correct form (Gerund/Infinitive) : 

(i) Let us go for ……… (shop). 

Ans. shopping

(ii) He is intent on ……… (go) there. 

Ans. going 

(iii) I heard a cock ……… (crow) in the morning. 

Ans. crow/crowing

(f) Punctuate the following sentences : 

(i) i have taken sanskrit english history and pol sc as subjects 

Ans. I have taken Sanskrit, English, History and Pol. Sc. as subjects. 

(ii) the master said to the servant  yes you can come late 

Ans. The master said to the servant, “Yes, you can come late.” 

(iii) lady macbeth is the heroine of shakespeare’s play macbeth 

Ans. Lady Macbeth is the heroine of Shakespeare’s  play, Macbeth. 

[A : Prose Text (First Flight)] 

(5) Read the passages given below and answer the questions that follow. Do any two passages : 

(a) We kids would be pushed aside with a mild rebuke and the loaves would be delivered to the servant. But we would not give up. We would climb a bench, or the parapet and peep into the basket, somehow. I can still recall the typical fragrance of loaves. Loaves for the elders and the bangles for the children. Then we did not even care to brush our teeth or wash our mouths properly. And why should we ? Who would take the trouble of plucking the mango leaf for the toothbrush ? And why was it necessary at all ? The tiger never brushed his teeth. Hot tea can wash and clean up everything so nicely, after all !  

Questions  :   

(i) Who would push aside the kids and why ? 

Ans. The baker pushed aside the kids to deliver the loaves to the servant. 

(ii) Why did the kids climb the bench or the parapet ? 

Ans. The kids climbed the bench or the parapet to peep into the basket. 

(iii) What did the baker have for the kids and the elders ? 

Ans The baker had loaves for the elders and bangles for the children. 

(iv) How did the narrator brush his teeth ? 

Ans. They used mango leaf to brush their teeth. 

(v) What did the writer (as a child) think about brushing his teeth ? 

Ans. The writer as a child thought that there was no need of brushing the teeth. Hot tea can do this. 

(b) The first period was a study period. Maddie tried to prepare her lessons, but she could not put her mind on her work. She had a sick feeling in the bottom of her stomach. True, she had not enjoyed listening to Peggy ask Wanda how many dresses she had in her closet, but she had said nothing. She had stood by silently, and that was just as bad as what Peggy had done. Worse. She was a coward. At least Peggy hadn’t considered they were being mean but she, Maddie, had thought they were doing wrong. She could put herself in Wanda’s shoes.   

Questions  :   

(i) How did Maddie feel in the first period ? 

Ans. Maddie could not put her mind to studies in the first period. 

(ii) How did Maddie behave when Peggy teased Wanda ? 

Ans. Maddie had a Sick feeling when Peggy teased wanda but said nothing. 

(iii) What had Maddie not enjoyed ? 

Ans. Maddie did not enjoy when Peggy teased wanda asking her how many dresses she had in her closet. 

(iv) Why did Maddie think that she herself was a coward & mean ? 

Ans. She thought that she was coward and mean because she remained silent when peggy teased Wanda even though she knew that they were doing wrong. 

(v) Find words from the passage which mean the same as :    

(a) almirah 

Ans. Closet 

(b) lacking courage 

Ans. Coward

(c) I shall try to be brief. You must know, honoured Natalya Stepanovna, that I have long, since my childhood in fact, had the privilege of knowing your family. My late aunt and her husband from whom, as you know, I inherited my land, always had the greatest respect for your father and your late mother. The Lomovs and the Chubukovs have always had the most friendly, I might almost say the most affectionate, regard for each other. And, as you know, my land is a near neighbour of yours. You will remember that my Oxen Meadows touch your Birchwoods.   

Questions  :   

(i) Who is the speaker here and to whom he speaks these lines ? 

Ans. Lomov is the speaker. He is speaking to Natalya. 

(ii) What does the speaker think to be a privilege ? 

Ans. He thinks it a privilege to know Natalyais family. 

(iii) How did the speaker come to have his land ?

Ans. He inherited his land from his late aunt and uncle. 

(iv) What type of relations the Lomovs and the Chubukovs had ? 

Ans. The Lomovs and the chubukovs had the most friendly the most affectionate regard for each other. 

(v)  What does the speaker say about Oxen Meadows ? 

Ans. Lomov says that his oxen meadows touch Natalya’s Birchwoods. 

(6) Answer in about 100 words : 

Who was Kisa Gotami ? How did Buddha change Kisa Gotami’s understanding of life and death ? 


