HBSE Class 10 English Important Question Answer 2024-2025

Haryana Board (HBSE) Class 10 English Important Question Answer 2024-2025. HBSE Class 10 English Important Questions 2024. BSEH Class 10 English Short, Long Questions 2024. Class 10 English Most important questions for Board Exam 2024. HBSE Class 10 English Letter, Application, Grammar, Literature Topics. HBSE 10th Class English important questions 2024.

HBSE Class 10 English Important Question Answer 2024-2025


Short & Long Questions

1. Why did the postmaster send money to Lencho? (A Letter to God)
Answer – The postmaster was surprised to see Lencho’s deep faith in God. He did not want to shake his faith in God. He did not want his hopes to prove false. So he sent him the money.

2. What tells you that Anne loved her grandmother? (From the Diary of Anne Frank)
Answer – When Anne’s grandmother died, she stated that no one could understand her intensity of love for her grandma. She said that no one could imagine how much she thought of her. Lighting up extra candle for her on her birthday shows her love for grandmother.

3. What happened when the box was opened? (Mijbil the Otter)
Answer – As soon as the box was opened, Mij jumped out of it and disappeared. It started running all over the plane. The passengers started crying out of fear. All this created chaos inside the plane.

4. What happens to Lomov when he is in an excited state? (The Proposal)
Answer – Lomov’s heartbeat increases in an excited state. His lips tremble. There is twitch in his right eyebrow. When he goes to sleep, something pulls in his left side. Then he starts jumping like a lunatic.

5. Why did Lencho call the raindrops new coins? (A Letter to God)
Answer – Lencho compared the big drops of rain to ten cent pieces and the little ones to five cent pieces. The reason was that rain was the symbol of prosperity in his life. It would bring him money and good fortune. It would enable him to earn his livelihood.

6. Why did the narrator act like an obedient child? (The Black Aeroplane)
Answer – The narrator’s plane was caught in the stormy clouds. He was short of fuel. The equipment had stopped working. The black aeroplane was his only hope of getting out of the storm. So he acted like an obedient child.

7. What was the place of a baker in the childhood of the writer? (A Baker from Goa)
Answer – The baker used to be a companion, friend and guide. He held a very important place in the life of people. He used to visit the writer’s village twice a day. His jingling sound used to wake up the writer. He would bring sweet bread bangles for children.

8. Which sights moved Siddhartha Gautama to see the path of enlightenment? (The Sermon at Benares)
Answer – One day, while going for hunting, Gautama saw a sick man, an old man, a funeral procession and a monk. These sights moved him very much. He left the royal palace and moved to the path of enlightenment to understand the cause of human suffering and death.

9. Why is 10th May 1994 important for South Africa? (Long Walk to Freedom)
Answer – 10th May 1994 is important for South Africa because the first democratic and non racial government elections were held on this day in the country. Nelson Mandela was elected as the first Black President of the country. This day symbolised the victory of good over bad. This day remarked an end to the policy of apartheid. On this day, the period of liberty for the black people started after more than 300 years of white supremacy.

10. How did the woman in control room react when the writer asked about another aeroplane? (The Black Aeroplane)
Answer – The narrator was able to land his plane safely with the help of the black aeroplane. After landing, he asked the woman in the control centre about the mysterious aeroplane. But the woman was shocked at his question. The reason was that there was no such aeroplane flying in the sky that night. No black plane was seen on the radar.

11. Describe the wildlife of Coorg. (Coorg)
Answer – The wildlife of Coorg is full of diversity. It consists of animals like macaques, langurs, Malabar squirrels, loris and elephants. The birds spotted in Coorg are kingfishers. Thus it has a thriving fauna in its jungles.

12. Why did Lomov want to get married? (The Proposal)
Answer – Lomov wanted to get married as he was already thirty five years old. He called this age ‘a critical age’. Moreover, he was suffering from palpitation and sleep sickness. He wanted company of someone to look after him. He wanted to lead a regular life.

13. Why was Mr Keesing annoyed with Anne Frank? What would he ask her to do?
Answer – Mr Keesing found Anne Frank talking too much in the classroom. So he got annoyed with her. He would give her extra homework to do as a punishment. But she impressed her teacher with her wit and humour and after that he never punished her.

14. When and why did Maxwell think of keeping an otter as a pet?
Answer – Maxwell thought of keeping an otter instead of a dog as a pet. The reason was that he thought Camusfearna would be a suitable place for an otter because it was ringed by water. It had water at a stone’s throw from his door. It would be a suitable place for an otter to live in. This thought came to him in 1956 when he had gone to Basra.

15. What type of a person is the conductor in ‘Madam Rides the Bus’?
Answer – The bus conductor was a kind and jolly man. He addressed Valli as ‘madam’ in a light-hearted manner. At the bus station, he offered to buy her a drink since she did not have any money to buy it. In the end he asked her to enjoy the bus ride whenever she wanted. All this shows that the conductor was a kind-hearted person.

16. How did Siddhartha get the name of the ‘Buddha’?
Answer – Siddhartha Gautama was a prince. He was enjoying a comfortable life with his wife and son. One day, during his hunting, he saw an elderly man, a sick man, a funeral procession and a monk. These sights moved him very much. He left his royal palace and wandered for seven years in the search of enlightenment. After being enlightened, he came to be known as the ‘Buddha’.

17. What compelled the young seagull to take his first flight? (His First Flight)
Answer – The young seagull was too afraid to fly, but his hunger compelled him to take his first flight. When his mother came to him with a piece of fish in her beak, he could not resist the temptation. He dived at the fish, and in doing so, he finally took flight.

18. What is special about the diary of Anne Frank? (The Diary of Anne Frank)
Answer – Anne Frank has no true friend. She feels that paper has more patience than people. So she decides to keep a diary. She names her diary Kitty and records her feelings about her friends, parents, teachers and school days in the diary.

19. Where is Coorg situated? What is it famous for? (Coorg)
Answer – Coorg is the smallest district of Karnataka. It is known as Kodagu also. It lies between Mysore and the coastal town of Mangalore. It is famous for its coffee plantation, evergreen rainforests and spices.

20. Why does the conductor call Valli ‘madam’? (Madam Rides the Bus)
Answer – The conductor was a jolly man. He called Valli ‘madam’ because she behaved like a woman. She declined his help and quickly answered his questions. He was amused to see her self-confidence.

21. Describe the state of a tiger in the zoo? (A Tiger in the Zoo)
Answer – A tiger in the zoo is imprisoned in a concrete cell. His strength is locked behind the bars. He shows no interest in looking at the visitors. Rather, he keeps on stalking in the limited space of the cage. He hears the sound created by the patrolling cars of the zoo authorities. He stares at the shining stars with his brilliant eyes.

22. What is the central idea of the poem ‘The Ball Poem’?
Answer – The central idea of the poem is that we have to learn how to accept the loss of our worldly possessions and dear ones. It is the nature of life that things are found and lost too. Nothing remains with us forever. So we have to be brave enough to accept this fact of life. Staying strong is the only way to survive.

23. Where are the trees in the poem? What do their roots, leaves and twigs do? (The Trees)
Answer – At present, the trees are in the house. The roots try to free themselves from the cracks of the varanda floor. The leaves make efforts to move towards the glass in search of light. The small branches become stiff as they try to pull themselves towards the light.

24. Describe the four pets of Belinda. (The Tale of Custard the Dragon)
Answer – ‘The Tale of Custard the Dragon’ presents the story of a girl named Belinda. She lived in a little white house. She had four strange pets named Ink, Blink, Mustard and Custard. Ink was a little black kitten, Blink was a little grey mouse, Mustard was a little yellow dog and Custard was a little dragon.

25. What changed the mood of the poet? (Dust of Snow)
Answer – The poet was feeling depressed and hopeless. He was standing under a hemlock tree. The sudden raining down of snowflakes on him changed his mood. He was cheered up. He felt joy to be alive on a beautiful day. It shows that small things have the power to change and uplift man’s mood.

26. How does the poet describe a chameleon? (How to Tell Wild Animals)
Answer – A chameleon does not have any ears or wings. It is a garden lizard. It changes its colour to match its surroundings. This ability of the chameleon helps it in saving from the hunters.

27. What is the main idea of the poem ‘The Trees’?
Answer – The poem explores the theme of conflict between man and nature. It expresses the poet’s concern for trees and people to be in their natural surroundings. It shows how trees are breaking the interiors and moving towards their natural habitat. The main idea of the poem is that trees need to be in the forests and not inside homes. Likewise man needs to be closer to nature and not far from it.

28. Who was Custard and how did he look? (The Tale of Custard the Dragon)
Answer – Custard was the pet dragon of Belinda. He cried for a nice and safe cage. He looked terrifying. He had big sharp teeth and claws like daggers. His mouth was like a fire place. His nose was like a chimney. He had scales underneath and spikes on top of his body.

29. Which things can destroy the world according to Robert Frost? (Fire and Ice)
Answer – According to Robert Frost, both fire and ice are destructive. Here fire symbolises desire and ice symbolises hatred. The poet says that fire of violent desires will put the world to an end. If the world has to perish twice, it will be ruined by hatred. In fact, the poet wants to say that the need of the hour is to figure out what needs to be done to save the earth.

30. What is the theme of the poem ‘A Tiger in the Zoo’?
Answer – Through the poem, the poet wishes to convey his concern for the wild animals which are forced into a life of captivity by man. Love for freedom is the natural Instinct of every living being. Everyone loves freedom and does not want to live in confinement so men should not harm and destroy wild life. Wild animals are not meant to be caged and displayed in the zoo.

