HBSE 10th English Solved Sample Paper 2023

HBSE 10th English Solved Sample Paper 2023 



(Unseen Comprehension) 

1. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow : 

(a) How does television affect our lives? It can be very helpful to people who carefully choose the shows that they watch. Television can increase our knowledge of the outside world; there are high quality programs that help us understand many fields of study, science, medicine, arts and so on. Moreover, television benefits very old people, who can’t often leave the house as well as patients in hospitals. It also offers non-native speakers the advantage of daily informal language practice. They can increase their vocabulary and practice listening. On the other hand, there are several serious disadvantages of television. Of course, it provides us with a pleasant way relax and spend our free time, but in some countries, people watch the ‘boob-tube’ for an average of six hours or more a day. Many children stare at a television screen for more hours each day than they do anything else, including studying and sleeping. It’s clear that the tube has a powerful influence on their lives and that its influence is often negative. Recent studies show that after only thirty seconds of television, a person’s brain ‘relaxes’ the same way that it does just before the person falls asleep. Another effect of television on the human brain is that it seems to cause poor concentration. Children who view a lot of television can often concentrate on a subject for only fifteen to twenty minutes. They can pay attention only for the amount of time between commercials. Another disadvantage is that television often causes people to become dissatisfied with their own lives. Real life does not seem as exciting to these people as the lives of actors on the screen. To many people, television becomes more real than reality and their own lives seem boring. Also many people get upset or depressed when they can’t solve problems in real life as quickly as television actors seem to. Before a child is fourteen years old, he or she views eleven thousand murders on the tube. He or she begins to believe that there is nothing strange about fights, killings and other kinds of violence. Many studies show that people become more violent after watching certain programmers. They may even do the things that they saw in a violent show. The most negative effect of the ‘Boob-tube’ might be people’s addiction to it. People often feel a strange and powerful need to watch television even when they don’t enjoy it. Addiction to a television screen is similar to drug or alcohol addiction. People almost never believe that are addicted.  

Questions :             

(i) How can television increase our knowledge of the outside world? 

Television can increase our knowledge of the outside world; there are high quality programs that help us understand many fields of study, science, medicine, arts and so on. 

(ii) How does it benefit the non-native speakers?  

It also offers non-native speakers the advantage of daily informal language practice. They can increase their vocabulary and practice listening. 

(iii) How does television have a powerful negative influence on people’s lives? 

Many children stare at a television screen for more hours each day than they do anything else, including studying and sleeping. It’s clear that the tube has a powerful influence on their lives and that its influence is often negative. 

(iv) What are the effects of television watching on children?  

Effect of television on the human brain is that it seems to cause poor concentration. 

(v) How does television causes people to become dissatisfied with their lives?               

Television often causes people to become dissatisfied with their own lives. Real life does not seem as exciting to these people as the lives of actors on the screen.                                        


(b) Can our workouts be shaped by what our friends do? That question is at the heart of an important new study of exercise behavior, one of the first to use socalled big data culled from a large-scale, global social network of workout routines. The researchers focused on running because so many of the network participants were runners. And what they found suggests that whether and how much we exercise can depend to a surprising extent on our responses to other people’s training. The results also offer some practical advice for the runners among us, suggesting that if you wish to improve your performance, you might want to become virtual friends with people who are just a little bit slower than you are. The identity of individual runners was masked, but the researchers could tally exactly how often, far and fast each had gone every day for five years. They could similarly map out how often, far and fast their friends had run on those same and subsequent days. The researchers noted immediate correlations. Friends tended to display similar training routines day to day and year to year, even if separated geographically. So the researchers next decided that they should also consider weather. Bad weather can dampen enthusiasm for exercise, the researchers reasoned, so if someone heads out in rotten weather on a day when pals elsewhere have run, the soggy runner presumably has been influenced by what their friends have been up to. Consequently, the researchers also gathered five years’ worth of data from global weather stations and cross correlated this data base with information about the runner’s daily workouts. The results clearly showed that runners do influence one another, the scientists found. Over all, if one person ran for about 10 minutes more than usual on any given day, that runner’s friends would lengthen their workout by approximately three minutes, even if the weather was discouraging. Similarly, if a friend ran faster than usual, his or her friends would tend to pick up their pace that same day. In aggregate these results indicate that, with caveats, ”Running can be socially contagious.” 


