HBSE Class 10 English Pre-Board Question Paper 2024 Answer Key

Haryana Board (HBSE) Class 10 English Pre Board Question Paper 2024 Answer Key. Haryana Board Class 10th Pre Board Question Paper PDF Download 2024. Haryana Board Class 10th Pre Board Question Paper English 2024. HBSE Class 10th English Pre Board Question Paper Solution 2024. HBSE English Pre Board Question Paper 2024 Class 10.

HBSE Class 10 English Pre-Board Question Paper 2024 Answer Key

Section A – Reading Skill (20 Marks)

1. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow : (10 Marks)
A chimpanzee is one of the great apes and the nearest in intelligence to man. Scientists have examined its mental capacities and sent it into space in anticipation of man. Chimpanzees need little description. Being apes and not monkeys, they have no tails. Their arms are longer than their legs and they normally rim on all fours. They can also walk upright with toes turned outwards. When erect they stand 3-5 ft. high. The hair is long and coarse, black except for a white patch near the rump. The face, ears, hands and feet are bare and except for the black face, the flesh is coloured.
Chimpanzees exhibit great concern for each other. When chimpanzees meet after having been apart they greet each other in a very human way by touching each other or even clasping hands. Chimpanzees have amazing social discipline. When a dominant male arrives, the rest of the chimpanzees hurry to pay respect to it. The dominant male is not allowed to wrest food from his inferiors. The members of a party also spend considerable amount of time grooming each other and themselves. Mothers go through the fur of their babies for any foreign particles, dirt, and ticks and they aid each other when they are injured.
Chimpanzees are the best tools users apart from man. Sticks 2-3 ft long are picked off the ground or broken from the branches and pushed into nests, then withdrawn and the honey or insects licked off. Stones are used to get nuts from trees or as missiles to drive humans and baboons away from its food. Chimpanzees are not only tool users but also toolmakers. They make their own rods by stripping the leaves off a twig or tear shreds off it. Baby chimpanzees learn all this by observing the older chimpanzees making and using them. So man is not the only toolmaker, merely better at it than his relatives.
Questions :
(i) Chimpanzees are as ………….. as men.
(a) Inimical
(b) weird
(c) intelligent
(d) skilled
Answer – (c) intelligent

(ii) Chimpanzees have ………….. tails.
(a) long
(b) no
(c) short
(d) twisted
Answer – (b) no

(iii) The word ‘wrest’ means …………..
(a) to respect
(b) to take away violently
(c) to greet each other
(d) to obey
Answer – (b) to take away violently

(iv) Chimpanzees use ………….. as their tools.
(a) twigs
(b) stones
(c) sticks
(d) all of these
Answer – (d) all of these

(v) Chimpanzees are best ……….…
(a) tool users
(b) tool makers
(c) both (a) and (b)
(d) none of these
Answer – (c) both (a) and (b)

(vi) How do the chimpanzees walk?
Answer – They normally rim on all fours and also walk upright with toes turned outwards.

(vii) How do the chimpanzees greet each other?
Answer – They greet each other in a very human way by touching each other or even clasping hands.

(viii) What do the chimpanzees do with sticks?
Answer – They use stick to withdrawn honey and insects to licked off.

(ix) How do the baby chimpanzees learn?
Answer – By observing the older chimpanzees.

(x) How the mothers care for baby chimpanzees?
Answer – Mothers go through the fur of their babies for any foreign particles, dirt, and ticks.

2. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow : (10 Marks)
Power foods are foods that provide rich levels of nutrients like fibre, potassium and minerals. With people becoming increasingly health conscious today, a lot of fitness trainers encourage their clients to include these foods in their daily diet to increase muscle development. There are various ways of incorporating power foods in your daily diet. Of course, the key to enjoy power foods is proper preparation of these foods, the use of season-fresh foods, and indentifying your choice of flavour among power foods.
Some of the recommended power food combinations are those that are prepared in our kitchens on a regular basis. Take for instance, the combination of chickpeas and onions. This combination is a powerful source of iron which is required by the body to transport oxygen to its various parts. Iron deficiency can lead to anaemia, fatigue, brain fog and tiredness. A study by the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry says that sulphur compounds in onion and garlic help in the absorption of iron and zinc from chickpeas. The combination is a hit with teenagers who need to be diligent about getting iron in their diet. A quick way to prepare this power food is to make a chickpea salad with chopped onions, chaat masala and cilantro.
Another favourite combination with power food takers is yoghurt and bananas. This makes for a perfect snack after a rough game of football. Exercising burns glucose and thus lowers blood sugar. Yoghurt is packed with proteins that help preserve muscle mass, and bananas are packed with carbohydrates that help in refuelling energy and preventing muscle soreness. A quick and easy recipe with bananas is a banana smoothie topped with cool yoghurt.
Among beverages, green tea is the best source of catechins that are effective in halting oxidative damage to cells. According to researchers at the Purdue University, adding a dash of lemon juice to green tea makes the catechins even more easily absorbable by the body. So, the next time you have party with your friends serve them rounds of iced green tea with mint and lemon juice.
Questions :
(i) What are power foods?
Answer – Foods that provide rich levels of nutrients like fibre, potassium and mineral.

(ii) What is the advantage of including onions and garlic in our diet?
Answer – Sulphur compounds in onion and garlic help in the absorption of iron and zinc from chickpeas in our diet.

(iii) Suggest a quick recipe with chickpea and onions.
Answer – A quick way to prepare this power food is to make a chickpea salad with chopped onions, chaat masala and cilantro.

(iv) Why is yoghurt and bananas, an enriching power food?
Answer – Yoghurt is packed with proteins that help preserve muscle mass, and bananas are packed with carbohydrates that help in refuelling energy and preventing muscle soreness.

(v) Why is green tea a recommended power food?
Answer – Green tea is the best source of catechins that are effective in halting oxidative damage to cells.

(vi) The key to enjoy power foods is …………
(a) use of season-fresh foods
(b) identifying one’s choice of flavor
(c) proper preparation of power foods
(d) all of these
Answer – (d) all of these

(vii) What is the meaning of ‘incorporating’?
(a) To avoid
(b) To include
(c) To deny
(d) None of these
Answer – (b) To include

(viii) Iron deficiency can lead to …………..
(a) fracture
(b) anemia
(c) injury
(d) typhoid
Answer – (b) anemia

(ix) While we exercise, we …………… glucose.
(a) get
(b) need
(c) burn
(d) make
Answer – (c) burn

(x) Adding lemon juice to green tea is important because ………………
(a) it is liked by your friends
(b) it is declared by the Purdue University
(c) it makes catechins more absorbable by the body
(d) it develops muscle mass in the body
Answer – (c) it makes catechins more absorbable by the body

Section B – Grammar (10 Marks)

3. Attempt any ten sentences from the given items.
A. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb.
(i) I ………….. (receive) his letter before he arrived.
Answer – had received

(ii) Indiscipline ………….. (cause) a great loss to the national property.
Answer – causes

B. Fill in the blanks with appropriate modals.
(i) I …………… like to go home now.
Answer – would

(ii) Anyone …………… make mistakes.
Answer – can

C. Fill in the blanks with the non-finite form of the verbs given in brackets.
(i) He is tired of …………… (work).
Answer – working

(ii) He wants ………..… (see) you.
Answer – to see

D. Identify/name the figures of speech in the following sentences.
(i) The fog comes on little cat feet.
Answer – Personification

(ii) The moon is like a broken mirror. Simile
Answer – Simile

E. Change the following sentences into indirect speech.
(i) He said, “Thank you”.
Answer – He thanked me.

(ii) I said to him, “I have lost the book I bought yesterday”.
Answer – I told him that I had lost the book I had bought the previous day.

F. Punctuate the following sentences.
(i) dr kalam was a man of high character
Answer – Dr. Kalam was a man of high character.

(ii) they all said what a lovely garden it is
Answer – They all said, “What a lovely garden it is!”