31. Why did the poet not offer the boy money to buy another ball? (The Ball Poem)
Answer – The poet does not offer the boy money to buy another ball. The reason is that the poet wants the boy to learn that loss is a part of life. The poet wants that the boy should learn how to accept the loss of worldly possessions. It is the nature of life that things are found and lost too. Nothing remains with us forever. So we have to be brave enough to understand and accept the inevitability of loss.

32. How is the night described in the poem ‘The Trees’?
Answer – The night is described with the use of effective imagery. The night is full of freshness. The whole moon shines. The smell of leaves and lichen reaches those inside the captivity like a voice coming from far away. The trees block the view and make the moon appear like a broken mirror on the crown of the oak.

33. Where was the poet standing and what happened to him there? (Dust of Snow)
Answer – The poet is standing beneath a hemlock tree. A crow shook off the dust of snow that had settled on it. When the dust fell on the poet, a sudden change came in his mood. It ended all the regret that had occupied his mind earlier. Thus it saved his day from any further sadness.

34. What is the effect of the loss of the ball on the boy? (The Ball Poem)
Answer – The boy is in deep grief over the loss of the ball. He is standing rigid and trembling. His eyes look desperate. But the poet thinks that a valuable learning takes place in his mind. He is learning how to put up with the loss of material things. He is learning the real lesson of life.

35. What is Amanda asked to do or no to do?
Answer – Amanda is asked not to bite her nails, not to hunch her shoulders and not to eat chocolate. She is asked to sit up straight, to finish her homework, to tidy her room and to clean her shoes. In fact, she is constantly instructed to do this or not to do that.

36. What did the old religious man declare in the poem ‘For Anne Gregory’?
Answer – The poet says that he heard an old religious man declaring something the previous night. The old man found a text in the Bible. It said, “It is only God who loves you for yourself alone and not for the colour of your hair.” The poet means to say that God loves a man for his inner worth not for his physical appearance. God showers His love upon all without any bias.

37. How would the tiger behave in the forest? (A Tiger in the Zoo)
Answer – The tiger would feel free in the natural habitat. He would slide through the long grass to hide himself from the view. He would wait near the source of water to kill the plump deer. He would show his white fangs and claws to the villagers and terrorise the whole village.

38. What does the poem tell us about Amanda? (Amanda!)
Answer – Amanda is a teenager. She lives in her own imaginative world. She does not pay any attention to the instructions given by her mother. She wants to be a mermaid, an orphan and Rapunzel. She yearns for freedom.

39. How does the fog come? (Fog)
Answer – The poet portrays the silent working of nature in the poem ‘Fog’. He says that the fog comes silently and slowly like a cat. It sits on its haunches and looks over the harbour. Then it moves on without making any sound.

40. How did Custard kill the pirate? (The Tale of Custard the Dragon)
Answer – Custard snorted like an engine. He struck the pirate with his tail. The pirate fired two bullets. But they did not hit Custard. Custard attacked him as a robin attacks a worm and swallowed him.

41. Why is the writer tempted to keep Tricki on as a permanent guest? (A Triumph of Surgery)
Answer – Mrs. Pumphrey started sending eggs, wine and brandy to build Tricki’s strength. But nothing was given to Tricki. Rather, the narrator and his partners started enjoying all these things. So they were tempted to keep Tricki on as a permanent guest to continue the fun.

42. Why was Fowler disappointed on meeting Ausable? (The Midnight Visitor)
Answer – Fowler was very curious to meet a detective like Ausable. But he felt very disappointed to meet him for many reasons. First of all, he was extremely fat. Secondly, he lived on the sixth and top floor of a gloomy French hotel. It was not the setting for a romantic adventure. No aspect of his lifestyle was thrilling and exciting.

43. How did Richard Ebright’s mother help him to become a great scientist? (The Making of a Scientist)
Answer – Richard Ebright’s mother got him a book that became a turning point in his life. She took him on trips. She bought him a telescope, microscope and other equipments that helped him in many ways. She encouraged his interest in learning. Thus, she acted as a significant person in his success story.

44. Why was Sulekha nicknamed Bholi? (Bholi)
Answer – Bholi’s real name was Sulekha, but she was called Bholi. She remained a backward child due to an injury in her head when she was ten months old. At the age of two, she had an attack of smallpox which left the black marks all over her body. She stammered when she started speaking.

45. Why did Mrs Pumphrey make a frantic call to Mr Herriot? (A Triumph of Surgery)
Answer – Mrs. Pumphrey loved her pet dog Tricki very much. She was more concerned towards giving him a comfortable life. She kept over feeding him. As a result, he fell ill and started vomiting. He spent all his time lying on the rug and panting. It made her so much worried that she made a frantic call to Dr. Herriot for his treatment.

46. What do you think is the meaning of the phrase ‘Honour among Thieves’? (A Question of Trust)
Answer – The phrase ‘Honour among Thieves’ means that thieves do not cheat each other. They remain honest to each other. But the story shows that Horace is befooled and trapped by another thief. He is put behind bars for a crime which he has not committed for himself. So he gets angry when anyone talks of ‘Honor among Thieves’.

47. What curious episode occured in the study room? (Footprints without Feet)
Answer – When Griffin needed money to pay his rent, he broke into a clergyman’s house. The clergyman and his wife were awakened by noise in the study very early in the morning. They heard the chink of money being taken from the desk. They did not find anybody in the room. Yet the desk had been opened and the housekeeping money was missing.

48. For what unusual reasons is Bholi sent to school? (Bholi)
Answer – Bholi is neither intelligent nor beautiful. She is completely ignored by her family members. But she is chosen to be sent to school. The reason was that the Tehsildar had asked Ramlal to send his daughters to school to set an example for the villagers. So Bholi is sent to school to follow the order of the Tehsildar.

49. Had Anil really forgiven Hari Singh? Support your answer with evidence.
Answer – Yes, Anil had forgiven Hari Singh. It is evident because Anil made tea and gave a fifty rupee note to Hari. He told Hari Singh that he would now be paid regularly. Hari Singh was aware that Anil knew about the theft. But he did not say anything.

50. Why did Mrs. Hall believe that the house was haunted?
Answer – One day Mr. and Mrs. Hall peeped into Griffin’s room. They found nobody there. Suddenly Mrs. Hall heard a sniff close to her ear. The hat leapt up and dashed itself into her face. Then the bedroom chairs sprang into the air and pushed them both out of the room. These things made her believe that the room was haunted.

51. Write a short note on the role of Richard’s mother in his success?
Answer – Richard Ebright’s mother played an important role in making him a successful scientist. She got him a children’s Book title ‘The Travels of Monarch X’ which became a turning point in his life. She bought him all those things required for the development of scientific aptitude. She encouraged and inspired his interest in learning.

52. Why did Bholi refuse to marry Bishamber Nath?
Answer – Bholi was furious at the act of Bishamber Nath who demanded a dowry of 5000 rupees to marry her. She had cold contempt on her face. She threw the garland Into the fire. She broke her silence and said that Bishambhar was a heartless creature. She said that she would not accept a greedy, mean and coward as her husband.

53. Why did the thief boy want to become an educated man? (The Thief’s Story)
Answer – The thief boy wanted to become an educated man because he thought that he could become a big man if he became educated. After getting education there could be no end to his achievements. That was why when Anil started teaching him alphabets, he felt grateful to him.

54. Why were the two boys in London surprised and fascinated? (Footprints without Feet)
Answer – The two boys saw imprints of a bare footed man. But they could see no man there. They started following the footsteps. They found that the footprints became fainter and then disappeared completely. All this surprised and fascinated them.

55. What did Matilda and her husband do when they found the necklace missing? (The Necklace)
Answer – Matilda looked in the folds of the dress and pockets of the cloak. Her husband went out to find it. He went to the police station and to the cab offices. He put an advertisement in the newspaper offering reward. Both of them tried to find it everywhere. But all their efforts failed to find the necklace.

56. Who are in the library on the earth? What are they doing there? (The Book that Saved the Earth)
Answer – The crew members of the martian space probe called ‘Probe One’ are in the library. They include Captain Omega, Lieutenant Iota and Sergeant Oop. They are collecting information about the earth before the invasion.

57. Why does Mrs. Pumphrey think the dog’s recovery is a triumph of surgery? (A Triumph of Surgery)
Answer – Mrs. Pumphrey was very much worried about her pet dog Tricki as he was seriously ill. He was taken to Mr Herriot’s surgery. Herriot gave Tricki no food for two days. He gave him a lot of exercises. He was transformed into a hard muscled animal. When Mrs Pumphrey saw him, she said, “This is a triumph of surgery.” In fact, she had no idea about Tricki’s ailment and treatment.

58. Describe Max as a secret agent. (The Midnight Visitor)
Answer – Max was a cunning secret agent. He entered Ausable’s room secretly with an automatic pistol. He wanted to take important documents from the room. But Ausable made him believe that there was a balcony outside the window. He was fooled by Ausable about the police. To escape himself from the police, Max dropped himself to the balcony and died.

59. What was the cause of Matilda’s ceaseless suffering? (The Necklace)
Answer – Matilda was a very beautiful and pretty lady. She wanted to live a life of comforts and luxuries. But she was married to a clerk. She lived in a simple house. She led an ordinary life. All this made her very sad. Her discontentment with life was the cause of her ceaseless suffering.