(i) Which workout (exercise) did the researchers study in particular? 


(ii) On what does the quantity of our exercise depend? 

Exercise can depend to a surprising extent on our responses to other people’s training. 

(iii) What should we do to improve our performance in workouts? 

You might want to become virtual friends with people who are just a little bit slower than you are. 

(iv) How does weather affect exercise? 

Bad weather can dampen enthusiasm for exercise, the researchers reasoned, so if someone heads out in rotten weather on a day when pals elsewhere have run, the soggy runner presumably has been influenced by what their friends have been up to. 

(v) What did the scientists find when they cross correlated five years of data from global weather stations?             

The results clearly showed that runners do influence one another, the scientists found.                                    


(c) AIIMS admitted 150 patients with alcohol – related liver failure from 2011 to 2015. Of this, the study said, 96 died within 10 days despite all possible medical intervention. Follow – up of the rest of the patients who were discharged when their condition got stable revealed that nearly 20% died within three to four months and another 20% in a year. “Once you have got acute-on chronic liver failure due to alcohol, survival is rare. Transplant, the only life-saving treatment option, is not possible immediately because three months of abstinence from alcohol is required”, said Dr. Shalimar, associate professor of gastroenterology at AIIMS.  

      There is no medicine for alcoholism. “Abstinence is the only way to prevent liver failure and deaths caused by that. The government needs to create awareness to prevent excessive drinking.” A recent survey published in Global Heart, a reputed medical journal, showed alcohol use has gone up from 16.1% to 25.6% among urban dwellers in Delhi in the past 20 years. The increase in alcohol use in rural areas in the corresponding period is nearly four times – from 8% to 33.2% – the survey found. “We admitted 427 patients with acute – on chronic liver failure from 2011 to 2015 at the hospital. Of this, a maximum 150 (40.8%) cases were alcohol-related, followed by hepatitis B virus infection (71, 19.3%), hepatitis E (45, 12.2%), autoimmune hepatitis flare – up (17, 4.6%), antituberculosis drugs (16, 4.3%) and hepatitis A(2, 0.5%). In 67 patients (18.2%), the cause of acute liver failure couldn’t be ascertained”, he said. The AIIMS doctor added alcohol-related liver failure cases have poorer prognosis. “Most of them required ventilator supports, their blood was thinner and brain damage was higher too”, he added. Dr. S. K. Sarin, director of the Institute of Liver and biliary Sciences (ILBS), said most alcoholics are calorie – deprived. “Most infections cause leaky bowel. But in case of alcoholics, this problem is severe. Due to this, bacteria easily get into liver from the small intestine, thus aggravating organ failure status, he added. He, however, stressed the need to create awareness about harmful effects of binge drinking.        

Questions :                                                     

(i) What happens to the patients who go to AIIMS with alcohol – related liver failure?  

The study said, 96 patients died within 10 days despite all possible medical intervention. 

(ii) What is the best treatment for patients suffering from acute on chronic liver failure due to alcohol?  

Transplant is the best life-saving treatment option. 

(iii) What is the best way to prevent liver failure and death due to alcohol?  

Abstinence is the only way to prevent liver failure and deaths due to alcohol. 

(iv) In which areas of India is the use of alcohol increasing more rapidly?  

Rural areas

(v) What is the effect of binge drinking?  

Liver failure and Brain damage. 


(Writing Skills) 

2. Attempt the following :              

(a) Write an application to your principal requesting him to arrange special coaching in the subject of English.  


The Principal 

Eklavya Sr. Sec. School 

Loharu Road, Badhra

Charkhi Dadri

5th January 2023

Sub : Arranging special coaching in English


I am the monitor of X ‘A’ class. On behalf of my class, I have to make a request. Our teacher of English was bed-ridden and was on leave for a month. Our Pre-board exams are approaching and our syllabus is not vet completed. If he finishes the course in a hurry, we shall not understand the lessons fully. We shall be highly obliged and thankful to you if you arrange extra coaching classes in English so that we get enough time to practice and learn our lessons fully. 

Thanking you, 

Yours obediently 


Monu Kumar 

(b) You are Somwati/Sombir. Write a letter to the Deputy Commissioner of your district complaining about the insanitary conditions in your slum locality. 