Kisa Gotam had lost her son due to death. She wanted Buddha to bring  her son back   to life Gautam Buddha asks her to bring mustard seeds from such house where no death had taken place. But the fails to find such house and learns the truth that there is no cure for death. Death is inevitable. 


Write the story of Lencho’s faith in God.   


A Letter to God : Lencho has great faith in God. After the hailstorm destroyed his field,he wrote a letter to God asking a hundred pesos to show his field again and last till the crops came. When he received seventy pesos instead of a hundred pesos,he became angry. He thought that God neither could have a mistake nor he denied his request. Lencho thought that the post office employees must had taken the rest amount. Thus he wrote the second letter asking the rest of the money as he was an urgent need of that money and requested God not to posted him the money through post.

From the above points it was proved that Lencho had deep faith in God.

(7) Answer any four of the following questions : 

(i) What ideals does he set out for the future of South Africa ?  (Nelson Mandela : Long Walk to Freedom) 


Nelson Mandela set the ideals of liberating people from the bondage of poverty, suffering, and deprivation. He also set the ideals for a society where there would be no discrimination supported based on gender or racial origins. Mandela’s hopes for the future of South Africa are very high. He had taken the oath to liberate all South Africans and set the ideals of liberating people from bondage of poverty, deprivation and suffering. He also want the ideal society without any discrimination based on gender, caste, religion, race, color or origins.

(ii) In what way was Wanda different from the other children ?  (The Hundred Dresses – I) 


Wanda is seen as different by other girls because she doesn’t belong to their community. She has a funny name. Moreover, she hails from a poor family as she always wears one faded never ironed dress that doesn’t fit her. Her feet is usually caked with mud. None of her classmates be friends her. Everybody surrounds her to make fun of her clothes and shoes. She is a laughing stalk for all. 

(iii) What excuses does Peggy think up for her behaviour ? Why ?  (The Hundred Dresses – II)


Peggy tries to defend herself by saying that her behaviour towards Wanda has inspired her to explore her drawing skills as she sketches a hundred dresses which makes her win the drawing contest. She also says that she never called Wanda a ‘foreigner’ and thought Wanda would not be smart enough to understand that they were all making fun of her. She makes these excuses probably because she feels guilty about the way she treated Wanda and it was just a way for her to make herself feel better. 

(iv) What is the Indian legend regarding tea ?  (Tea from Assam) 


The legend narrates that Bodhidharma, an ancient Buddhist ascetic, felt sleepy during his meditation. There upon he grew angry and cut off his eyelids. Ten tea plants grew out of his eyelids. When the leaves of these plants were boiled the liquid drove away sleep.

(v) Why didn’t Valli want to go to the stall and have a drink ? What does this tell you about her ?  (Madam Rides the Bus) 


Valli didn’t want to go to the stall because she had saved only sixty paise for the trip. She had no spare money. So, when the conductor suggested that she get down and have a drink, she refused. He offered to bring a cold drink for her free of charge but she still refused. This shows that Valli was self-respecting and did not want to take anything for free and it also shows that though Valli was confident enough to take the bus ride by herself, she was still afraid of leaving the bus and going into an unfamiliar space like the town. She had taken the bus with the only intention of experiencing a bus ride and was not keen to try out anything else. 

(vi) How did Natalya justify that the Oxen Meadows were theirs ?  (The Proposal) 


Natalia justifies that the oxen meadow were theirs by stating that her “grandfather and great grandfather reckoned that their land extended to Burnt Marsh”.

“The Proposal” is a short story written by Anton Chekhov.

Natalia in the story “The Proposal” quarrels with Lomov over the ownership of Oxen meadows. Lomov and Natalia are quarrelsome. They both quarrel over petty matters with each other.

[A : Poetry (First Flight)] 

(8) Read the stanza given below and answer the questions that follow :  

I think I could turn and live with animals,   

They are so placid and self-contained, 

I stand and look at them long and long. 

Questions :    

(i) Name the poem and the poet. 

Ans. Name of the poem – “Animals”

Name of the poet – Walt Whitman. 

(ii) Where could the poet turn from ? 

Ans. The poet can turn from the world of human beings. 

(iii) With whom does the poet want to live ? 

Ans. He wants to live with the animals.  

(iv) What does the poet say about animals ? 

Ans. Animals are calm/placid and self-contained.

(v) How do you know that the poet loves animals ? 

The poet loves animals because he stands and looks at them long and want to live with them. 