60. What is Think-Tank’s second guess about books? (The Book That Saved the Earth)
Answer – Think-Tank looks at the books with the help of his remote camera. His second guess about the books is that they are communication devices. He orders Omega to listen to them. Omega follows his orders. But he is unable to hear any sound. He replies Think-Tank that they may not be on the correct frequency.

61. What legends are associated with the origin of tea? (Tea from Assam)
Answer – Rajvir tells Pranjol that no one really knows who discovered tea. There are many legends associated with the origin of tea. An Indian legend goes like this. Once there was a Buddhist ascetic Bodhidharma. He used to feel sleepy during meditations. So he cut off his eyelids. Ten tea plants grew out of the eyelids. When the leaves of these plants were put in hot water and drunk, these banished sleep. It is said that they were tea leaves.
Another legend lies like this that a king in China was in the habit of drinking water after boiling it. One day, a few leaves of the twigs burning under the pot fell into the water. As a result, the boiled water got a delicious flavour. It is said they were tea leaves. Thus the chapter shows an Indian legend and a Chinese legend associated with the origin of tea.

62. Write a character sketch of Natalya.
Answer – Natalya is the heroine of the play ‘The Proposal’. She is 25 years old. She is still unmarried. It causes a great worry to her father. Natalya wishes that somebody should love her and propose to her. Her father calls her ‘a love-sick cat’. She is quarrelsome by nature. She quarrels with Lomov over the authority of Oxen Meadows and the better breed of their pet dogs. When she comes to know that he had come to propose to her, she starts crying. Lomov is called back once again and argument starts before proposing. Her father does not want to lose this opportunity. He at one puts Natalya’s hand in the hands of Lomov. Then he announces that they are engaged to each other. Natalya becomes very happy. But she again starts quarrelling with him. Thus we can say that Natalya is an interesting but materialistic character.

63. Write a pen portrait of Anne Frank.
Answer – Anne Frank is a popular diarist and one of the mostdiscussed Jewish victims of the holocaust.In her diary, she documents her life In hiding from 1942 to 1944 during the German occupation of the Netherlands in the Second World War. The chapter ‘From the Diary of Anne Frank’ shows the school life of Anne Frank. She feels that she has no close friend with whom she can share her innermost thoughts. She believes that paper has more patience than people. So she decides to keep a diary which she names Kitty. She loves her grandmother very much. She lights an extra candle on her birthday to show her love for the dead granny. She is a very talkative girl. Her maths teacher Mr Keesing asks her to write an essay on the topic ‘A Chatterbox’ as a punishment. She shows her wit and humour in the essay by stating that talking is the natural quality of a student. She has inherited the quality from her mother. Again she is given an essay to write on the topic ‘An Incorrigible Chatterbox’. Next time, she is asked to write an essay on the topic ‘Quack, Quack, Quack, Said Mistress Chatterbox’. This time she writes a prosaic poem and impresses the teacher with her composition. Now the teachers stops punishing her. Thus we find that Anne is a talented, emotional and intelligent girl.

64. What do you know about Coorg and its people?
Answer – Coorg is a small district of Karnataka. It is also known as Kodagu. It lies between the coastal town of Mangalore and Mysore. It is famous for its coffee plantations, evergreen rainforests and spices. The writer says that it must have come from the kingdom of God.
The people of Coorg are independent and brave. They are possibly of Greek or Arabic descent. According to a story, a part of Alexander’s army did not return and settled in Coorg. They married among the locals. Another theory says that these people are originated from the Arabs. It is evident from their long and black coat. It is like the kuffia worn by the Arabs. The coorgie people’s tales of bravery are very famous.

65. ‘Lencho had deep and indomitable faith in God’. Elaborate this statement.
Answer – Lencho was a poor but hard-working farmer. His crop was destroyed completely because of hailstorm. He became hopeless because he did not have even a penny. There was no one in the valley to support his family. But he had firm faith in the almighty God. He hoped that God would help him and make sure that he and his family would not starve. He wrote a letter to God and asked Him to send 100 pesos. He went to the town and mailed the letter through the post office. When he received the money, he didn’t try to know about the sender. Because he had an unquestioning faith in God. When he counted the money, he got angry. He knew that God could not not make a mistake. He was sure that God would not send him less the amount than he had asked for. He thought that the post office employees had taken his money. So he wrote another letter to God and requested Him to send rest of the money. He asked God not to send the money through mail because the post office employees were a bunch of crooks. All these things show his deep faith in God.

66. ‘The Sermon at Benares’ is about a universal truth of life. Discuss.
Answer – Yes, ‘The Sermon at Benares is about a universal truth of life. And the universal truth of life is that death is an inseparable part of life. Death is inevitable. We need to overcome the suffering and pain that follows. This fact is illustrated through the story of Kisa Gotami. Her only son had died. She wandered looking for someone who would revive her son. Buddha told her to get a handful of mustard seeds from a house where no one had ever died. After failing to procure a handful of mustard seeds from such a house, she sat down by the roadside. She was feeling helpless and tired. She considered the mortal nature of man. She saw the lights of the city that flickered and were extinguished. At last it was darkness everywhere. She realised that death was common to all and she was being selfish in her grief. This is what Buddha wanted her to understand that everyone who is born has to die one day. Life of mortals in this world is troubled and brief and combined with pain.

67. ‘The sight of the food maddened him.’ What does this suggest? (His First Flight)
Answer – Hunger is the biggest motivating factor among all living beings. A hungry bird, animal or human being can take any risk to have food. The same thing happens with the young seagull. He is famished for 24 hours. It is hunger that ultimately compells him to fly. His hunger becomes keener when he sees his mother tearing at a piece of fish. He cries to her and begs her to get some food. When his mother comes towards him with food in her beak, he screams with joy. However, she stops midway. He wonders why she does not come nearer. Not being able to resist or control the hunger any longer, he dives at the food. At this moment his hunger overpowers his fear of the great expanse of the sea. Finally, he takes his first flight.

68. Justify the title of the play ‘The Proposal’.
Answer – The title of the play ‘The Proposal’ is quite apt and suitable. A proposal means the formal act of asking somebody for marriage. The play is about a young man’s proposal of marriage to a young girl.The central characters in the play are Lomov, Natalaya and Chubukov. Lomov goes to Chubukov’s house to propose his daughter Natalya. Chubukov goes mad with joy. But very soon, he and his daughter enter into a useless argument with Lomov. They abuse each other. The quarrel becomes so bitter that Lomov can stand it no longer and faints. Natalya begins to cry because she thinks Lomov is dead. She thinks that all her chances of getting married are now lost. Lomov moves a little. At once, Chubukov puts Lomov’s hand into Natalya’s hand. He says to him, “Hurry up and get married. She is willing!” Natalya says, “Yes, yes, I am willing.” The proposal is accepted without being made.Thus the title of the play is quite apt.

69. What does Nelson Mandela recall on the day of inauguration? (Nelson Mandela : Long Walk to Freedom)
Answer – On the day of the inauguration, Nelson Mandela gets overwhelmed with a sense of history. He recalls that in the first decade of the 20th century, the white-skinned people made a system of racial domination against the dark-skinned people of their own land. It was one of the harshest and most inhumane system. It created a deep and lasting wound in the mind of the black people. But it was overturned in the last decade of the 20th century. It was replaced by a system that recognised the rights and freedoms of all peoples without any bias of colour, caste and creed. He recalls all those leaders who sacrificed their lives for the rights of the black people. He says that he is simply the sum of all those leaders. Those people taught him the meaning of courage. He takes a pledge to protect the rights and freedom of all people.

70. Why did the Buddha ask Kisa Gotami to bring a handful of mustard seeds? What message did he want to convey? (The Sermon at Benares)
Answer – Kisa Gotami lost her only son. She wanted some medicine to bring her son to life. A man suggested her to approach the Buddha. She went to him and requested him to make her son alive. The Buddha asked her to bring a handful of mustard seeds. But there was a condition. She must bring it from a house where no one had died. Kisa Gotami went from door to door to get the mustard seeds. The problem was that there were mustard seeds in every home. But she was unable to find a house where nobody had ever died. She felt very tired and sad. Then she realised the bitter truth of life. The Buddha wanted her to accept the inevitability of death.

71. Who is the real culprit in the story ‘A Question of Trust’?
Answer – Horace Danby was a good and respectable citizen. He was fifty years old and unmarried. But he was not completely honest. He loved to buy rare, latest and expensive books. He raised money to buy these books by breaking one safe every year. His latest target was the safe at Shotover Grange. He made thorough preparation for his venture. But when he entered the room, his hay fever made him sneeze. It brought a young lady to him. She posed to be the mistress of the house. She threatened to hand him over to police. She told him that she would let him go free if he opened the safe for her. She wanted to wear the jewellery for a dinner party that evening. She said that she had forgotten the code number to open the safe. Horace was scared. So he opened the safe but without wearing gloves in hurry. He left his finger prints all over that led to his arrest. Thus the real culprit in the story was the lady in red. She had befooled, cheated and trapped Horace Danby.

72. How did the necklace change the life of Matilda? (The Necklace)
Answer – Matilda was a very beautiful and attractive woman. One evening, her husband told her that they were invited to a party at the residence of the Minister of Public Instruction. She went to her friend Mme. Forestier’s house. She borrowed a necklace of diamonds from her to wear at the party. Everybody praised her at the ball.All the officers at the party wanted to dance with her. She had a great sense of victory. But she lost the necklace. She and her husband made all efforts to find it, but in vain. Now they needed 36000 francs to purchase a diamond necklace and return it to Mme. Forestier. But they had only 18000 francs with them. So Loisel raised a loan of 18000 francs. They shifted to a small room. They dismissed their maid. Matilda did all her household works herself. Mr Loisel did extra work in the evenings. After ten years of hard work, they were able to pay off their debt. But now Matilda had become an ordinary woman of a poor house. In the end, she came to know that the diamond necklace was artificial. It was not even worth 500 francs in reality. Thus the necklace changed their life completely.