The Municipal Commissioner

Badhra (Ch.Dadri) 

Subject : Complaint against poor sanitary conditions

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am Sombir, resident of Badhra city. I want to bring your kind attention to the poor sanitary condition in my locality. People have been dumping their waste in various places instead of keeping one fixed place. This careless attitude of people will lead to the breeding of various diseases – such as typhoid fever, dysentery, food poisoning. You may also say how it is bad for health as foul smell spreads. Say that there are stray animals that go in and collect the garbage and spread it across the road which causes an inconvenience to the residents of your locality. When one person throws, it motivates others to think that that place was a garbage dumping location and it spreads widely. Also, the side drains are not cleaned properly and they are full of stangnant water. 

I will be grateful if you could get it resolved as early as possible as it is becoming a burden to the members of our locality. 

Your faithfully




3. Attempt the following :         

(a) Telephone is one of the most important means of communication today. But it has also become a nuisance for the same. Write a paragraph on the topic, “Telephone : A Nuisance.” 

              TELEPHONE : A NUISANCE 

The Telephone is one of the most important means of communication today but it has also become a nuisance for some. In our daily life, we cannot connect people without it. The Telephone has made our life so easy with its feature of connectivity. 


But, the calls from some call centers are really a very disturbing matter. Not only that, but fraud calls from people are also harmful to people who have bank accounts. But still, the telephone is blessings to us because it connects us.

(b) Write a brief report in about 40 words on Annual prize distribution function of your school to be published in your school magazine. 


                              (Report by – Rohit)  

Last Sunday, Annual Prize Distribution Function was organized in our school. In order to make this event successful, a lot of preparations were made by the students and teachers. The successful students in various fields such as Sports, Education, Cultural Programs had to be honored in the function.


The Education Minister of the state had to come as the Chief Guest. It was a matter of great pride for us. Therefore the school building was decorated like a bride. The parents of the students and other respected people of the city were invited to grace the occasion. The function had to be started at 10:00 am. 



4. Attempt the following sentences :      

(a) Use the correct form of the verb given in the brackets:             

(i) What makes (make) the moon go round the earth? 

(ii) Look! She is trembling (tremble) with fear.  

(iii) This is February. Then the next month will be March.   


(b) Rewrite the following sentences in indirect speech :  

(i) My father said to me, “Why have you failed?”   

My father asked me why I had failed. 

(ii) He said to me, “Slow and steady wins the race.

He told me that slow and study wins the race. 

(iii) He said to his friend “Please lend me your book.” 

He requested his friend to lend him his book. 


(c) Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles wherever necessary :    

(i) Ink is a useful article.    

(ii) The Taj Mahal is the most beautiful building.  

(iii) The rose smells sweet.    


(d) Fill in the blanks with modals given in brackets :    

(i) I have no pets. They can be very troublesome. (can/will/must)    

(ii) The candidates have to appear for an interview. (will/must/have)    

(iii) Would that I were a millionaire. (Shall/Should/Would)   


(e) Put the verbs in brackets into correct form (Gerund/Infinitive) : 

(i) He is too weak to walk (walk).  

(ii) You needn’t say (say) anything.    

(iii) The rice will grow well in the coming (come) season.    


(f) Punctuate the following sentences :    

(i) he said madhu looks weak is she ill

He said,”Madhu looks weak. Is she ill?”

(ii) i tell you sir i have read king lear

I tell you, Sir, I have read King Lear.          

(iii) my aunt dr v l sharma lives in Srinagar. 

My aunt, Dr. V.L Sharma lives in Srinagar. 


(Prose Text – First Flight)

5. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow :  

(a) His parents and his brothers and sister had landed on this green flooring ahead of him. They were beckoning to him calling shrilly. He dropped his legs to stand on the green sea. His legs sank into it. He screamed with fright and attempted to rise again flapping his wings.   

Questions :                                            

(i) Name the writer of these lines.  

Liam O’Flaherty

(ii) Name the chapter of these lines.  

His first flight

(iii) What does the phrase, ‘green flooring’ refer to?  

‘Green flooring’ refers the green surface of the sea.  

(iv) How did the whole family praise and reward the success of the seagull’s flight?  

When the young seagull finally he took his first flight, all the family members celebrate his victory by cheering and dancing around him.