Section C – Writing Skill (10 Marks)

4. Attempt any one of the following : (5 Marks)
(i) Write a letter to the Manager, Haryana Roadways, Karnal, complaining against insufficient local bus services to your school.
Answer –
104/10 Ram Nagar

The Manager
Haryana Roadways

Subject : Insufficient local bus services to your school

Respected sir,
I am a student of SD Senior Secondary School, Karnal and make use of bus service on a regular basis for going to and coming from school. I would like to bring to your attention that in the morning there is a big crowd and most of them choose to travel from taxis, ‘ola’, ‘Uber’ etc. But everyone cannot afford that much of huge travelling cost. Students who belongs to the weaker economic section of society need the bus service as we cannot afford to travel by private vehicles.
The bus service provided by the State Transport bus service is very poor. Most of the time the buses are late and since the number is less, the crowds make a Mad rush to get in without observing discipline. Many junior students and passengers find it a herculean task to board these buses.
My kind request is to inform the authority is to increase the number of bus services in the morning on this route and see that the ply in time.
Thanking you
Yours faithfully

(ii) You bought an HMT watch, having one year guarantee, but it is not working properly. Write a letter to the Sales Manager asking for repair or replacement.
Answer –
88, Prem Nagar
New Delhi
Date : ……….

The Sales Manager
HMT Sales Depot
Tilak Nagar
New Delhi

Subject : For replacement of watch
I purchased a beautiful HMT watch from your shop only two months back. It carried one year guarantee. You assured me that it will last for a long time. But it is not working properly. In fact it has not functioned properly since the day I had bought it. It is useless for me and just like a show piece for me.
So you are requested to replace this piece with some good one as I needed it earlier. With this watch I am sending the guarantee card also. If you have any doubt about it you can check this card properly. So, please replace it as early as possible so that it may not cause me any more inconvenience. I shall be very thankful to you.
Your sincerely

5. Attempt any one of the following : (5 Marks)
(i) You are Manvi/Manish of D.A.V. School, Bhiwani. Your school celebrated the ‘International Yoga Day’. Write a report about it for your school magazine describing the event in detail.
Answer –

International Yoga Day
Report by Manish

Date : ………..

In a display of unity and well-being, D.A.V. School in Bhiwani celebrated International Yoga Day with a series of events aimed at fostering physical and mental health among its students and staff. The day began with an exciting morning session conducted by yoga professionals who walked the participants through a series of asanas to promote flexibility, attention, and inner calm.
Students, teachers, and parents participated in the event, featuring discussions on yoga’s benefits for stress relief and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The school grounds were filled with peaceful chanting and the collective energy of mindful breathing, providing a calm tone for the day. The principal of New Vision School expressed delight in the community’s dedication to health, highlighting yoga’s role in integrated learning.
The ceremony highlighted the value of regular physical activity and created awareness of yoga’s cultural significance in India. As the sun set, the school community exited feeling motivated, with many promising to include yoga into their regular routines. The Yoga Day event at D.A.V. School served as a reminder of the ancient practice’s forever significance in modern times.

(ii) Draft an advertisement for a new washing detergent powder.
Answer – Do Self.

Section D – Literature (40 Marks)

6. Do any one of the passages given below and answer the questions that follow. (5 Marks)
Let me put it more clearly since no one will believe that a thirteen-year-old girl is completely alone in the world. And I’m not. I have loving parents and a sixteen-year-old sister, and there are about thirty people I can call friends. I have a family, loving aunts and a good home. No, on the surface I seem to have everything, except my one true friend. All I think about when I’m with friends is having a good time. I can’t bring self to talk about anything but ordinary everyday things. We don’t seem to be able to get any closer and that’s the problem. Maybe it’s my fault that we don’t confide in each other. In any case, that’s just how things are, and unfortunately, they’re not liable to change. This is why I’ve started the diary.
Questions :
(i) Who does ‘l’ refer to in the above passage?
Answer – Anne Frank

(ii) How many people can she call her friends?
Answer – Thirty people

(iii) Whom does she regard her true friend?
Answer – Her diary

(iv) Why does she start writing the diary?
Answer – Because she has no true friend.