73. What idea do you form of Ausable from your study of the story ‘The Midnight Visitor’?
Answer – Ausable was different from the conventional notion of a secret agent. He had a small room in musty corridor of a gloomy French hotel. It was on the sixth and top floor. It was hardly the setting for a romantic adventure. He was extremely fat. In spite of living in Paris for over 20 years, he spoke French and German with difficulty. Instead of getting messages passed secretly to him by beautiful girls, he got only routine telephone call making an appointment.
He was smart, intelligent cool and sharp minded person he was quick weighted and had a great presence of mind. He was able to frame a fake story – a Police Story and the balcony story to befool Max. The story was so convincing that Max believed that the balcony actually existed and he jumped out of it.Ausable got rid of Max and saved the important documents. Thus Ausable showed that he was quite dangerous for other agents.

74. ‘Richard Ebright had all the ingredients required for the making of a scientist’. Elaborate
Answer – The writer describes that a first-rate mind, curiosity and the will to win for right reason are the ingredients in the making of a scientist. A scientist is not somebody who knows science but one who is curious to experiment and discover something new. The chapter shows that Richard had all these ingredients to make a successful scientist. He was a bright student with inclination towards research in science. He collected rocks, fossils and coins. He started collecting butterflies in kindergarten. He tried experiments on butter- flies for a science fair. In his project in the second year of high school, he tried to explain purpose of twelve tiny gold spots on a Monarch pupa. He found out that those sports produce hormone necessary for the full development of a butterfly. This discovery got him many honours. Then he began working on how cells read their DNA. His theory could find answer to many cancer diseases. His theory brought some great changes in the world of science. He was a good speaker, canoeist, debater, player, astronomer and photographer also. Thus he had all the ingredients in the making of a scientist.

75. Describe the bond between Mrs. Pumphrey and her pet dog Tricki?
Answer – Mrs. Pumphrey was a rich woman who loved her dog Tricki very much. She wanted her dog to spend a comfortable and lavish life. She had maintained a wardrobe full of fancy fur coats, dresses, bed etc. for Tricki. She used to overfeed him out of her love and concern. She used to serve him cod- liver oil and malt between the main meals and horlicks after dinner to give him strength. This made the dog lazy, inactive and very fat. He started vomiting and fell ill. Mrs. Pumphrey got worried and made a frantic call to Dr. Herriot. Tricki was taken to his surgery. Even in the hospital, she continued to shower her love by sending eggs, wine and brandy. After a fortnight, she was called to take back the dog home. This news made her say that it was a triumph of surgery. When Tricki saw his mistress, he jumped into her lap. He was also very happy to go home.

76. Matilda was an example of vanity. Comment.
Answer – Matilda was a very pretty young lady. But she was not satisfied with the poverty of her family. She hated her own humble surroundings and spent her time dreaming about a luxurious life. To get pleasure and to show her vanity, she borrowed a diamond necklace from her friend Mme. Forstier. She had a sense of victory at the ball. Everybody praised her beauty. But she lost the necklace in the party. She did not confess it to her friend. Rather she got into poverty and debt to replace it by a necklace that looked similar to it. She and her husband had to make severe compromises in their lifestyle. She worked hard at the household chores while her husband over worked at the office. They worked hard for ten long years to pay up the loan. All this shows that Matilda was an example of vanity.

77. Give a brief character sketch of Horace Danby. (A Question of Trust)
Answer – Horace Danby was about fifty years old. He was unmarried. He made locks and had two helpers. He had a good reputation in the society. But he was not completely honest. He used to rob a safe every year and he had his own reason for that. He was fond of reading rare and expensive books. So he stole only once a year. He planned his robberies very well. He was always successful at them. But at the time of his robbery at Shotover Grange, he was duped by a smart female thief. He was expert in his profession yet the young lady befooled him by her appearance. He could neither suspect her presence nor was he aware of the outcome. He was caught for a crime he had not committed for himself. He would surely regret his overconfidence that put him to jail for fifteen years.

78. Why does Think-Tank decide not to invade the earth? (The Book that Saved the Earth)
Answer – The martians come to the earth to collect information about it before the invasion. They land in a public library. They have never seen the books. The ruler of Mars Think-Tank takes the books to be sandwiches. He asks Sergeant Oop to take a bite of it.Oop tells him that it is not tasty at all. Then Think-Tank gusses that the books are communication devices. He asks Captain Omega to pick up a colourful book and see what is in it.She finds that it is a book of nursery rhymes. She cannot understand what is written in that book. She tries to derive her own meanings from the rhymes. She says that the earthlings are planning to invade Mars. So Think-Tank decides no to invade the earth. He orders the invasion fleet to evacuate the planet Mars and go a hundred million miles away from it. He orders a special space capsule for his own escape.

79. Prove the following quotation true in the context of ‘The Thief’s Story’ :
“Trust and the spirit to forgive someone can change a person.”
Answer – ‘The Thief’s Story’ presents the story of a fifteen year old thief boy Hari Singh and a writer named Anil. Anil is a simple-hearted and easy-going man. Hari Singh finds him as an easy target for his purpose of stealing. Anil trusts him and gives him a job to cook food for him. Anil teaches him to read and write. One day Anil brings some money at home. The thief boy steals 600 rupees and runs away. But he is unable to board the train. He feels that Anil is the only person whom he can trust. He thinks that when Anil will come to know of the theft, he will feel very sad not for the loss of money but for the loss of trust. So he decides to come back. He puts the money back under the mattress. Anil knows all this. But he is a kind-hearted man. He says nothing to the boy. Rather he promises to pay him regularly. His behaviour brings out a change in the life of the thief boy. Thus the following statement is quite true in the context of this chapter :
“Trust and the spirit to forgive someone can change a person.”

80. How did the teacher help Bholi to become a confident girl? (Bholi)
Answer – Bholi was the youngest child of Ramlal. She was neither intelligent nor beautiful. Nobody talked to her with love. She was a backward child. She had pock marks on her face. On the first day of school, she was frightened. All students laughed at her when she was unable to pronounce her name properly. But her teacher spoke to her in a soft and soothing voice. The teacher’s behaviour touched her heart. The teacher advised her to come to school regularly. Then she would be more learned than anyone else in the village. She assured her that she would be able to speak without a stammer and everybody would listen to her with respect. Her words became a new hope for Bholi. She became a confident girl. She refused to marry Bishamber Nath. She decided to serve her parents in their old age. She proved herself the teacher’s masterpiece.



Passages & Stanzas Questions

The passages given below and answer the questions that follow :

1. My father, the most adorable father I’ve ever seen; didn’t marry my mother until he was thirty-six and she was twenty-five. My sister, Margot, was born in Frankfurt in Germany in 1926. I was born on 12th June, 1929. I lived in Frankfurt until I was four. My father emigrated to Holland in 1933. My mother, Edith Hollander Frank, went with him to Holland in September, while Margot and I were sent to Aachen to stay with our grandmother.
Questions :
(i) Name the chapter from which the passage has been taken.
Answer – From the Diary of Anne Frank

(ii) Who does ‘my father’ refer to here?
Answer – Otto Frank

(iii) Where did the grandmother live?
Answer – Aachen

(iv) When was Anne Frank born?
Answer – 12th June 1929

(v) What was the name of Anne Frank’s mother?
Answer – Edith Hollander Frank

2. Our elders are often heard reminiscing nostalgically about those good old Portuguese days, the Portuguese and their famous loaves of bread. Those eaters of loaves might have vanished but the makers are still there. We still have amongst us the mixers, the moulders and those who bake the loaves. Those age-old, time-tested furnaces still exist. The fire in the furnaces has not yet been extinguished.
Questions :
(i) Name the chapter and its writer.
Answer – Chapter : A Baker from Goa, Writer : Lucio Rodrigues

(ii) Whom do the elders remember nostalgically?
Answer – The good old Portuguese days, the Portuguese and their famous loaves of bread.

(iii) Who are referred to as the makers?
Answer – The bakers

(iv) Which time-tested things still exist?
Answer – The furnaces

(v) Which word in the passage means the same as ‘disappeared’?
Answer – Vanished

3. That day had come about through the unimaginable sacrifices of thousands of my people, people whose suffering and courage can never be counted or repaid. I felt that day, as I have on so many other days, that I was simply the sum of all those African patriots who had gone before me. That long and noble line ended and now began again with me. I was pained that I was not able to thank them and that they were not able to see what their sacrifices had wrought.
Questions :
(i) Name the chapter from which the passage has been taken.
Answer – Long Walk to Freedom

(ii) Which day has been referred to in these lines?
Answer – The day of inauguration when the first non-racial and democratic government was made in South Africa.

(iii) Whom does Mandela remember on the day of inauguration?
Answer – Mandela remembers all the African patriots who sacrificed their lives for the rights of the black people.

(iv) What was it that pained the writer?
Answer – The African martyrs were not able to witness the day of inauguration. This thing pained Mandela.

(v) Which word in the passage means ‘done’ or ‘achieved’?
Answer – Wrought

4. At last the darkness of the night reigned everywhere. And she considered the fate of men, that their lives flicker up and are extinguished again. And she thought to herself, “How selfish am I in my grief! Death is common to all; yet in this valley of desolation there is a path that leads him to immortality who has surrendered all selfishness.”
Questions :
(i) Give the name of the chapter.
Answer – The Sermon at Benares

(ii) Who does ‘she’ refer to in the given passage?
Answer – Here ‘she’ refers to Kisa Gotami.