(v) Find out a word from the passage which means the same as ‘Pieces’.                                                                    


(b) Midway between Mysore and the coastal town of Mangalore sits a piece of heaven that must have drifted from the kingdom of god. This land of rolling hills is inhabited by a proud reace of martial men, beautiful women and wild creatures. Coorg or Kodagu, the smallest district of Karnataka, is home to evergreen rainforests, spices and coffee plantations. Evergreen rainforests cover thirty per cent of this district. During the monsoons. It pours enough to keep many visitors away. The season of joy commences from September and continues till March. The weather is perfect, with some showers thrown in for good measure. The air breathes of invigorating coffee. Coffee estates and colonial bungalows stand tucked under tree canopies in prime corners.   

Questions :                                   

(i) Who is the writer of these lines?  

Lokesh Abrol

(ii) Name the chapter of these lines.  


(iii) What is referred to as a piece of heaven?  

Coorg or Kodagu 

(iv) Why do many tourists not visit it during monsoons?  

because it pours very heavily during the monsoons. 

(v) Find out a word from the passage similar in meaning to ‘beginning’. 



(c) Of those who, overcome by death, depart from life, a father cannot save his son, nor kinsmen their relations. Mark! While relatives are looking on and lamenting deeply, one by one mortals are carried off, like an ox that is led to the slaughter. So the world is afflicted with death and decay, therefore the wise do not grieve, knowing the terms of the world.  

      ”Not from weeping nor from grieving will anyone obtain peace of mind; on the contrary, his pain will be the greater and his body will suffer. He will make himself sick and pale, yet the dead are not saved by his lamentation. He who seeks peace should draw out the arrow of lamentation and complaint, and grief. He who has drawn out the arrow and has become composed will obtain peace of mind; he who has overcome all sorrow will become free from sorrow and be blessed.”  

Questions :                  

(i) Who is the writer of these lines?  

Betty Renshaw 

(ii) Name the chapter of these lines.  

The Sermon at Benares 

(iii) Why did the Buddha give this sermon to Kisa Gotami? 

Buddha give sermon to Kisa Gotami because Kisa Gotami was sad over the death of her only son. 

(iv) What is the fate of mortals in the world? 

The fate of mortals is inevitable death of all. 

(v) Find out a word from the passage which means the same as “the killing of animals for their meat.”  



6. Answer in about 100 words:                            

What sort of qualities do you find in Anne Frank? Explain. 

Anne Frank is very intelligent, perceptive and she wants to become a writer. Anne grows from an innocent, tempestuous, precocious, and somewhat petty teenage girl to an empathetic and sensitive thinker at age fifteen.

Courage, patience, hope and determination are just a few of Anne Frank’s amazing qualities. She lived with the same people for three whole years, never being able to leave, no matter how frustrated she was. Her desire to stay safe kept her quiet and she used willpower to stop herself from quarreling about nonsense with others. This demonstrated patience on her part that was undying. She was also unselfish and put others in front of her, even though she may have disliked them. Many people may have gotten scared or depressed after the years of hiding away, but Anne kept her spirits up. Hearing the bombs at night and not knowing what was going on outside must have been terribly frightening, but still Anne was brave. Her perserverence and courage gave her family and friends hope, while their love helped her dream.


What did Valli find out about the bus journey? How did she find out these details?  

“Madam Rides the Bus” follows a brave eight-year-old girl who has a strong goal and the bravery to pursue it. Her favourite elements of the street were seeing the hustle and bustle, as well as watching a bus arrive and leave. As a result, she had a strong urge to travel by bus. Before she awoke from her noon sleep, her mother needed all kinds of information about the bus route, as well as to collect the bus fare and plan her return home. As a result, the storey describes how she gratified her deepest need in a safe and responsible manner, as well as her bus journey misadventures. It is an experience that causes her to realise that death is unavoidable. 

Valli discovered that the bus ride between her hamlet and the town, which was 6 miles distant, took 45 minutes. She also discovered that the one-way cost for the journey was thirty paise. She learned this information by listening to the passengers’ conversations and occasionally by questioning them.


7. Answer in 30-40 words of the following questions : 

(i) What does Mandela thank the international leaders for? (Nelson Mandela : Long Walk to Freedom)  

Mandela thanks all the international leaders for giving him the privilege to be the host to the nations of the world. He says so because the South Africans were considered as outlaws. He also thanks them for coming to celebrate victory of justice, peace and human dignity  with the people of his country. 

