Haryana Board Class 8 English Question Paper 2024 Answer Key

Haryana Board (HBSE) Class 8 English Question Paper 2024 PDF Download. HBSE Class 8 English Question Paper 2024. Haryana Board Class 8th English Question Paper 2024. Class 8 English Paper 2024 Haryana Board. HBSE Class 8th English Question Paper 2024 with Answer. Haryana Board Class 8th English Question Paper 2024 Solution. हरियाणा बोर्ड कक्षा 8 अंग्रेजी पेपर 2024.

Haryana Board Class 8 English Question Paper 2024 Answer Key

Part A – MCQ (1 Mark)

1. By what name was ‘the commander’ known on the battlefield?
(a) Blood and Iron
(b) Blood and Sword
(c) Blood and Gun
(d) Blood and Thunder
Answer – (d) Blood and Thunder

2. ‘Land and water attracted man’ is a logic of :
(a) History
(b) Mathematics
(c) Science
(d) Geography
Answer – (d) Geography

3. How did everybody react to the poet’s return? (When I set out for the Lyonnesse)
(a) with great excitement
(b) with muteness
(c) both (a) and (b)
(d) none of the above
Answer – (b) with muteness

4. What did Duttada want to discover?
(a) Solar System
(b) The Sun
(c) The Earth
(d) A new Comet
Answer – (d) A new Comet

5. Why did the author go to Bridport? (The Best Christmas Present in the World)
(a) to celebrate Christmas
(b) to hand over Mrs. Macpherson’s letter
(c) to attend a wedding
(d) none of the above
Answer – (b) to hand over Mrs. Macpherson’s letter

6. He is waiting …………….. the train. (preposition)
(a) to
(b) in
(c) of
(d) for
Answer – (d) for

7. The novel is …….……… Interesting. (adverb)
(a) many
(b) much
(c) very
(d) too
Answer – (c) very

8. Choose the odd one out from the following options :
(a) table
(b) chair
(c) board
(d) white
Answer – (d) white

9. Which word is close to the meaning ‘scarcity of food’?
(a) starvation
(b) hunger
(c) misery
(d) famine
Answer – (d) famine

10. The child in the poem ‘The Last Bargain’ was playing with ……………..
(a) fishes
(b) sand
(c) shells
(d) coconut
Answer – (c) shells

11. Macavity sways his head like a …………..
(a) cat
(b) lizard
(c) squirrel
(d) snake
Answer – (d) snake

12. What were the sources of the ‘ancient education system’?
(a) Vedas
(b) Brahmans
(c) Upanishads
(d) All of the above
Answer – (d) All of the above

13. Aryan is …………….. than Rahul. (Degree of comparison)
(a) tall
(b) taller
(c) tallest
(d) none
Answer – (b) taller

14. What sort of jalebis were these?
(a) crisp
(b) hot
(c) fresh
(d) all of the above
Answer – (d) all of the above

15. Manpreet ……………. the newspaper, when his father called him. (Choose the correct form of verb)
(a) is reading
(b) was reading
(c) were reading
(d) reads
Answer – (b) was reading

Part B – Objective Question (1 Mark)

16. Fill in blank with suitable word :
The cricket went to the ant for ………….. . (shelter and grains / playing in snow)
Answer – shelter and grains

17. Fill in the blank with suitable word :
Hans wolf was the leader officer of ………….. Soldiers. (Fritz / Tommy)
Answer – Fritz

18. Rearrange the words into meaningful sentence.
my / is / gardening / hobby.
Answer – Gardening is my hobby.

19. Change the voice :
Puneet likes paintings.
Answer – Paintings are liked by Puneet.

20. Fill in the blank with correct conjunction.
He stayed at home ……………. he was ill. (so / because)
Answer – because

21. ……………. gives shivers to Hafeez. (Mathematics / Science)
Answer – Mathematics

22. Change the narration :
Reeta said, “Suman is singing a song.”
Answer – Reeta said that Suman was singing a song.

23. Complete this sentence :
Chewing is to food as sipping is to …………… .
Answer – drink (liquid)

24. Fill in the blank with appropriate subject :
…………….. is a beautiful girl.
Answer – She

25. Underline the adverb :
The old man climbed down the tree slowly.
Answer – slowly

Part C – Very Short Question (2 Marks)

26. Why did the writer feel guilty every time he spoke to Stephen Hawking?
Answer – The writer felt guilty every time he spoke to Stephen Hawking because by doing this he forced him to respond.

27. Why did the camel live in the middle of the desert?
Answer – The camel lived in the middle of the desert because it did not want to work. It ate sticks, thorns, and pickles, and when anybody spoke to it, it said ‘Humph!’ and nothing more.

28. What did the giant see when he reached the garden after seven years?
Answer – The Giant had gone to his friend, the Cornish Ogre and had stayed with him for seven years. When he arrived he saw the children playing in the garden.

29. Why did Velu travel without a ticket in the train?
Answer – Velu travelled without a ticket because he had no money to buy a train ticket for himself.

30. How old was Mrs. Macpherson now? Where was she?
Answer – Mrs. Macpherson was 101 years old. She was in Burlington House nursing home.

31. What was the ‘Project Light Brigade’?
Answer – Project Light Brigade is the code-name given to the operation of deflecting the path of Comet Dutta with the help of a nuclear explosion.

32. Where do the snakes and rodents take shelter and why?
Answer – The snakes and rodents take shelter in roofs, attics and godowns. They do so because their holes and burrows are flooded with rain water.