(iii) Why was Kisa Gotami sad?
Answer – Because she was unable to find a house where no one has died.

(iv) What realisation came to Kisa Gotami?
Answer – She realised that death is common to all.

(v) Which word in the passage means ‘stopped burning?
Answer – Extinguished

5. ‘Paper has more patience than people’. I thought of this saying on one of those days when I was feeling a little depressed and was sitting at home with my chin in my hands, bored and listless, wondering whether to stay in or go out. I finally stayed where I was, brooding; Yes, paper does have more patience and since I’m not planning to let anyone else read this stiff-backed notebook grandly referred to as a diary, unless I should ever find a real friend, it probably won’t make a bit of difference.
Questions :
(i) Name the chapter.
Answer – From the Diary of Anne Frank

(ii) Who does ‘I’ refer to here?
Answer – The word ‘I’ refers to Anne Frank here.

(iii) Who does have more patience than people ?
Answer – Paper does have more patience than people.

(iv) Who does the phrase ‘stiff backed notebook’ refer to here?
Answer – The phrase ‘stiff backed notebook’ refers to diary.

(v) Which word in the passage means the same as ‘sad’?
Answer – Depressed

6. Mij and I remained in London for nearly a month. He would play for hours with a selection of toys, ping- pong balls, marbles, rubber fruit, and a terrapin shell that I had brought back from his native marshes. With the ping-pong ball he invented a game of his own which could keep him engrossed for up to half an hour at a time.
Questions :
(i) Name the chapter from which the passage has been taken.
Answer – Mijbil the Otter

(ii) With which things would Mij play for hours?
Answer – He would play for hours with a selection of toys, ping pomg ball, marbles, rubber fruit and the terrapin shell.

(iii) With which thing Mij invented a game of his own?
Answer – He invented a game of his own with the ping-pong ball.

(iv) Who was Mij?
Answer – Mij was the pet otter of Maxwell.

(v) What does the word ‘engrossed’ mean here?
Answer – Kept busy or engaged

7. In life, every man has twin obligation -obligations to his family, to his parents, to his wife and children, and he has an obligation to his people, his community, his country. In a civil and humane society, each man is able to fulfil those obligations according to his own inclinations and abilities. But in a country like South Africa, it was almost impossible for a man of my birth and colour to fulfil both of those obligations. In South Africa, a man of colour who attempted to live as a human being was punished and isolated.
Questions :
(i) What twin obligations does the writer mention?
Answer – They are the obligations to one’s family and to one’s people.

(ii) What can one do in a civil and humane society?
Answer – In a civil and humane ciety, one can fulfil one’s obligations according to one’s inclinations and abilities.

(iii) What was impossible for the blacks in South Africa to do and why?
Answer – It was impossible for the blacks to fulfil their obligations to their family and people because they were not free to do what they had.

(iv) How were the blacks treated if they tried to live as human beings?
Answer – They were punished and put into prison.

(v) Find in the passage words that mean (i) a written contract or bond (ii) to put apart.
Answer – (i) obligation, (ii) to isolate

8. The baker made his musical entry on the scene with the jhang, jhang’ sound of his specially made bamboo staff. One hand supported the basket on his head and the other banged the bamboo on the ground. He would greet the lady of the house with “Good morning” and then place his basket on the vertical bamboo. We kids would be pushed aside with a mild rebuke and the loaves would be delivered to the servant. But we would not give up. We would climb a bench or the parapet and peep into the basket, somehow. I can still recall the typical fragrance of those loaves. Loaves for the elders and the bangles for the children. Then we did not even care to brush our teeth or wash our mouths properly. And why should we? Who would take the trouble of plucking the mango-leaf for the toothbrush? And why was it necessary at all? The tiger never brushed his teeth. Hot tea could wash and clean up everything so nicely, after all!
Questions :
(i) Name the chapter and its author.
Answer – Chapter : A Baker from Goa, Author : Lucio Rodrigues.

(ii) How did the baker make his musical entry?
Answer – He made his musical entry with the ‘jhang, jhang’ sound of his specially made staff.

(iii) What can the author still recall?
Answer – He can still recall the typical fragrance of the loaves.

(iv) What did the author and other kids do to look into the baker’s basket?
Answer – They climbed a bench or the parapet and somehow peeped into the baker’s basket.

(v) Find from the passage words which mean the same as : (i) helped, (ii) welcome.
Answer – (i) supported, (ii) greet


The stanzas given below and answer the questions that follow :

9. Some say the world will end in fire
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favour fire.
Questions :
(i) Name the poem and the poet.
Answer – Poem : Fire and Ice, Poet : Robert Frost

(ii) What does fire stand for in these lines?
Answer – Here ‘fire’ stands for burning desire for material things.

(iii) What does ice stand for in these lines?
Answer – Here ‘ice’ stands for hatred.

(iv) Which figure of speech is used in the first two lines?
Answer – ‘Anapora’ is used in the first two lines.

(v) What is the rhyme scheme used in the stanza?
Answer – The rhyme scheme used in the stanza is ‘abaa’.

10. The pirate gaped at Belinda’s dragon,
And gulped some grog from his pocket flagon,
He fired two bullets but they didn’t hit,
And Custard gobbled him, every bit.
Questions :
(i) Name the poem and its poet.
Answer – Poem : The Tale of Custard the Dragon, Poet : Ogden Nash

(ii) Who was Custard?
Answer – Custard was Belinda’s pet dragon.

(iii) What did the pirate do on seeing the dragon?
Answer – The pirate drank some alcohol from a container in his pocket.

(iv) How many bullets did the pirate fire on Custard?
Answer – He fired two bullets on Custard.

(v) Who ate every bit of the pirate?
Answer – Custard ate every bit of the pirate.

11. I am an orphan, roaming the street.
I pattern soft dust with my hushed, bare feet.
The silence is golden,the freedom is sweet.
Questions :
(i) Name the poem and the poet.
Answer – Poem : Amanda!, Poet : Robin Klein

(ii) Who is ‘I’ in these lines?
Answer – ‘I’ refer to Amanda here.

(iii) What does Amanda want to become here?
Answer – Amanda wants to become an orphan in these lines.

(iv) What kind of a girl is Amanda?
Answer – She is an imaginative girl.

(v) How is silence described here?
Answer – Silence is described as precious as gold.

12. “But I can get a hair-dye And set such colour there,
Brown, or black, or carrot,
That young men in despair
May love me for myself alone
And not my yellow hair. ”
Questions :
(i) Who is the speaker of these lines?
Answer – A young woman

(ii) What colour can she give to her hair ?
Answer – Brown, black or carrot

(iii) Why does she want to change the colour of her hair?
Answer – Because she wants someone to love for herself alone and not for the colour of her hair.

(iv) Name the poem and the poet.
Answer – Poem : For Anne Gregory, Poet : W. B. Yeats

(v) Which word in the stanza means the opposite of ‘hope’?
Answer – Despair

13. Though to distinguish beasts of prey
A novice might nonplus,
The Crocodile you always may
Tell from the Hyena thus:
Hyenas come with merry smiles;
But if they weep they’re Crocodiles.
Questions :
(i) What does the phrase ‘beasts of prey’ mean?
Answer – The phrase ‘beasts of prey’ means animals that kill other animals for food.

(ii) Name the poem and the poet.
Answer – Poem : How to Tell Wild Animals, Poet : Carolyn Wells

(iii) For a novice what would be difficult?
Answer – It would be difficult to distinguish between a crocodile and a hyena for a novice.

(iv) How do hyenas come?
Answer – Hyenas come with smiling face.

(v) How would you identify a crocodile?
Answer – A crocodile is identified through its tears from its eyes.

14. Belinda was as brave as a barrel full of bears,
And Ink and Blink chased lions down the stairs,
Mustard was as brave as a tiger in a rage,
But Custard cried for a nice safe cage.
Questions :
(i) Name the poem and the poet.
Answer – Poem : The Tale of Custard the Dragon, Poet : Ogden Nash

(ii) How much brave is Belinda described?
Answer – Belinda is described as brave as a group of bears.

(iii) How much brave are Ink and Blink described?
Answer – Ink and Blink are brave enough to hunt lions.

(iv) How much brave is Mustard described?
Answer – Mustard is as brave as an angry tiger.

(v) For what did Custard always cry?
Answer – Custard always cried for a safe cage.

15. The true Chameleon is small,
A lizard sort of thing:
He hasn’t any ears at all, And not a single wing.
If there is nothing on the tree.
‘Tis the chameleon you see.
Questions :
(i) Name the poem and its poet.
Answer – Poem : How to Tell Wild Animals, Poet : Carolyn Wells

(ii) What is the rhyme scheme of the stanza?
Answer – The rhymes scheme of the stranger is ‘ababcc’.

(iii) How does a chameleon look like?
Answer – It looks like a sort of lizard.

(iv) Where can you see a chameleon?
Answer – We can see it on a tree.

(v) Identify the poetic device used in the given extract.
Answer – The poetic device used in this extract is ‘Poetic License’.

16. Belinda paled, and she cried Help! Help!
But Mustard fled with a terrified yelp,
Ink trickled down to the bottom of the household,
And little mouse Blink strategically mouseholed.
Questions :
(i) Why did Belinda cry for help?
Answer – She cried for help because a pirate had broken into her house.