(ii) Why does Anne want to keep a diary? (From the Diary of Anne Frank)  

Anne believed that she does not have any close and true friends whom she can confide in. Though she had friends, she was never able to truly open up about her feelings with them. So she decided to confide all her thoughts and innermost feelings to her diary instead. Since she wanted her diary to be her friend, she even gave it a name and called it “Kitty”.

(iii) How does Maddie feel after listening to the note from Wanda’s father? 

Maddie feels sorry and ashamed of her behaviour after listening to the note from Wanda’s father. Though she herself never made fun of Wanda, she never tried to stop Peggy from doing so. Maddie feels like a coward for being a silent spectator as others made fun of Wanda. 

(iv) How did the author manage to travel with the otter? (Mijbil the Otter)  

Here he is taking us through his journey and his experiences with Mijbil (or Mij) the otter. The journey begins from Iraq to London and via a flight. The Otter created havoc in flight and scared everyone. However, a generous air hostess helped the author to travel with Mijbil.

(v) Who was Gautama Buddha? Where was he born? (The Sermon at Benares)  

Gautam Buddha was a Prince. His childhood name was Siddhartha Gautama. He was born in Kapilavastu near Lumbini (North India). He was sent to a faraway place to study Hindu sacred scriptures at the age of twelve. He had been shielded from the sufferings of the world. He attained enlightenment under a Peepal tree and named the tree as ‘Tree of Wisdom’.


(Poetry – First Flight) 

8. Read the stanza given below and answer the questions that follow :  

Winds rush to meet them.  

The moon is broken like a mirror,  

Its pieces flash now in the crown  

Of the tallest oak.  

Questions :                  

(i) Who is the poet of these lines?  

Adrienne Rich 

(ii) Name the poem of these lines.  

The Trees 

(iii) Who does ‘them’ in the first line refer to?  


(iv)What does the moon look like?  

It looks like a broken mirror. 

(v) Where do the rays of the moon fall?  

Oak tree 


Belinda is as brave as a barrel full of bears,  

And Ink and Blink chase lions down the stairs,  

Mustard is as brave as a tiger in a rage,  

But Custard keeps crying for a nice safe cage.  

Questions :                                                  

(i) Who is the poet of these lines?  

Ogden Nash 

(ii) Name the poem of these lines.  

The Tale of Custard the Dragon

(iii) Who is as brave as a barrel full of bears?  


(iv) Who chases lions down the stairs?  

Ink and Blink

(v) Does a tiger become braver in a rage?  




9. Answer in about 100 Words :                      

What is the central idea of the poem ‘Dust of Snow’? Discuss. 

The central idea of the poem Dust and Snow written by Robert Frost. On a winter’s day, the poet had been forced to step out of his house and walk around in order to accomplish some task or the other. He had been unable to complete his work and so he believed that that particular day would be going to waste. His mood had become sullen and despairing. Suddenly, as he was walking by a wooded area full of hemlock trees, a cow alighted on a branch of one of those trees, causing the mass of snowflakes atop it to rain down on the poet. The snowflakes were so light and miniscule that the poet thought they resembled dust particles more than anything else. However, this raining down of snowflakes upon him did not upset the poet further. In fact, quite the opposite happened. His mood immediately improved, and he was cheered up. He felt joy and thankfulness to be alive on such a beautiful day.


Summarise the poem ‘Amanda!’ in your own words. 

The poem ‘Amanda’ is written by Robin Klein. The poem focuses on the upbringing of a small child, whose name is Amanda. It focuses on the struggles that a child is facing. Poet Robin Klein makes the important point that children should never be deprived of their freedom. However, it is the parents who are responsible for the proper upbringing of their child. But that should not make the children feel imprisoned. Here, Amanda is ready to be acceptable by society, and this training wants her freedom to be cut short. Her imagination is not given sufficient space, and therefore it is making her annoyed. This annoyance is making her desire even to be an orphan. This continuous annoyance was making her too much moody. Hence, the whole trajectory of this poem is something with which we are all very much familiar. 


10. Answer the following :                     

(i) What message do you get from the poem, ‘A Tiger in the Zoo’? 