He stalks in his vivid stripes   

The few steps of his cage,   

On pads of velvet quiet,   

In his quiet rage. 

Questions  :    

(i) Who is ‘he’ here ? How does he walk ? 

Ans. He here is the tiger in the zoo. He stalks/walks proudly in his cage. 

(ii) How do you know about his identity ? 

Ans. He has vivid stripes on his body. 

(iii) What does ‘pads of velvet’ mean ? 

Ans. ‘Pads of velvet’  mean he has soft paws. 

(iv) What emotion does ‘he’ show ? 

Ans. He is angry but silent. 

(v) Name the poem & the poet.   

Ans. Name of the poem – “A Tiger in the Zoo” 

Name of the poet – Leslie Norris.

(9) Answer in about 50 words : 

Why does Walt Whitman want to leave the company of human beings and live with animals ? 


Walt Whitman wants to leave the company of human beings. Because Men are always unhappy discontented, & grumble. They run after material things. Animals are placed and self contained, They do not grumble, they, do not sin and lie awake to weep over their sins. They do not kneel to their kind. Hence he wants to live with animals. 


What are the young man and young woman arguing about in the poem “For Anne Gregory” ? 


The young girl had yellow hair. She wanted that the young man should love her for her sake not for her hair and the young man tells her that an old man found a book called. The Bible in which it was said that only God can love you in this way. 

(10) Answer any two of the following : 

(i) What is dust of snow ? How is the poet’s mood changed ? 

Ans. Dust of show means particles of show. The dust of show changes the poetis mood. Who is sad. He sees the beauty of nature. 

(ii) How can one identify the Bengal Tiger ?

Ans. The Bengal Tiger has yellow skin and there are stripes on it, as he notices someone, he tries to eat him. 

(iii) Why does not the poet offer to give money or buy another ball for the boy who has lost his ball ? 

Ans. Because he wants that the boy should learn to bear losses. 

(Supplementary Reader) 

(11) Answer in about 100 words : 

“The Thief’s Story” is in depth study of human mind. Discuss. 


The human mind is a very complex thing. It is a mixture of opposite opinions. Sometimes a man fails to understand his own mind. In this story, the same thing has been presented by Ruskin Bond through the character of a thief boy Hari Singh. The boy starts working for Anil. His primary aim was to rob him. Anil’s carelessness wins his heart. But the boy’s bad mind provokes him to rob Anil of his money. One day he robs his six hundred rupees and runs away to the station. But his good mind stops him boarding the train. He decides to come back to Anil and return his money. So this story is an in-depth study of the human mind. 


Why did Bholi at first agree to marry Bishamber ? Why did she later reject the marriage ? What light it throws on her character ? 


Bholi loved her parents very much. So, for the sake of their respect and happiness, she had accepted to marry Bishamber. When Bishamber demanded five thousand rupees as dowry and insulted her father, she refused to marry him to protect Ramlal’s self respect.

(12) Answer any four of the following questions in about 30-40 words each :  

(i) How did one old book of nursery rhymes save the earth from a Martian invasion ? 

Ans. The martians are terrified when they read a Rhymes like “Humpty Dumpty” and think that the Earth lings had seen Think Tank, They want to Control and capture Mars Central control and They run away and do not attack the earth. 

(ii) How did Mrs. Loisel got the jewels to wear to the ball ? 

Ans. Mrs Loisel borrows a necklace of diamonds from her friend Mme Forestier.  

(iii) Why did Mrs. Pumphrey make a frantic call to Mr. Herriot ? 

Ans. Mrs Pumphrey made a frantic call to Mr. Herriot because Tricki, her pet was ill and Mr. Herriot only could cure it.  

(iv) How has Max got in ? 

Ans. Max had a passkey. He unlocked the room and came in. He did so because he wanted to get important secret report about new missiles from Ausable. 

(v) Describe Horace Danby. 

Ans. Horace Danby is a thief. He breaks a safe, every year to buy books. But he is tricked/befooted by a lady thief. 

(vi) What did Griffin do in the house of the clergyman ? 

Ans. Griffin tried to steal money from the clergyman’s desk. The clergyman tried to catch him holding a poker – he searched him every where but there was no one and the money was gone. 

(13) Answer any three of the following :  

(i) What was Tricki’s real disease ?

Ans. Vomiting due to over-feeding. 

(ii)  Who were following the muddy footprints ? 

Ans. Two boys 

(iii) Which theory is discovered by Ebright ? 

Ans. How cells work 

(iv) How much time did the Loisels take to repay the loan ? 

Ans. Ten years 

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