(ii) How did Ink behave?
Answer – It ran away to the bottom of the house.

(iii) What did Mustard do when it heard Belinda’s cry?
Answer – Afraid and yelping loudly, it ran away from there.

(iv) Where did the mouse slip away?
Answer – The mouse slipped away into his hole.

(v) Name the poem and the poet.
Answer – Poem : The Tale of Custard the Dragon, Poet : Ogden Nash

17. Some say the world will end in fire
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favour fire.
(i) What is the poet’s opinion about the ending of the world ?
Answer – The poet thinks that fire of desires will end the world.
(ii) What do people think about the ending of the world ?
Answer – People think that fire or ice can ruin the world.
(iii) What is the rhyme scheme of the poem ?
Answer – abaa
(iv) Which word in the stanza means “agree”?
Answer – hold with
(v) Name the poet and the poem.
Answer : Name of Poet – Robert Frost, Name of Poem – Fire and ice

18. What is the boy now, who has lost his ball,
What, what is he to do? I saw it go
Merrily bouncing, down the street, and then
Merrily over- there it is in the water!
No use to say ‘O there are other balls’:
(i) From which poem has this stanza been taken ?
Answer – The Ball Poem
(ii) Why does the poet repeat the word ‘What’?
Answer – to show the desperate mental state of the boy.
(iii) Which feeling is expressed in the first line ?
Answer – The boy is confused and sad.
(iv) Where did the ball go ?
Answer – in the water.
(v) How was the ball bouncing ?
Answer – Merrily (happily)




1. Choose the correct form of verb from the given choices :
(i) She …………….. (go) to temple everyday.
(a) go
(b) goes
(c) is going
(d) has been going
Answer – (b) goes

(ii) It …………… (hail) outside for half an hour.
(a) was hailing
(b) is hailing
(c) have been hailing
(d) has been hailing
Answer – (d) has been hailing

(iii) There she …………… (hide)!
(a) is hiding
(b) hide
(c) hides
(d) has hidden
Answer – (c) hides

(iv) If he had driven fast, he ……..….. (catch) the thieves.
(a) had caught
(b) would have caught
(c) caught
(d) None of these
Answer – (b) would have caught

(v) Diwali …………… (celebrate) every year with great zeal.
(a) celebrates
(b) is celebrated
(c) was celebrated
(d) is celebrating
Answer – (b) is celebrated

(vi) By the time she was sixteen, she ……………. (become) a great singer.
(a) becomes
(b) has become
(c) had become
(d) None of these
Answer – (c) had become

(vii) My servant …………….. (paint) the door if you had given him a brush.
(a) will paint
(b) had painted
(c) would have painted
(d) would paint
Answer – (c) would have painted

(viii) They …………… (leave) the park when we reached there.
(a) left
(b) have left
(c) would be leaving
(d) had left
Answer – (d) had left

(ix) ..………….. you not (take) your breakfast yet?
(a) did not take
(b) have not taken
(c) are you not taking
(d) None of these
Answer – (b) have not taken
Have you not taken your breakfast yet?

(x) We …………….. (wait) for the school bus at the moment.
(a) waits
(b) is waiting
(c) are waiting
(d) have waited
Answer – (c) are waiting

2. Choose the correct article from the given choices :
(i) He is ………..….. artist.
(a) the
(b) a
(c) an
(d) No article
Answer – (c) an

(ii) ..………….. Water is necessary to survive.
(a) No article
(b) The
(c) A
(d) An
Answer – (a) No article

(iii) He is ………….… European.
(a) the
(b) a
(c) an
(d) No article
Answer – (b) a

(iv) …………… gift given by you is dear to me.
(a) No article
(b) The
(c) A
(d) An
Answer – (b) The

(v) He bought …………… Alsatian dog.
(a) the
(b) a
(c) an
(d) No article
Answer – (c) an

(vi) ..………….. Bible gives me a lot of peace and wisdom .
(a) No article
(b) The
(c) A
(d) An
Answer – (b) The

(vii) Keep to ……………. right.
(a) a
(b) an
(c) the
(d) no article
Answer – (c) the

(viii) The more …………… merrier.
(a) no article
(b) A
(c) an
(d) the
Answer – (d) the

(ix) He is ………….. M. L. A.
(a) the
(b) an
(c) a
(d) No article
Answer – (b) an

(x) …………… Man is mortal.
(a) The
(b) A
(c) an
(d) No article
Answer – (d) No article

3. Choose the correct modal from the given choices :
(i) He ………….. dance for hours in his childhood.
(a) could
(b) can
(c) need
(d) will
Answer – (a) could

(ii) He …………… rather break than stoop.
(a) should
(b) would
(c) can
(d) must
Answer – (b) would

(iii) You ……….….. follow the law of your country.
(a) could
(b) must
(c) need
(d) will
Answer – (b) must

(iv) I ……………. work hard to win a scholarship.
(a) should
(b) would
(c) can
(d) must
Answer – (d) must

(v) We ………….. leave for Goa in the morning.
(a) dare
(b) must
(c) need
(d) shall
Answer – (d) shall

(vi) If he had money, he …………… buy a car.
(a) should
(b) would
(c) can
(d) must
Answer – (b) would

(vii) …………….. God grant peace to the departed soul!
(a) May
(b) Can
(c) Should
(d) Will
Answer – (a) May

(viii) ……….……. I sit on the chair, please?
(a) May
(b) Dare
(c) Will
(d) Must
Answer – (a) May

(ix) He ran fast so that he ………… catch the bus.
(a) may
(b) might
(c) will
(d) would
Answer – (b) might

(x) I ……………. swim when I was young.
(a) can
(b) may
(c) need
(d) could
Answer – (d) could

4. Choose the correct non-finite from the given choices :
(i) This medicine is pleasant ……………. (take).
(a) to take
(b) taking
(c) take
(d) having taken
Answer – (a) to take

(ii) Raman is fond of …………… (play) cricket.
(a) to play
(b) playing
(c) play
(d) having played
Answer – (b) playing

(iii) His joke made us ……….…… (laugh).
(a) laughing
(b) to laugh
(c) laugh
(d) having laughed
Answer – (c) laugh

(iv) You need not …………….. (run) fast.
(a) running
(b) to run
(c) run
(d) None of these
Answer – (c) run

(v) ……………. (Gamble) is a crime.
(a) Gamble
(b) to gamble
(c) Gambling
(d) Having gambled
Answer – (c) Gambling

(vi) It is easy …………… (advise) others.
(a) advise
(b) to advise
(c) advising
(d) None of these
Answer – (b) to advise

(vii) The signboard said, “No …………. .” (park)
(a) park
(b) parking
(c) parked
(d) to park
Answer – (b) parking

(viii) We were made …………… (paint) the wall.
(a) painting
(b) to paint
(c) painted
(d) paint
Answer – (b) to paint

5. Choose the correct punctuated sentence from the given choices :
(i) reema said to her mother where are you going
(a) Reema said to her mother: Where are you going.
(b) Reema said to her mother, “Where are you going?”
(c) Reema said to her mother, “where are you going?
(d) Reema said to her Mother, “where are you going.”
Answer – (b) Reema said to her mother, “Where are you going?”

(ii) Alas he is ruined
(a) Alas! He is ruined?
(b) Alas, he is ruined.
(c) Alas! He is ruined.
(d) Alas? He is ruined.
Answer – (c) Alas! He is ruined.

(iii) raman and Rohit have not passed there BA yet
(a) Raman and Rohit have not passed their ba yet.
(b) Raman and Rohit have not passed their B. A. yet.
(c) Raman and rohit have not passed their B.A. yet.
(d) Raman and Rohit have not passed their b.a. Yet.
Answer – (b) Raman and Rohit have not passed their B. A. yet.

(iv) I bought a book titled Othello written by Shakespeare
(a) I bought a book titled Othello written by Shakespeare?
(b) I bought a book titled othello written by Shakespeare!
(c) I bought a book titled Othello written by shakespeare.
(d) I bought a book titled ‘Othello’ written by Shakespeare.
Answer – (d) I bought a book titled ‘Othello’ written by Shakespeare.

(v) The ramayana is the holy book of the hindus
(a) The Ramayana is the holy book of the Hindus?
(b) The Ramayana is the holy book of the hindus.
(c) the Ramayana is the holy book of the Hindus.
(d) The Ramayana is the holy book of the Hindus.
Answer – (d) The Ramayana is the holy book of the Hindus.

(vi) leela said have you any small bangles.
(a) leela said, “Have you any small bangles?
(b) Leela said, “Have you any small bangles?”
(c) Leela said, “Have you any small bangles.”
(d) Leela said, “Have you any small bangles”?
Answer – (b) Leela said, “Have you any small bangles?”

(vii) harpreet is a student of khalsa college amritsar
(a) Harpreet is a student of Khalsa College Amritsar
(b) Harpreet is a student of Khalsa College Amritsar?
(c) Harpreet is a student of Khalsa College, Amritsar?
(d) Harpreet is a student of Khalsa College, Amritsar.
Answer – (d) Harpreet is a student of Khalsa College, Amritsar.

(viii) mahatma gandhi was cremated at rajghat delhi
(a) Mahatma Gandhi was cremated at Rajghat, Delhi.
(b) Mahatma Gandhi was cremated at Rajghat Delhi?
(c) mahatma Gandhi was cremated at Rajghat Delhi.
(d) Mahatma gandhi was cremated at Rajghat Delhi.
Answer – (a) Mahatma Gandhi was cremated at Rajghat, Delhi.