The poet wants to convey that like human beings, animals also like freedom. They do not want to be caged, they cannot live a miserable life. If their habitat is destroyed by human beings, these animals cannot survive. For instance, the tiger in the poem longs to be in the jungle and he looks longingly at the shining stars in the sky. By looking at the stars, the tiger hope to be with nature some day. 

(ii) What does “in the world of possessions” mean in the poem ‘The Ball Poem’? 

Here, “in the world of possessions” means the world where everything and every action is made to possess something, whether it is the possession of land, property, money, or any other thing. The poet suggests that losing a ball, which is a very small thing, would make the boy understand what it is like losing something that one possesses. This would make the boy realise that this is a world of possessions and where one can possess more things by buying them, one cannot buy what has been lost. 

(iii) Where are trees in the poem, ‘The Trees’? What do their roots, their leaves and their twigs do? 

In the poem, the trees are located inside the poet’s house. The roots of these trees are deeply embedded in the floor of the house, so they work all night to free themselves. The leaves try hard to move towards the window glass to break it open and the small twigs become stiff due to the exertion of trying to break free.


(Supplementary Reader) 

11. Answer in about 100 words :  

Describe Bholi’s experiences on her first day at school and the role of the teacher.                    

When Bholi entered the School, she was very anxious as she had never been to a school or knew about it. But after seeing several girls of her age, she felt better. She thought that some of them may become her friend. She was extremely fascinated by the bright and colorful pictures set on the wall as they gave positivity inside her. However, she began to cry as she stammered and couldn’t tell her name to the teacher yet the teacher was very humble and polite. She talked to her in a very loving and friendly way which made her day and filled confidence in her. Thus, Bholi had a wonderful time on her first day at the school.


Why did Hari Singh decide to return the stolen money? What light does it throw on his character?  

Hari was a good judge of character as it was his work to analyze people in order to know if he can steal from them or not. After one month of working at Anil’s house, Hari gained his trust and confidence but he also realized that Anil is a kind and careless person. When Hari was at the station after stealing the money, he realized that unlike the rich, greedy, or poor people, Anil won’t feel fear, anger, or acceptance but he would feel sad to have lost trust. This is why he decided to return. It shows that Hari wasn’t all bad and has a good conscience too. Maybe it was just because of his circumstances that he became a thief because if he had the chance to study, he would never have become a thief.


12. Answer the following questions in about 30-40 words each : 

(i) Why is Mr. Herriot tempted to keep Tricki on as a permanent guest? 

The narrator was tempted to keep Tricki as a permanent guest because Mrs Pumphrey had started bringing around two dozen eggs at a time to build Tricki’s strength. Later, she started sending bottles of wine to help enriching Tricki’s blood. The narrator and his partners started enjoying the eggs, wine and brandy meant for Tricki as it was too much for Tricki. The doctor enjoyed the days of deep contentment relishing the eggs, wine and brandy.

(ii) Who came to meet Ausable? What was his profession?  

Fowler wanted to meet Ausable. Fowler was a romantic writer and he wanted to find out how did Ausable handle some exciting events and cases in his profession. 

(iii) Was Horace Danby a typical thief? If so, how do you know? 

Horace Danby was not a typical thief. He made locks and was successful in his business. He loved rare and expensive books. To purchase these books he used to rob only one safe every year. 

(iv) What is Think Tank’s first guess about books?  

Think-Tank first thinks that the books are sandwiches that earthlings eat. He calls the cover of the book the two slices of bread and the pages as some sort of filling. He says it is a communication sandwich. Finally, he concluded that the books are meant for eye communication.  

(v) What kind of a person is Mme Loisel? Why is she always unhappy? 

Mme Loisel is a pretty young lady. She is born in a poor family. Her husband is a small clerk. But she thinks she is born to enjoy all the luxuries of life. She wants to be love and admire. She is always unhappy because the poverty of a house and clothes troubles her. On account of her impoverished condition, she is always unhappy. 

(vi) Why did the narrator not like his job?  (The Hack Driver) 

The narrator hated his word because he had to visit the corners of the city as a part of his job. He was asked to reach any part of the city to serve summons to the people. As a junior assistant clerk, his task was to reach to the people for the court cases. This was the reason he considered his job to be unpleasant.