33. What did Hafeez Contractor want to do? Why couldn’t he do that?
Answer – Hafeez Contractor wanted to join the police force. But he couldn’t because his mother told him not to fit this job. His mother told him to do his graduation.

Part D – Short Question (3 Marks)

34. What are the two different ideas about why so few animals were killed in the tsunami? Which idea do you find more believable?
Answer – The first idea is that the animals have a sixth sense. They know when the earth is going to shake. The second idea is that the animals have a more acute sense of hearing. This helps them to hear or feel the earth’s vibration. In this way they sense the coming disaster much before the human beings. So they run away to safer places.

35. How do you think Bepin Babu would have reacted when he found out that Chunilal had tricked him?
Answer – After finding out that Chunilal had tricked him Bepin Babu must have been filled with remorse for his unfeeling behaviour towards an old friend down on his luck. He would have realised that he had indeed been a victim of forgetfulness as he had forgotten the meaning of friendship in a time of affluence.

36. What sort of things did Jaya and other children like to collect and what did they do with those things?
Answer – Jaya and children like her collected paper, plastic, glass and other such things. They sold these items to Jam Bazaar Jaggu, who further sold it to a factory.

37. What kind of help did the horse, the cow and the old woman want from Motha?
Answer – The cow requested assistance in gathering hay, the horse begged for assistance in cleaning its stable, and the elderly woman, who was ill, requested assistance in preparing some meals.

38. How does Jody’s mother react when she hears that Jody is going to bring the fawn home? Why does she react in this way?
Answer – When Jody’s mother heard that he was going to bring the fawn home, she was a little surprised and asked Jody what fawn he was talking about. He then told her that it was the fawn whose mother they had killed to save Penny. She said they had nothing else to feed it and only the milk they gave him could be given to it. She reacted this way because she was not present at the site where Penny had been bitten, where they had killed the doe. She had not seen the fawn and therefore, was not as concerned as Penny and Jody.

39. Describe Macavity’s appearance in two or three sentences.
Answer – Macavityis a ginger cat who is very tall and thin with sunken eyes and brow deeply lined with thought. While its head is highly domed, its coat is dusty and whiskers are uncombed. It sways its head from side-to-side and it is always wide awake even when one thinks that it is half-asleep.

40. What according to the Djinn, was the use of ‘hump’?
Answer – According to the Djinn as the camel missed his work for three days he would be able to do work for three days without eating. The hump would help the camel in storing the food and use it during his work without eating anything for a long period.

41. How did the East India Company subdue the Indian Princes?
Answer – The Indian princes constantly had wars within themselves. They asked the English merchants to help them with their fights. It was very difficult for people to live peacefully due to constant fights. These rivalries helped the East India Company in subduing Indian princes.

Part E – Long Question (5 Marks)

42. The internal summit is perhaps ‘higher than Everest’. What qualities should a human being possess?
Answer – Humans face both internal and external challenges that can weaken them. Just as mountaineers conquer physical obstacles, individuals must conquer pain, conflicts, dilemmas, and insecurities. The necessary qualities include endurance, vision, persistence, and willpower. While hurdles may erode confidence, they can be overcome, leading to enriching experiences.


Who is an artisan? Why do you think the artisans suffered in the lesson ‘Glimpses of the Past’?
Answer – An artisan is a skilled manual worker who crafts items that may be functional or strictly decorative. The artisans suffered because the British were extracting very high taxes from them, which ruined them economically. Moreover, machine manufactured goods imported from Britain were sold extensively, which ruined the business of the artisans hand-made goods.

43. Why did the king of Siam name his daughters after the months of the year? What was his peculiar habit?
Answer – The princesses were named after the months of the year because the Queen of Siam found it difficult to remember so many names. Hence, the King decided to name the princesses as per the months of the calendar year. The King had a peculiar habit of giving gifts instead of receiving gifts on his birthday.


Where did the second fight occur, between Suraj and Ranji? What was its result?
Answer – The second fight occurred across waters of the pool. But the two adversaries couldn’t fight for long there. Soon, they became friends because both were tired and needed each other’s help. Ranji promised to teach Suraj the art of swim­ming and Suraj offered to make Ranji a good wrestler.

44. Write an application for a week’s leave to the Headmaster of your school as you are unable to attend school because of viral fever.
Answer –

The Headmaster
Model Sanskrit School
Badhra (Charkhi Dadri)Subject : Application for LeaveRespected Sir,
Most humbly I beg to say that, I am [Your Name] student of class VIII of your school. I have been suffering from ‘Dengue Fever’ since yesterday. Our family doctor advised me to rest for a minimum of 7 days. So I can not attend the school for seven day.
Therefore, I request you to grant me leave for seven days from [start date] to [end date].
I will be thankful for your kindness.

Thank you

Yours Obediently
[Your Name]
Class VIII
Roll No 7



Write a paragraph describing your grandmother.
Answer –

My grandmother is the eldest member of my family and takes care of my entire family. She is one of the reasons behind all the success I have achieved in my life. I have learnt how to pay respect to my elders and do great in my life from her. She is the prettiest lady who takes care of the entire family selflessly. I feel I am the luckiest person to have my grandmother with me. I have seen her since my childhood, and she carries the same smile on her face.
She is 70 years old now, but she takes the burden of the whole family and still remembers all the stories which she had learnt in her childhood. She narrates the same stories to me every night, which have happy endings with strong morals. Because of her, I have understood the reality of life, and now I know how to lead a successful life ahead and overcome all the hurdles.


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