(ix) dr anu said why are you beating rajesh
(a) Dr. Anu said, “Why are you beating Rajesh?”
(b) Dr Anu said, “why are you beating Rajesh!”
(c) Dr Anu said, “Why are you beating rajesh.”
(d) None of these
Answer – (a) Dr. Anu said, “Why are you beating Rajesh?”

(x) we went to agra on friday
(a) We went to agra on Friday
(b) We went to Agra on friday
(c) We went to Agra on Friday ?
(d) We went to Agra on Friday.
Answer – (d) We went to Agra on Friday.

6. Choose the sentence showing correct indirect speech from the given choices :
(i) Rohit has said, “I cannot displease my friend.”
(a) Rohit has said that I cannot displease my friend.
(b) Rohit has said that he could not displease his friend.
(c) Rohit has said that he cannot displease his friend.
(d) Rohit has said that he could not displease my friend.
Answer – (c) Rohit has said that he cannot displease his friend.

(ii) He said to her, “Do you want to go home?”
(a) He asked her if she wanted to go home.
(b) He asked her if she wants to go home.
(c) He told her that she wanted to go home.
(d) He asked her does she want to go home.
Answer – (a) He asked her if she wanted to go home.

(iii) Mother said to Pramila, “Avoid meeting bad girls.”
(a) Mother ordered Pramila that avoid meeting bad girls.
(b) Mother advised Pramila to avoid meeting bad girls.
(c) Mother told Pramila that avoid meeting bad girls.
(d) Mother told Pramila to avoid meeting bad girls.
Answer – (b) Mother advised Pramila to avoid meeting bad girls.

(iv) He said to me, “Whom does she want to contact?”
(a) He told me whom she wanted to contact.
(b) He asked me who she wants to contact.
(c) He asked me whom she had wanted to contact.
(d) He asked me whom she wanted to contact.
Answer – (d) He asked me whom she wanted to contact.

(v) The teacher said to the students, “Stop making a noise.”
(a) The teacher ordered the students that stop making a noise.
(b) The teacher ordered the students to stop making a noise.
(c) The teacher ordered the students stop to making a noise.
(d) The teacher said to the students to stop making a noise.
Answer – (b) The teacher ordered the students to stop making a noise.

(vi) He said, “Farewell, my friends!”
(a) He bid farewell to his friends.
(b) He bade farewell to his friends.
(c) He bid farewell his friends.
(d) He wished his friends to bid farewell.
Answer – (b) He bade farewell to his friends.

(vii) The teacher said to me, “Don’t go there.”
(a) The teacher forbade me to go there.
(b) The teacher asked me not to go there.
(c) The teacher ordered me not to go there.
(d) All of these
Answer – (d) All of these

(viii) My father said, “Union is strength.”
(a) My father said that union was strength.
(b) My father said if union is strength.
(c) My father said that union is strength.
(d) My father exclaimed with sorrow that union is strength.
Answer – (c) My father said that union is strength.

7. Choose the most suitable option showing the transformation of following simple sentences into complex sentences using adjective clauses.
(i) I want to talk to this man.
(a) This is the man who I want to talk.
(b) This is the man to whom I want to talk.
(c) This is the man I want to talk.
(d) This is the man why I want to talk.
Answer – (b) This is the man to whom I want to talk.

(ii) He was born in this city.
(a) This is the city how he was born.
(b) This is the city when he was born.
(c) This is the city where he was born.
(d) This is the city that he was born.
Answer – (c) This is the city where he was born.

8. Choose the correct option to combine the following sentences :
(i) She said something. I did not hear it.
(a) I did not hear what she said.
(b) I did not hear how she said.
(c) I did not hear that she said.
(d) I did not hear why she said.
Answer – (a) I did not hear what she said.

(ii) He will pass this year. It is certain.
(a) It is certain that he will pass this year.
(b) He will pass this year as it is certain.
(c) He will pass this year because it is certain.
(d) It is certain that will he passe this year.
Answer – (a) It is certain that he will pass this year.



Applications & Letters

(i) Write an application to the librarian of your school, requesting him to remit the fine for returning the books late. You are Aarush/Arshita, student of 10th A class of R.M.S. Sr. Sec. School, Ambala.
Answer –
The Librarian
R.M.S. Sr. Sec. School
Subject : Request to remit fine for returning books late
Respected Sir/Madam
I am Aarush/Arshita, a student of class 10th A of your school. I am writing to you today to request you to remit the fine for returning the books late.
I borrowed 3 books from the library on 2nd January 2024. I was supposed to return the books on 15th January 2024, but I was unable to do so due to some unforeseen circumstances. I had to go to my grandmother’s house for a week. A fine of Rs.200 has been imposed on me. I request you to kindly remit the fine considering my genuine circumstances.
I am a regular library user and I have always returned the books on time. This is the first time that I have been late in returning the books. I promise that it will not happen again.
I hope you will consider my request.
Thanking you.
Yours obediently
22 January 2024

(ii) You are Kamal/ Kamala, a student of Vohra Public School, Faridabad, Haryana. The toilets of your school are very dirty. Write an application to your principal drawing his attention and pointing out the foul smell emitting out of the toilets.
Answer –
The Principal
Vohra Public School
Faridabad (Haryana)
Subject : dirty condition of our school toilets
It is to bring to your kind notice that the school-toilets are very dirty. They stink and we have to use them because there is no alternative. The taps are constantly leaking. It’s difficult to stand there at all. I wish you could yourself see their condition.
In fact their bad condition forces many students to relieve themselves at the boundary walls and other such places. The sweepers never seem to clean them. There are dirty remarks written all around in the toilet walls. Kindly get the toilets cleaned and painted afresh to give them a good look.
Thanking you in anticipation.
Yours obediently
Class : X

(iii) Your father had sent to you a beautiful gift on your birthday from New York. Write a letter to him expressing your feelings of love and admiration for him. You are Sapna/ Mudit living at D-30, Saraswati Kunj, Chennai.
Answer –
D-30, Saraswati Kunj
10 January 2024

My dear Father
I am delighted to receive your birthday gift. It is simply superb. Though I have received many gifts, none can equal the one that you have sent.
The electronic dictionary which you have sent me has more than one lakh words. Besides, it has the facility to learn the correct pronunciation of words. It has a number of interesting grammar and vocabulary games which can help a student.
It is really very useful. It will help me all through my education and even afterwards. I know you are busy in New York but you must soon find time to visit us.
Yours affectionately

(iv)You are Renu/Rohan. You purchased a T.V. set from Capital Electronics. However after a month, the T.V. set stopped working properly. The volume could not be adjusted and the screen kept going back. Write a letter of complaint to the Manager of the store asking them to send a technician and if required replace the T.V. set since it was within warranty period.
Answer –
6, Raja Road
5 February 2024

The Manager
Capital Electronics

Subject : Complaint about defected TV set

I am writing to complain about a television set that I purchased from your store on 2nd January 2024.The model number of the TV is Sony X564.
After one month of use, the volume on the TV could not be adjusted and the screen kept going back. I have tried all steps that are recommended in the owner’s manual, but the problems persist. I am very disappointed with the quality of this product and the inconvenience that it has caused me. I request that you either send a technician to my home to repair the TV or replace it with a new one. The TV is still under warranty, so I am confident that you will resolve this issue in a timely and satisfactory manner. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Yours sincerely

(v) You are Swati/Sohan, living at Sewa Sadan, Sector 90, Gurugram. Your streets and roads get waterlogged during the monsoon season every year. Write a letter to the editor ‘The Times of India’ highlighting the problems and suggesting measures to control the problem.
Answer –
Sewa Sadan
Sector 90
5th August 2023

The Editor
The Times of India

Subject : Problem of waterlogging in Sector 90

I am writing to express my concern about the recurring problem of waterlogging in my area during the monsoon season. Every year, the streets and roads are flooded with rainwater, making it difficult for residents to go about their daily lives.
The flooded roads make it difficult for vehicles to pass leading to traffic jams.The stagnant water provides a breeding ground for mosquitoes which can lead to the spread of diseases.
I urge the concerned authorities to take immediate steps to address the waterlogging problem in our area. The existing drainage system needs to be upgraded to increase its capacity to handle heavy rains.All encroachments on drains must be removed to ensure that they can function properly. Rainwater harvesting systems can be used to collect and store rainwater, which can then be used for irrigation and other purposes. This will help to reduce the amount of rainwater that flows into the drainage system.
I hope that the authorities will take my concerns seriously and take steps to resolve the waterlogging problem in our area.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Yours sincerely

(vi) Write a letter to your friend congratulating him on his success in the examination.
Answer –
Examination Hall
5th March 2024

Sewa Sadan
Sector 90

Dear Aman
I was thrilled to hear the wonderful news of your recent success! Please accept my heartfelt congratulations on this remarkable achievement.
I have always admired your unwavering determination, dedication, and passion for your chosen field. Your hard work and perseverance have truly paid off, and I am incredibly proud of you for reaching such a significant milestone.
Your success is not only a personal triumph but also an inspiration to those around you. As you embark on this new chapter of your life, I wish you all the best for continued success and prosperity.
With warmest regards and admiration.
Your truly Friend

(vii) Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper complaining against poor supply of water in your locality.
Answer –
941, Sector 13
5th January 2024