(v) Find a word from the passage which means “trust someone to tell a secret”.
Answer – Confide


Our elders are often heard reminiscing nostalgically about those good old Portuguese days, the Portuguese and their famous loves of bread. Those eaters of loaves might have vanished but the makers are still there. We still have amongst us the mixers, the moulders and those who bake the loaves. Those age-old, time-tested furnaces still exist. The fire in the furnaces has not yet been extinguished. The thud and jingle of the traditional baker’s bamboo, heralding his arrival in the morning, can still be heard in some places. Maybe the father is not alive, but the son still carries on the family profession.
Questions :
(i) What do the elders remember fondly about their past?
Answer – Elders remember good old portuguese days and their famous loaves of bread.

(ii) What do still exist?
Answer – mixers, the moulders and furnaces are still present.

(iii) How can you say that bread making is still popular in Goa?
Answer – Because the mixers, the moulders and the time-tested furnaces still exist. The fire in the furnaces has not yet been extinguished.

(iv) How the baker used to announce his arrival?
Answer – The thud and jingle of the traditional baker’s bamboo announce his arrival.

(v) Which word on the passage means ‘put out’?
Answer – Extinguished

7. Attempt any two questions : (2 × 3 = 6 Marks)
(i) How does Mandela describe the scene of inauguration?
Answer – It was the inauguration of a democratic government of South Africa. South Africa became a democratic country in 1994. Nelson Mandela became the first Black president of South Africa. He was sworn-in on 10 May 1994. The inauguration ceremony was held in Pretoria. A large number of international leaders and other dignitaries from all over the world came to pay their respect to the newly elected government.

(ii) Describe the pilot’s experiences as he flew the aeroplane through the dark clouds.
Answer – As the narrator flew his Dakota into the storm, it became suddenly dark inside. The narrator could see nothing outside his plane. His aeroplane jumped and twisted in the air. His compass, radio and all other instruments were suddenly dead. He didn’t know which way he was going.

(iii) How did Mijbil spend his time while he was with Maxwell at Basra?
Answer – Mijbil spend his most of time playing with marbles and rubber balls in Basra.

(iv) How did the Buddha make Kisa Gotami to realize that death is inevitable?
Answer – The Buddha asked her to find a house where no one had lost a loved one, but Kisa was unable to find any such house. In this way, she realized that life and death is a normal process.

8. Write the story of Lancho’s faith in God. (6 Marks)
Answer – Lencho was a poor farmer. He was very hard working. Once there was a hailstorm. It destroyed his crop completely. Lencho had great faith in God. He wrote a letter to God. He asked God to send him money. The postmasters saw this letter. He decided to help lencho. He collected some money. He put it inside an envelope. Lencho came into the post office to check his mail. The post office people gave him envelope. Lencho open the envelope. He took out the money and counted it. He found that it was less than he had asked for. He wrote another letter to God he ask God to send him the rest of the money. But he wanted him not to send the money through the mail. He said that the post office people were a bunch of crooks.


Give a brief character-sketch of Lomov.
Answer – Lomov was a thirty five-year-old unmarried man. He anxiously waited to get married because he had reached a critical age. He proposed a girl named Natalya in his neighbourhood. Lomov was a strange man. He went to propose Natalya but quarrelled over petty issues like the Oxen Meadows and pet dogs. He also abused Natalya and her father.

9. Attempt any one from the given stanzas : (5 Marks)
But he locked in a concrete cell,
His strength behind bars,
Stalking the length of his cage,
Ignoring visitors.
Questions :
(i) In what kind of a cell is he locked?
Answer – He is locked in a concrete cell.

(ii) Whose strength is behind bars?
Answer – Tiger

(iii) How does he react to the visitors?
Answer – He ignore the visitors.

(iv) Who is being ignored?
Answer – Visitors

(v) Name the poem and the poet.
Answer – Poem : A Tiger in the Zoo, Poet : Leslie Norris


“But I can get a hair-dye
And set such colour there,
Brown, or black, or carrot,
That young man in despair
May love me for myself alone
And not my yellow hair.”
Questions :
(i) Name the poem and the poet.
Answer – Poem : For Anne Gregory, Poet : William Butler Yeats

(ii) Why does she want to dye her hair?
Answer – Because she wants man love her for herself not for her hair.