The Editor
The Tribune

Subject : Complaint against poor water supply in our area

Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I wish to express my deep concern and frustration over the persistent issue of poor water supply in Sector 13. We have been facing irregular and inadequate water supply since last six months. The water supply is erratic and smelly. This situation is not only disrupting our daily routines but also posing a serious threat to our health and well-being.
Despite repeated complaints to the concerned authorities, no significant action has been taken to address this issue. I urge you to highlight this pressing matter in your esteemed newspaper to bring it to the attention of the relevant authorities. It is imperative that immediate action is taken to improve the water supply infrastructure, ensure regular and adequate supply of clean water, and address the concerns regarding water quality.
Thank you for considering my concerns.
Yours sincerely

(viii) You bought some goods from Scientific Goods Emporium and found them in broken condition. Write a letter to them asking to replace the goods.
Answer –
971, Housing Board
5th February 2024

M/s Scientific Goods Emporium

Subject : Request for replacement of damaged goods

I am writing to express my disappointment with the condition of the goods I recently purchased from your store. I ordered you the following list of items:
1. Anemometer – 10 pieces
2. Audiometer – 10 pieces
3. Barograph – 5 pieces
But all these goods were found in broken condition.The items were not packed properly. Now they are not in a condition to use. I kindly request a replacement for the damaged items as soon as possible. I rely on the quality and reliability of your products, and I am confident that you will take the necessary steps to rectify this situation.
Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.
Yours sincerely

(ix) Suppose you are Sohan/Sona. Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper about the incidents of violence taking place with the aged alone at home, drawing the attention of the authorities towards the problem.
Answer –
971, Sector 90
5th January 2024

The Editor
The Tribume

Subject: Violence against Elderly Living Alone

I am writing to express my deep concern about the rising incidents of violence against elderly people living alone in our community. These incidents have become increasingly prevalent, leaving our elderly population vulnerable and fearful.
The recent cases of assault, robbery, and even murder targeting elderly individuals living alone are alarming and highlight the need for urgent action. We need to foster a society that respects and cares for its elderly members, ensuring their safety and well-being.
I urge the authorities to implement some steps for the protection of the elderly people. These steps may include increased police patrols in neighborhood and establishment of public awareness campaigns and community support groups and outreach programs for elderly individuals.
As a community, we have a collective responsibility to protect our elderly members and ensure that they can live their lives with dignity and safety.
Thank you for your attention to this critical matter.
Yours sincerely

(x) Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper about the polluted water supply in your area.
Answer –
463, Sector 15
2nd January 2024
The Editor
The Tribune
Subject : Polluted Water Supply in Sector 15
I am writing to express my concern about the polluted water supply in our area. For the past few months, the water coming out of our taps has been brown, smelly, and foul-tasting. I am worried about the health risks associated with drinking this contaminated water.
The residents of this locality have complained to the authorities many times. But no attention has been paid to this problem. I am writing to you in the hope that you will help to raise awareness of this issue.
Thanking you.
Yours sincerely



Advertisement, Paragraph, Report, Conversation, Story

(i) You are the general manager of a leading industrial concern. You need a chartered accountant for your office. Write an advertisement in not more than 50 words to be published in the Times of India, New Delhi under the classified.
Answer –

Required a chartered accountant for a leading concern ‘Mehta Washing Powder India Ltd.’ Only candidates with CA degree, having two years of experience in an MNC and are not more than 35 years of age can apply. Attractive salary and promising career. Apply with complete resume within seven days to General Manager, Mehta Washing Powder Private Ltd., Housing Board,New Delhi.


(ii) Write a paragraph on ‘Value of Trees’.
Answer –

Trees and plants have a vital role in our life. They do not only provide essential oxygen but also add to the scenic beauty around us. Trees and plants provide us with fresh air to breathe in and help in controlling the atmospheric pollution. In summer, when the sun starts scorching us, trees and plants provide us shade and protect us from its heat. During rainy season, the trees prevent soil erosion.In the cold winter, trees and plants give us food and warmth by way of burning fuel and firewood for cooking purposes. Trees also provide us with essential herbs and fruits. Thus, trees are indispensable for a healthy life of everyone.


(iii) You are a businessman. You need a personal driver for your Honda City car. Draft a suitable advertisement.
Answer –

Required an experienced driver for a business man’s personal car Honda City. The candidate must have at least 5 years of experience as a car driver without any record of accidents. Salary 78000 – 10000 per month.Apply within 10 days to Post Box number 120, the Hindustan Times, New Delhi


(iv) You are Taruna, head girl of Geeta Bharti Senior Secondary School, Karnal. Your school celebrated ‘Environment Protection Week’ recently. Write a report about the same giving necessary details.
Answer –

Geeta Bharti Senior Secondary School,Karnal
Environment Protection Week
Report by

24th March 2023
The Eco club of our school celebrated ‘Environment Protection Week’ from 15th March to 21st March 2023. On the first day of the campaign, 100 members of the Eco club visited the nearby villages and collected Polythene bags from the area. On the next day, Mrs Amrita, the incharge of the Eco club organised a declamation contest on the topic Save Environment, Save Future’. On 17th March, a poster making contest onthe topic Our Environment: The Real Treasure’ was organised. from 18th March to 20th March, tree plantation programme was launched in the school campus and nearby areas. On the last day, a cultural program based on the theme of ‘Save Nature’ was held in the school campus and nearby areas. On the last day, a cultural program based on the theme of ‘Save Nature’ was held in the school campus. Sh. Ram Avatar, the DEO of our district, was the chief guest on the occasion. He honoured the students and the teachers for this noble cause. The Environment protection week celebration proved a great success.


(v) You are Neha, a student of 10th class. You attended an NSS camp recently. Write a report in about 40 words for your school magazine about the same.
Answer –

Gyan Kunj Sr. Sec. School
N. S. S. Camp
Report by

6th April 2023
I recently participated in a seven-day NSS camp from 16th March to 23rd March. It was held by our school in the nearby rural village. During the camp, we conducted various activities, including teaching children, cleaning up the village, and organizing a cultural program. The camp was a great opportunity to learn about the challenges faced by rural communities and to make a positive impact on their lives. I learned about teamwork, leadership and social responsibility. I am grateful for the opportunity to have participated in the camp.


(vi) Suppose you are Rohit. Your friend Naman wants to know about your school library. Write down the conversation between you and your friend.
Answer –
Naman: Hey, I’ve heard that your school library is pretty amazing. Can you tell me more about it?
Rohit: Sure! Our school library is a great place to relax, study, and learn. We have a wide variety of books, magazines, and other resources. We also have computers that you can use for research or just for fun.
Naman: That sounds awesome! What kind of books do you have?
Rohit: We have books on just about every topic you can imagine. We have fiction, non-fiction, history, science, math, and more.
Friend: Wow, that’s impressive. What about magazines?
Me: We have a lot of popular magazines, like Time, Newsweek, and National Geographic.
Naman: That’s amazing! It sounds like your school library has everything I could ever need.
Naman: Yes, It’s definitely a great resource for students.
Rohit: Thanks for telling me about it!

(vii) Write a story on the topic ‘Honesty is the Best Policy’ with the help of the given outline. Once a woodcutter… cutting a tree… axe fell into the water… God appeared… golden axe… woodcutter refused… silver axe… iron axe… God happy… moral ,
Answer – Once there was a woodcutter. He was very poor. One day, he was cutting its wood on the bank of a river. By chance, his axe fell into the river. He began to cry.
The god Mercury appeared there. He said to the woodcutter, “Why are you weeping?” The woodcutter replied, “My axe has fallen into the river. I am too poor to buy a new one”.
The god dived into the river. He brought out a golden axe. He said to the woodcutter, “Is this your axe?” The woodcutter replied, “No, my axe was not so beautiful.” The god dived again. This time, he came out with a silver axe. The woodcutter again said, “This axe is not mine, sir.”
The god dived for the third time. Now he brought out an old iron axe. The woodcutter cried out, “This is my axe! This is my axe!” The god was very much pleased at the woodcutter’s honesty. He gave him the other two axes also. Thus the woodcutter was rewarded for his honesty.
Moral : Honesty is the best policy.

(viii) Suppose you are Dr. Sahil, MD. You are looking for an independent house in Ghaziabad on a reasonable rent for your residence- cum-clinic. Draft a suitable advertisement to be published in The Hindustan Times, New Delhi.
Answer –


An independent house in Ghaziabad is wanted on a reasonable rent. The house is to be used as residence-cum-clinic and should be airy and well ventilated. It should have at least six rooms with attached bathrooms and ample space for parking two cars. Please contact Dr. Sahil M.D. at mob. number 91xxxxxxxx to finalize the things.


(ix) Your school has organized a Blood Donation camp. Write a report about the camp for your school magazine.
Answer –

R.M.S. Sr. Sec. School
Blood Donation Camp
Report by

1st September 2023
Our school organized a blood donation camp on Saturday, 30 August 2023. The camp was held in the school auditorium from 9 am to 1 pm. The camp was organized by the school’s N.S.S.unit.
The camp was inaugurated by the chief guest, Mr. Suresh Kumar. In his speech, he highlighted the importance of blood donation and urged the students to donate blood regularly. A total of 150 students and teachers donated blood at the camp. The camp was a great success. The Principal honoured the blood donors with mementos and certificates.


(x) You have been transferred to Mumbai and you want to sell your Hyundai car. Write a suitable advertisement for a newspaper.
Answer –


Available almost a new Hyundai Creta car(diesel) for sale. It is of white colour, model 2022, run 30,000 km, average 20 kilometer per liter, A.C., leather seat covers, Sony music system, power window, PUC, tubeless tyres, fully insured etc. Selling price – 500000/-. No bargaining! Interested parties can contact: 480, VIkas Nagar, Bhiwani.
Mob.- 98xxxxxx23
E.mail – [email protected]


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