(iii) What colour is the girl’s hair?
Answer – Yellow

(iv) What colour can she give to her hair?
Answer – Brown, black and carrot

(v) What does she expect from the young man in despair?
Answer – Love her for herself alone.

10. Attempt any two questions : (2 × 3 = 6 Marks)
(i) How will the world end in fire and ice?
Answer – The poet says that both fire and ice are destructive. Here fire stands for the heat of desire and ice stands for the hated. He thinks that our violent desires will end the world. If its survives it will be ruined by hater.

(ii) What is the central idea of ‘The Ball Poem’?
Answer – The central point of the poem is to understand the nature of the loss. It also conveys the message that gain and loss is part of life and we have to bear it with patience. The boy has lost anything for the first time. Now he is also learning the meaning of the loss and bearing it up in life.

(iii) Explain the symbols used in the poem ‘The Trees’.
Answer – It is a deeply symbolical poem. The trees are the symbol of women. The forests are the symbol of a society which is dominated by men.

(iv) Where did Belinda live and which animals lived with her?
Answer – Belinda lived in a white house with her four pets – Ink, Blink, Mustard and Custard. Ink was a little Black kitten. Blink was a grey Mouse. Mustard was a little yellow dog. Custard was a dragon.

11. Answer any two of the given questions : (2 ×3 = 6 Marks)
(i) What evidence do you get from the text about Tricki’s affluent living?
Answer – When Tricki was sent to vet. Hospital, the entire staff of Mrs. Pumphrey’s house rust to bring his day bed, his night bed, favourite cushions, toys and rubber rings, breakfast bowl, lunch bowl, supper bowl. It all shows that tricki has an effluent living.

(ii) How did Ausable get rid of Max?
Answer – Ausable cooked-up a story. He told Max that their was a balcony just below of his window. He told him that the balcony was a part of the next room. When the waiter knocked at the door, Ausable told Max that it would be the police. Max was nervous. He drop himself to the balcony through the window. But outside there was no balcony. He fell down and died.

(iii) What did Griffin do inside a big London store?
Answer – Inside the London store, Griffin worn woollen clothes. He wore shoes, an overcoat and a hat. He ate cold meat and drank coffee. He enjoyed sweets and wine also. Then he slept on a pile of quilt.

(iv) What did Loisels do to replace the necklace?
Answer – First of all, Mr. Loisel tried to search for the lost necklace. But he could not succeed. Then both Mr. and Mrs. Loisel went to Jewellers. They bought a diamond necklace for 36,000 francs. They had to borrow half of the amount at high rate of interest to buy it.

12. Give a brief character-sketch of the thief in Ruskin Bond’s ‘The Thief’s Story’. (6 Marks)
Answer – The narrator of the story is a thief. He is a young boy of 15. But he has been a successful thief. He is in search of another victim. So he makes friendship with Anil. He works for Anil. He does shopping for Anil. He makes a rupee a day from his purchase. He wants to rob Anil. But the company of Anil bring a change in his mind. Anil teaches him how to read and write. But the thief get tempted when he sees a bundle of notes. He steals it from Anil’s mattress. The thief wants to run away. He wants to be an educated and respected person. He had studied the faces of different person when they were robbed. He knows that Anil face would show a touch of sadness. He realised his mistake. So he comes back. Thus, the thief finds himself completely changed.


Give a brief character-sketch of Bholi and describe the role the teacher played in her life.
Answer – Bholi’s real name was Sulekha. But people called her boli because she was mentally retarded. She stammered while speaking. She could not speak out even her name properly. She was shy and timid. Even her parents neglected her. They considered her a dumb cow. She was sent to school because of the Tehsildar’s suggestion. Her teacher was very kind to her. She assured her that she would be able to speak properly without stammering. One day she would be the most learned person of the village. The teacher’s words give Bholi a new hope and life. Slowly the shy girl gained confidence. At last, she grew into a bold, confident, self-reliant girl. That was why she refused to marry Bishamber because he was a greedy person. She became an asset to her parents.


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